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Movie Review : “The Pursuit of Happiness” Assignment Help

You are required to watch The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith.Watch the video in order to complete this assignment. Depending on how extensive your personal DVD collection is, you may have to rent online from iTunes, Google Play, or YouTube.

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The movie that has been selected for this paper is "The Pursuit of Happiness" with Will Smith. The movie is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, who is a concerned father and medical service salesman. He has heavily invested his life on the device name as "bone density scanner." The film demonstrates his biography, which has failed to convince the hospitals and doctors to purchase this device. According to the doctors, the x-ray machine of much higher price is better than his devices (Ford et al., 2015). Due to this rejection, the movie depicts that Gardner wife has left him, and the husband loses the apartment.

At that situation, Gardner ha to live in the streets with his son and continue to sell the scanner. For his efforts, he, at last, sell the scanner but a problem arises in terms of taxation. Gardner pays the tax ad to become homeless with his son, and at the end of the movie, it is noticed that Gardner get a good job and live happily with his son. The character names are Chris Gardner, whose role is to sell the medical device, and this is considered as the main character of this movie. Christopher Gardner and Linda Gardner, the five-year son and wife of Chris Gardner, Jay Twistle, manager of a retail company (Yang and Srinivasan, 2016). Another character is Alan Frakesh, Martin Frohm, Mrs Chu and Walter Ribbon, and all these characters play a side role in the film as a stockbroker.

Conflict analysis

From the movie, the clear conflict section is that when Chris and his wife argued with each other regarding the financial problems. After observing the whole movie is it seen that this is the most important scenario that depicts a clear cut conflict between the character that I have chosen and his wife. It is analyzed that this type of conflict is considered as the external conflict that generated between the two members of the same family (Gilovich, Kumar and Jampol, 2015). This type of conflict occurred because Chris Gardner does not sell the product that has arises financial issues between these family members.

Other destructive conflict patterns are the conflict between Chris and the taxi driver which generated due to not giving the taxi fare, conflicts of Chris with the hippy girl who has stolen the scanner and also the conflicts of Chris with his friend Wayne. I have learned that conflict has arisen due to the fault of both the people, and it can be reduced if both of them listen carefully and behave empathically over the situation.

One effective conflict styles have I should follow after noticing the movie is the collaborating conflict styles. This style also must be used by the character Chris to solve the problem. It is noticed that this effective conflict styles should be used by this context so that both Chris and Linda can together collaborate to make a solution that can help them to get rid of their problems (Melton and Zabriskie, 2016). By using this conflict styles, Chris and his wife can live happily together with their son.

Reflect Appraisal

From the movie characters, I have noticed that the competent communicator that has been chosen is Chris Gardner, who is a salesman that wanted to sell a scanner device for feeding his son and wife. After reviewing the film, it is noticed that the character can care for money and due to this reason he takes several hard steps to convince the doctors as well as the hospital to purchase his scanning device (Kim and Maglio, 2018).

I have also analyzed the relational message that the character demonstrates in the film which is luck is quite important for people to improve the condition of his or her life. Hardworking and intelligent is not always beneficial for an individual (Kim and Maglio, 2018). For example, Chris Gardner often behaves optimistically after when the product was not sold in the market as well as in the hospitals.
It is seen that Gardner wanted to do everything for selling the scanner as huge of money is invested by him in this device. For this reason, he applied all possible way to convince people to purchase the device and this show his competent communicator aspect. For example, constantly working condition by convincing the doctors shows his competent communication process in the film.


From the movie, it is seen that the character Chris Gardner is a hardworking and intelligent person who shows his ability to make a scanner for the well-being of people. However, the scanner is not accepted by any doctors and hospitals, but unless to relinquish his duties, he gives full efforts to sell it (Reis et al., 2018). Hence, in this way, both the approach determine his private and public self.
It is seen that the character was influenced by social comparison and an example of this is after waking from the bed in every morning he wear tie and suit by keeping the chin up with a smile and running directly towards his targeted consumer office.

The character identity influences people that after a certain time, people get success in their life and then all of their problems will be diminished (Reis et al., 2018). It also demonstrates that life has been changed for one person and with the help of this person, a positive impact has generated in life.

An example of language is that in the movie, the stockbroker has changed the life of Gardner, and this has changed of not seeing his religion, caste and language.

Non-verbal actions

After watching the movie, it is noticed that when Chris Gardner and his son Christopher Gardner leave the house and wife, then it is noted that the character experienced emotional responses. According to me, this is consider as a non-verbal action. Absence of steady income has influenced Chris Gardner to leave his wife, but this emotional context has not broken his heart, and he stands as an emotionally strong person in that situation (Post et al., 2017).

An emotional context is a non-verbal reaction is present among both wife and husband, which has grabbed the whole context of the scene towards them (Busby and Chiu, 2017). One of the cognitive interpretation that generated from this movie is that Chris life was altered from several down steps which have provided only a few sorts of happiness in his life.

An example of non-verbal communication occurs when Gardner and his wife Linda interact while leaving the apartment. Another example, when Chris beg Linda to give him support and allow him to stay with their son. Lastly, non-verbal communication is noticed between the mother and son while leaving the house of Linda.

After watching the whole film, it is noticed that empathizing and evaluating are the two listening responses that have been generated from the character that has selected for this paper. These listening responses is also demonstrate as the non-verbal action that has been generated from this movie (Busby and Chiu, 2017). It is analyzed that Chris Gardner, when interacting with any person, as shown in the film, uses an empathize manner and then evaluate the context in his own way.

For example, when Chris communicate with his wife, he always behaves empathically to understand the situation, and after that, provide his view on the condition. Another example is that, when he interacted with the doctors, he listen to them properly and then behave in an empathized manner so that they can understand his problem and purchase the product whom he is selling. However, these responses do not help him to sell the scanner in hospitals.


For this study, Chris Gardener is chosen as the main character who was a salesman that wasted huge amount on a scanning device. He wanted to sell it but faces a problem in convincing the people. Chris is considered as a competent character, and this has been discussing by his specific competencies and relational messages that are provided in the film. In addition, self-concept and language of responsibility of this selected character have been provided with proper explanation. Besides this, expression emotion, relating and listening quality of this character has also briefly demonstrated in this context as non-verbal actions. Moreover, conflict analysis has provided that defines the several destructive conflict patterns that present in this selected movie.

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