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Conflict and its Management Assignment Help

Assess the bases of power exercised in organizations. Analyze power strategies employed by organizations to influence employee behaviour.  Formulate conflict management strategies to solve problems effectively.


Conflict in organizations is not only inevitable but is also a key driver for positive change and innovation. If everyone remained at ease with the status quo, societies would not progress in the way that they have historically done. The outcomes of conflict can often be tied to the concepts of power and politics in an organization. Those who maintain the balance of power in a relationship can arguably leverage this power to affect the outcome.

Write a research paper in which you answer the following : 

Are you a political person and does your level of political tendencies impact your career progression? Why or why not? Have you ever been negatively affected by a politically charged environment in which you felt you had no power?  What is your primary conflict-handling style? How do you think your style has served you in your career thus far?  With which of the bargaining strategies do you most identify? Does this fit with your primary conflict-handling style?

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Whenever, a set of professionals interact with one another, most importantly at workplaces, conflicts and disputes are bound to happen. It becomes profound and complicated if power struggles coupled with politics are also involved. The work environment gets altered at situations when power and politics play an active role. Though conflicts have been found to be both functional and dysfunctional, it is essential to ensure that the dys-functionality associated with a conflict is restored (Tanveer et al., 2018). While different people have different styles of managing and mitigating conflicts, the aim should be to ensure that the productivity of the organization does not get altered in the process. Organizations tend to maintain a balance of power and politics in order to obtain the best out of the system.

Power and its basis in organizations

Different organizations provide a power base to the employees. From the standpoint of an economical aspect, the various organizations try to exist so that an income surplus can be created with respect to the costs through which the needs of the marketplace can be met. The organizations on the other hand are an also political structure which provides an opportunity to its employees who can further develop their career and thus it provides platform through which the individual interest and motives of expression can be generated (Zheng et al., 2016). The career development at stages involving higher managerial designations or professional levels largely depend upon the accumulation of overall power which serve as a vehicle through which the transformation of individual interests into activities is possible, which further influence people in and around the organization.

From the individual standpoint, I consider myself to be an apolitical person as I don't get involved in any politics related struggles or aspects. This has resulted in not getting to enjoy a number of leverages which normally people belonging to a particular group tend to obtain. Career progression is little delayed in the absence of groups and belongingness towards a particular group. It is essential for people to exactly use the power and politics for the mutual growth and development of self and the organization.

There is existence of a political pyramid whenever there is a competition for power and aspects of scarcity are also prevalent. It also means that people simply cannot get power just because they are asking for it. However, it is essential to distribute the aspects of authority whenever someone enters into a formal structure. Power scarcity happens when the power gain is absolute and at the expense of someone else. There can be a situation wherein there could be substantial gain at the cost of someone else thereby leading to shift and distribution of power.

Power strategies by organizations to influence employee behavior

The different power strategies which are normally used by organizations might be referent or position power related to reward (Cacciattolo., 2015). Sometimes managers use coercive power to influence the employees and autocratic style of leadership is normally depicted in such stances. Sometimes, rewards are also associated with completion of a particular work which drives the employees towards successful completion and achievement.

Negative aspects of power

I have been affected by a politically charged environment at my last organization since I was largely apolitical and always spoke for the truth. As a result, many times I was unnecessarily overburdened with work which directly did not fall into my job purview or encompass by job description. However, I had to do it as a mark of the power being exerted by my immediate boss who used authoritative style of leadership to get the job done.

Conflict management strategies

With conflicts, it is also essential to ensure their management. The management of conflict and its mitigation depends on the situation and also on the person who is handling the same (Nauman., 2017). Some people retort to avoidance as one of the modes of conflict management. Others might be accommodative or collaborative while looking for mitigation aspects. However, there are a certain set of people who either involve in competition or compete to achieve their viewpoint or even compromise to finally settle the conflict.
My primary conflict handling style is that of collaboration where I try my best to reason out with the people involved in the conflict. I try to collaborate and understand the causal factors of differences and work them out for the mutual benefit of both the parties. So, far this style has been helpful in most of the scenarios I have encountered.

I personally prefer the integrative bargaining strategy. This aptly fits with my conflict management style as well as it is a win-win situation for both the parties involved in the process of conflict.


Conflict and its management are essential for the survival of workplaces and professionals. Conflict dynamics are variable and become complex when politics and power instability have a role to play. It is essential to look for the most suitable conflict management style which can lead to resolution and productivity at workplace.

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