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PMIT - Project Management - Victorian Institute Of Technology

A project proposal for Victorian Health Services Up gradation

Learning Outcome

• Develop skills in selection and initiation of projects
• Identify the phases of a project life cycle
• Define the scope of a project and identify means of controlling changes to the scope.
• Develop skills in project planning activities that accurately estimate project timeline, cost, and quality.
• Demonstrate effective project execution and monitoring techniques that lead to successful projects.
• Develop skills in implementing processes for successful resource, communication, risks, stakeholders and change management
• Develop team management skills by work as team member and leader toproduce a project plan
• Conduct project closure activities
• Develop project presentation skills

Question: Develop a well-researched project planning document based on the overall parameters of a project and establish the appropriate project management and quality environment required to complete the chosen project.

Present a proposal for the major project assignment.


Victorian Health Service Institute that provides health services to the people of Victoria either on demand or door to door. As a health service provider, Victorian has its web infrastructure to store clients' information. The current web infrastructure use by Victorian depends on an external server for the storage of information. Sometimes, patients find it hard to trace their details and other information as a result of the disabilities of the old infrastructure. This project proposal will be aimed at providing proposals for the up gradation of the old web version to a new one for better service delivery. The following students will be taking this project research.

1.    Parvezbhai Salimbhai Vahora      Student Id::44104

2.    Jaydeep kiritkumar Patel              Student Id::43406

3.    Kritika Batra                                    Student Id::43226

Additionally, this project proposal will commence on 1st April 2019 and will be completed by 1st April 2020.


Statement of problems

The old web infrastructure limits Victorian from offering more extended health services to the people. It is difficult for the people to register for membership to enable them to access better services from Victorian. More so, the old web version lacks a proper organization. It also cannot support new services since it is not updated.

Consequently, clients have a hard time accessing health services offered by Victorian and also when managing their accounts. The old website interface is very complex, making it difficult for elderly clients and patients to access available services with ease. Young patients are bored by the available site when accessing Victorian health services due to its old interface. The Victorian staff feels that the old version is barring them from providing extensive services to the people in need. As a result of these difficulties and problems, Victorian health services are unable to reach as many people as it should within a particular unit time. Also, some the condition of some patients worsens while trying to access Victorian health services. Victorian has lost a sizeable number of customers as a consequence of the disabilities of the old website version. To manage these problems, Victorian health services decided to install an upgraded website which will have several advantages over the current one. Also, Victorian settled on installing its servers within the organization to access information and respond to queries more quickly. An android application will also be developed to provide a more straightforward interface via which members will be accessing data without straining.


This project aims at resolving the problems and challenges faced by both the patients and the staff of Victorian that are caused by the old infrastructure website. The following are the main objectives of this project proposal.

1. To upgrade the available web infrastructure to an up to date version that is easy to install, access, and feed information when in need. This server should be installed within the organization.

2. Installation of own server to create more security of patients' information, doctors' data, staff, quick response team, and administration. The upgraded version will also protect the information saved in the site from being compromised by outsiders.

3. Making a website interface simple to access for all-age patients and creating a startup user guide video to help people to understand the new site.

4. Development of a Victorian android application to be used by people who do not want to browse Victorian website interface.

5. Development of the application to ease the membership process. This development will allow authentication of members by requiring them to provide their details for registration.


Plan of action

The main aim of this project is to provide ways in which the set objectives are going to be achieved. The three students that are in charge of this project may not have all the expertise needed in achieving the aims of this project. As a result, they need to involve various stakeholders who will provide different knowledge and insight to make this project proposal a success. There will be an inclusion of stakeholders in this project who will serve various roles depending on their expertise and willingness to give a hand.

Below is the list of stakeholders of this project proposal.

1. Quick response team - all health services providers have a rapid response team that caters for emergencies. At Victorian, quick response team comprises of the ambulances, emergency medical personnel, and drivers. This team is among the essential branches of Victorian health services. They need to be included in this project since their details, contacts, and interface application needs to be saved in the new version website. The information from the quick response team is vital for keeping in touch with them when there is an emergency.

2. Administration - the administration comprises of the managers, finance controllers, and advisers. The members of the administration team should have their information integrated into the new website system since they have to be contacted for financing and management services.

3. Victorian health service members/ patients - Victorian offer health services to all the residents of Victoria who agree to be registered as members. This group of people consists of all recipients of Victorian health services. These members do not get services free of charge. They pay for the services they receive. Therefore, they need to be included in every Victorian development project. Consequently, this project proposal considered them as significant persons regarding the up gradation of the website.

4. Office staff - Staff members, who manage Victorian information in various offices, are also stakeholders of this project. They are aware of the challenges that they face when storing and checking the stored details from the systems. They, therefore, have to be part of this project proposal.

Moreover, real expertise will be needed in this project and can only be fetched from individuals who have experience of web design, android building, application design, and network administration. The following experts will have to be involved;

1. Web developer- who will be tasked with the responsibilities of redesigning the old web for the installation of an up-to-date version. He will also provide information concerning the utilization of the new website. Besides, this expert will be required to listen to our intentions of upgrading the site and our expectations after the installation of the upgrade web interface. We will present our objectives to him so that he can work towards achieving them.

2. Android developer - as indicated in our objectives, this project aims at ensuring that patients can comfortably access health services without being locked out the complexity of the web interface. An Android developer will be required to develop an android application to be used by clients who have no business with browsing web interface. He will also be required to aim at achieving the objectives of this project proposal.

3. Network administrator - the new website needs to have its servers installed. More so, the website and the android application should have a way of communicating. A network administrator will be responsible for the viability of these functions. He will use his expertise to interconnect all our systems for easy functionality. A network administrator is an expert in the installation and connectivity of communication channels.

4. Project manager - every project has its management personnel. A project manager ensures that all the materials needed by the project team are available when needed. A project manager is also in charge of managing time to ensure that the project is complete and successful within the given time frame. We will select a visionary project manager who will not settle for anything less than achieving the objectives of this project proposal.

5. Finance manager - every project needs financial support. A finance manager will connect the project manager with the administration to enable active communication for financial matters. He will be tasked with the duty of availing finance to the project manager in time.


Benefits of this project proposal

This project will be beneficial to the Victorian health services provider and the members who receive health services from Victorian. The following are some of the benefits that this project is set to provide after all the redesigns are complete.
1. Easy and quick access to services by members.
2. Provision of an upgraded website for all-age patients.
3. Integration of all members of the Victorian family to work in a more relaxed and cooperative manner.
4. Privacy assurance for data that could not be achieved by the old website version.
5. Protection of data access and compromise by outsiders.
6. Android application will allow quick access to services without having to browse the website.

Management plan
This project will have initial risks that need to be addressed so that the flow of the project will not be interfered with, and the set timeline will be observed. The following are the expected risks that need to be catered for in time.
1. Finance - most projects do not succeed as a result of finance shortages. To avoid being caught up by time, the project manager should communicate with the administration via the finance manager in time and ensure that all the needed money is set aside.
2. Failure to observe timelines - The project manager should be very keen when setting the period of the entire exercise. Any underestimation of time may result in a breach of the set timeline a thing that can be a blow to this project.
3. Insufficiency of resources and materials - The project manager should enquire the resources and materials needed by each team before the project commences. He should also ensure that the resources provided to all groups are more than enough for the completion of the project.

Expected results
• After the completion of this project, members will be more satisfied with the service delivery since there will be fast and sufficient communication of various stakeholder teams.
• Customers will be more comfortable when accessing services from the new website as a result of its simplicity as compared to the old complex site.
• More people will demand the Victorian health services since the new site will be more organized, easy to access, and attractive to users.
• The new web system will allow administrators to remove or add any service depending on its necessity and demand.
• The own server will ensure the security of the saved information as compared to when the information was being kept in an external server cloud.

Initial cost estimate
The Victorian will have to part will a sizeable amount of money to make this project successful. The web development and up gradation will cost a maximum of $25,000, and the android application development will need $10,000. The institute will also need to incur an estimate of $25,000 for the server installation. More so, the institute will provide payments that will cost not less than $40,000. Therefore, the entire project will cost over $100,000.


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