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EDU 365 Politics of American Education

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Educational attainment is a key factor of the economic success of individuals and groups. Many years ago, in America, it was ordered by the US Supreme Court that the separate schools for brown and white are inherently unequal.

We all know that politics shapes which educational policies adopted in schools, according to EDU 365 Politics of American Education course. Education in America is so politicized now. Policymakers make policies for the reforms of educational systems, but in some schools, the teacher's union becomes a hurdle. They do not let the policies pass through, which fails in reforms in the educational system.

University is a place where a student can polish his skills to be a professional. Still, some students also indulge their selves in politics and can be a good politician in the future though. But nowadays students taking part in politics are involved in striking boycotting and other activities which are affecting their studies badly.

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Understanding politics is not an easy thing. Students with an average mind level cannot get the idea about politics in education, not obviously in one go. But it is possible if it would be delivered thoroughly.

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