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Case study on Death and Dying Assignment Help

1. How would George interpret his suffering in light of the Christian narrative, with an emphasis on the fallenness of the world? – 2nd attachment and other study material

2. How would George interpret his suffering in light of the Christian narrative, with an emphasis on the hope of resurrection?-2nd attachment and other study material 

3. As George contemplates life with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), how would the Christian worldview inform his view about the value of his life as a person? 2nd attachement and others 

4. What sorts of values and considerations would the Christian worldview focus on in deliberating about whether or not George should opt for euthanasia?

5. Given the above, what options would be morally justified in the Christian worldview for George and why?

6. Based on your worldview, what decision would you make if you were in George's situation?

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Cultural competence is one of the key requirements of the health care service providers. It is required for the health care service providers towards the religious, cultural and social needs of the patients and their families. The diversity of faith is to be understood by health care service professionals for rendering their duties most appropriately. In this connection, the following write-up is presented to review few questions on the case study. More specifically reflection is presented on ethical analysis of the George's situation, in the context of Christian world view as well with consideration to worldview questions (Buddhist world view).

(i) George at present is suffering with illness and different religious viewpoints do provide different reasoning for the current situation of George. For example Buddhists do believe that there is nothing beyond the evident world. Everything that is happening to George is just due to his own actions. As per the four noble truths of Buddhism(Helderman,2019), attachment with the desires will result in the physical suffering and pain in this world. People need to follow the eight fold path towards enlightment to get out of the suffering and can attain everlasting enlightment. However still from Christian's world view it is altogether a different view. Different churches have different schools of thought and belief systems, they teach differently about the wrath and pain experienced by the people in general. The current pain of George will be explained by some Christians as the god's intention to let him know the pain, God experienced in his visit to the earth. However still the experience of the pain is expected to make George much nearer to the God as per their belief. For some other Christians, it is altogether a different belief; they believe that the George is experiencing the pain due to the sins committed by him in the previous life. In either case there is positive outlook shown through Christian world view, if the pain is the god's will, then it will teach George to be steadfast and appreciate the faith of the god. At the sametime if the suffering is due to the sins committed by the God in the previous life, then definitely the current situation will provide George an opportunity to repent on their sins and will let him get back to God. Also the belief can be perceived that the George is expected to face the pain due to the sins committed and in the aftermath he is entitled to the love and affection by the God. God has created to program the people to strive to live for the fullest in their life, if they have committed any sins, gods punish them and later they will be entitled to the pure love of God. In any case, the George in the current case has got an opportunity to the repent for the sins and with complete satisfaction and belief that the God has forgotten him can die and move for better love and affection of the god. Christian's believe that the god has visited the earth in the image of the man. He has come to the earth in the form of a physical body and he suffered for the sins of the people. He purified people with his own blood. He showed people the mercy and love and promised the same to the people who do have the faith. Hence George, being a Christian and with the Christian school of thought will repent for the sins in the form of the suffering, which he is experiencing at present and this inturn will pave him a way towards the god(Shelly et al.,2009).

(ii) George interprets his suffering in the light of Christian narrative as a temporary suffering due to the sins and the deeds done by him under the influence of Satan. Infact they are not ever lasting, they do end soon giving him the eternal love and joy of living with Christ. Infact, When resurrection is only to the body and the end of the life will just end the physical suffering of George and the soul will be alive and it will reach the heavens of the god. The resurrection of the Jesus has given weight and hope to this thought, George now can believe that all his sufferings are quite temporary and at the end of this suffering there is a great path way left for him to reach the god. So, the hope of resurrection and the promise of eternal love and life ahead will let the George to interpret his suffering just as something that can be taken up with a hope for better promises of god lying ahead of death and misery(Shelly et al.,2019)

(iii) George interprets his suffering in the Christian perspective as the consequence of the repentance for the sins committed by him. There is considerable reasoning for him to believe in that aspect. However still whether it is Christian view or any other world view like Buddhism, there is nowhere mentioned for the person to escape from the pain by sacrificing the life. The pain and misery are just the consequences of the god's reactions over the man deeds, they can be born but there is no need for sacrificing the life for the sake of escaping from the same. Buddhists also argue that everything that is surrounding the man is not just created by the God, the ultimate destination of the man is to achieve the state of nirvana, this can be enabled through meditations and there is sufficient scope for the people to get this state of mind by practicing and by getting enlightment. Christian believes that our life is dependent on the god and the god's will decide their lives and the value of the same will be just decided by the belief on God. George's ALS (Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis) and his suffering and the possible changes or even the end of life, everything for him is just the god's will. God decides the value, sustenance and existence of his life. Every human being on the planet is created in the image of the god, and hence is attached with immense value to the life. There is need to value the life of a human being. No one has ever any right to terminate the life of other person (Johnstone & Facn,2019), it is ethically not valid too. Also it is against the moral order created by the God. Christ being an ultimate conqueror of the death can sympathize with the human suffering. Also in all the nations where euthanasia is not legalized, there is no course for one take up the same or recommend the same (works, 1981).

(IV) George is suffering with ALS and there are no chances for him to return to normalcy. His life span can end anywhere from two years to ten. However he cannot lead even normal standards of life. Still, the Christian world view, will not let George to opt to die through Euthanasia. Some of the key views expressed by Christian world view include that the Human life bears the image of the god, and hence the human has no right to terminate the same. The intrinsic value of the life, autonomy and community relatedness all should be taken in the positive way and should let the human lead and sustain his life, Christian's emphasizes that the human is bound to live and even in the instances of the pain and suffering, he can repent on his past deeds and should accept the God's will(Dameron,2011). This will entitle him for more love and affection from God once he is free of consequence of sins. Hence though the god has given the necessary rationale and autonomy to human beings, they do not have any right to terminate their life (psycentral, 2019). From this perspective, George is not allowed for Euthanasia from Christian view point.

(V) Some of the morally justified options for George include the following; there is need for community to take of the people who are dying and suffering with no hope, this is one of the end of life recommendations from Christian perspective. So George should be provided with the care from the community. The best possible palliative care(Kelley & Morrison,2015) to be rendered to George. The society should accept the fact that George will suffer the death on this planet and will entrust his future to the Jesus. These are morally acceptable solutions for George's case at present, however still they all have evolved from Christian world view point. In no case, any of the types of euthanasia, either voluntary, or active, whether it is assisted or indirect, there is no scope or support to morally justify the same. "You shall not kill" is the moral stance of the Roman Catholic Church, which provides a pathway to the people by indicating that it is not morally accepted by anyone to end the life of an other human being under any circumstances and it is against the will of the God. All that can be provided to George at present in the current condition is a morally accepted and religiously allowed care and treatment to George in the current scenario. It is palliative care, which is an interdisciplinary care and treatment to the person who are dying. It is morally acceptable to render such specialized care and treatment to George, which will alleviate his suffering, will enable reduce his pain and will let him affirm the aspect of suffering and dying as normal processes. The ultimate goal of the palliative care is to improve the quality of the life for both the patient as well for the family of the patient. As per the Christian world view, it is morally required to keep up the value and dignity of the human being and rendering palliative care will let them provide the opportunity for Christians to manifest God's love for the people who are terminally ill and dying (Popepaulvi, 2017).

(VI) I belong to Buddhist world view and Buddhists believe more on the states of the mind. Buddhist considers that the voluntary euthanasia is not acceptable at all. It is like letting the physical suffering to create mental suffering. Buddhist people want their followers use the principles of meditation and other relieving drugs to get out from the suffering, but should not yield for euthanasia. Even helping someone else to take up euthanasia is also like inviting bad state of mind and hence any such initiatives need to be strictly abandoned. So there is no need to encourage George to take up euthanasia as well there is no need for recommending the same to let physicians do euthanasia (Torr, 2000). In this connection, the best channel can be to remain in the state of renunciation as well enlightment to understand the suffering as consequences of karma and realization that there is after life which will be based on the right fold path way follow-up, makes George to bear the suffering and practice nirvana for more enlightened life in the coming years. Such practice can provide more peace and stability to George and will provide the moral and spiritual energy to bear the current condition as well.

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