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History of Claude Monet Assignment Help

Write a one page paper on the history of Claude Monet the artist.

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History of Claude Monet

Claude Monet can be said to be the pioneer of the Impressionist movement of art, especially in France. He was born in Paris on 14 November, in the year 1840, and was enrolled at Academie Suisse. The turning point of his life was when a critic came across his painting in 1874, and tried to insult one of his paintings as being synonymous with "impression" as far as the style was concerned, instead of adhering to the style of realism that was more prevalent. This expression persisted long after this comment had been made, and thus, is the reason behind why his paintings can be said to be impressionist in nature. Some of the most famous paintings he ever created include his views of the river Thames, the water lilies, and his haystacks (Kass, Harland, & Donnelly, 2015).

As a child, Monet had been baptized as a Christian, but he became an atheist in his later life. Although his father had plans to enroll him into the family business of grocery and ship-chandling, Monet had plans to become an artist, and was supported by his mother, who was a singer. At the Le Havre School of Arts, he became well known for his charcoal drawings, which he sometimes sold for little money. He also met Jacques-Francois Orchard and later, Eugene Boudin, who imparted valuable lessons to him that would later help him in his career as a painter.

He became famous for depicting outside scenery, which made him one of the most popular painters of the 19th century. His subjects included nature, which he painted by directly looking at them (Conway, 2012). Most of his paintings were completed in his studio. Monet died in 1926 after leading a life of utter poverty, illness and depression.

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