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Physical and Mental Health Issues Assignment Help

Analysis of Chapter 4 & 5 of the book ''The Psychology of adjustment and coping'' of Erick Miller's.  

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Summary of the Chapter:

In the book "The Psychology of adjustment and copying", Erick Miller, have pointed the various psychological states of mind that affects the human being through in and out. The chapter 4 of this book deals with understanding health wherein the starting point has been taken as physical health. This is because of the fact that if a person is not physically stable, he/she ends up having a mental health issue. The chapter also focuses on the fact that when there is disturbance in the mental health i.e. if there is failure that is coming always as a result in any activity being conducted then that leads to affect the person mentally by having psychological disorders. There are many ways being pointed and discussed about on ways of determining mental health of a person by identifying certain categories of mental disorders, viz. mood disturbances and affective disorders i.e. person having mood swings in a high number, problems in relation to anxiety and other kinds of illness affecting a person mentally. Erick Miller have also pointed on ways wherein the kinds of physical and mental health issues can be fought and overcome. He mentioned that promotion of healthy behaviour is only the way wherein the physical, behavioural and psychological factors can be minimised or eliminated. The other factor that has been discussed in this chapter is coping with illness i.e. the fact that acute illness although being of short term develops quickly and therefore a person needs to be both mentally and physically strong so that he/she can cope with that illness. The most important point jotted in this chapter is about stress wherein the fact that there are many effects of stress which are harmful in nature and have negative effects on both the physical and mental health of a person.

Opinion & Execution of the Chapter:

The points being highlighted by the author Erick Miller in this chapter is justified as because the focus is majorly on the practical aspects of the health of a person being disturbed through various means have given importance. The most effective part is the fact that there are ways being identified for determination of a person's health situation along with actions that can be promoted for having a healthy behaviour. The various types of illness along with the coping time for them have been discussed which is practically true.
For me to use the ideas given for the promotion of healthy behaviour in this chapter are easily executable. Staying fit by way of having habits of exercise and taking proper diet helps in being healthy. Not putting up excess weight i.e. in case my weight is increasing, that's an alarm as because stress and mental disorders too contributes to gain weight. Having an effective sleep also directly relates to have a good health as because sleep helps in relaxing a person both physically and mentally. But the fact that excess sleeping leads to health issues cannot be ignored. Therefore, I can say that I follow and maintain a healthy way for having well physical and mental stability.

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