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Case Study and Practical Observations

Your task: Address each of the following questions relating to the case study.

Question 1. Identify Mr and Mrs Jones' customer needs and expectations in this case study. What would a customer expect not only on an important occasion like the mentioned anniversary but on each occasion when visiting an establishment?

Answer :

Customer service is very important to spread a brand new business and get good reviews. Mr and Mrs. Jones wanted to make their special day even special with cape lighthouse. However, the restaurant was not sincere enough to maintain professional relationship. There were several problems, which were not expected from the restaurant. The couple has a few expectations which are-


1. Customer wants to get a good hospitality at least when they are pre book their restaurant for a table. However, they faced massive problem in relocating their booking and also the hotel was not even a little apologetic about it.

2. The employees there were not efficient enough and don't know the basic of business. In Spite of getting into the solution, they were running for it. The couple wanted good delivery and food from the restaurant but they were disappointed with that too (Hettihewa & Wright, 2018).

3. Even after knowing that the fault was from their end, the restaurant seemed less bothered about it. The hospitality people did not even tried to sort the problem and make their special day go well. The couple wanted some professionalism from the cape lighthouse.

4. After the horrible experience with restaurant when they left the hotel, they expected a little apology from their side. Then also, the behaviour was horrible. They expected at least an apology for their worst services.

These were some basic needs and expectations; they were looking for in that restaurant.

People are very smart these days and when they are paying for something, it needs to be good. From a restaurant, people expect some basic things. Which are Communication and sincerity, flexibility in their menu card, good stuff, quick and easy payments, good hospitality, overall experience with the food and services (Lee, Hallak & Sardeshmukh, 2016).

Question 2. What could be the likely effects of this incident for the business and custom down the track if the customer service issues are not addressed?

Answer :

Customer service is a very good way to retain more customers. On the other hand, this can break a business for having bad customer service. This inappropriate behaviour and service of the hotel can lead the business to loss.

Customer value drops for lifetime- customers expect a few things if they are going to pay for something. Bad customer service can lead to the loss of current customers. This kind of news and reviews can spread amongst so many people through the internet or offline. As a result the business loses its current customers and then it have to pay more n marketing to attract new customers, which is more costly.

losing best employee- when a business runs with bad customer service then the employee gets remarked by bad employees. This situation leads them to the dissatisfaction and the company runs the loss.


Damage in reputation- a company reputation is very important to run a good business. With this internet world, one bad experience of a customer can spread like a web and according to calculations 93 percent people makes decision after having reviews online. 80 percent customer declines deal from bad reviewed company.

Not converting leads- people are very rigid about their decisions. If a customer faces bad experience with their service, they will never get back to that company. So leads can be damaged through this (Lee, Hallak & Sardeshmukh, 2016).

Profit sucking cycle-the bad effects of bad customer service can effect on the profit in downward motion. This results in a way that first the business loses its new customer gaining because referral of the business has been affected, then for not having enough reviews new customers stop visiting that place. Then the business starts losing its loyal customer. This leads to a huge loss in monetary ways. A business needs good customer service at any cost even after the business cuts down its money.

These are a few damages that can happen to a business which has bad customer service. People want to get a good service in return of money otherwise there are so many more options for that.

Question 3. You are the General Manager of the Cape Lighthouse and the experience of Mr and Mrs Jones has come to your attention. You are determined to make contact with the customer to attempt to resolve the issue and achieve a positive outcome. Draft a letter which clearly outlines the steps you will undertake to contact Mr and Mrs Jones and how you will try to solve the issues.

Answer :

Dear MR and Mrs Jones, we are much apologized for not meeting your expectations with you. We are extremely sorry for the poor hospitality and for not offering the right things to make your day special. From the team cape lighthouse, our waiters are extremely apologized for their misbehaving and not being knowledgeable at their best. We as a team of the restaurant want to have one more opportunity to make your day special. This time it's on us. The cape lighthouse wants to welcome both of you to have dinner with the Coral Sea view and the best ambience. We would love to make that totally free (Mazzarol & Clark, 2016). Kindly think about this letter and give a chance to rectify the mistakes. We want to make our customer service better and it's not possible without your help. We will be thankful if u will join us in any day of this month. We will provide a promo code for your relatives and friends of 10% off which can be used five times. The cape lighthouse wants to arrange a little entertainment band of your choice for your evening. Please confirm us a date and the band of your choice so that we can do our best to make the evening for you. This is the first time, we are taking a step forward to communicate and resolve problems. Its highly appreciated if u give us a chance. Thank you so much for choosing us.

Question 4. Considering Mr and Mrs Jones' recent experience, it is important to assess if there are recurring issues with customer service at the Cape Lighthouse. How will you determine if this is a one-off issue or if there are persistent problems? Outline your approach.

Answer :

Mr. and Mrs. Jones experience cannot be the first for the organisation because they did their level best to communicate with them on time. Even after confirming dates, the restaurant was not sensible enough to manage the bookings. This cannot be an on off issue. There are a few reasons behind it. If the restaurant would carry their good customer service, they would take a valid solution for that evening. Nevertheless, even after knowing that the problem was from their end, there was no effort to rectify that (Mester, 2016). If the employees will maintain their good service, they would provide the best food in minimum time, but they miss communicated with them here too. Therefore, it is definitely a persistent problem.

The top reason of failing business mainly who works with delivering services are their bad customer service, and hospitality failures, the bad product etc.
There are several ways through which the organisation can make this problems vanish.


1. Feedback system- feedback is very effective way to get to know about the best and worst things about the service. The restaurant should design a proper communicative feedback policy to work on the organisation faults.

2. Employee training- employee train is must need for any organisation. The employee needs to know the objective of the organisation and the proper training for their respective work.

3. An operation management team which will take care of emergency situations (Hettihewa & Wright, 2018).

4. The design of the organisation will need some correction. When every customer is paying the same then why will they accept a bad table? Therefore, the restaurant needs to design the place in a way that everybody feels same about their table.

5. Quick payment - the restaurant needs to upgrade their payment policy. In addition, the payment must be taken from them on table. It's a part of service.

6. Avoiding miss behaving employees- bad bunch of employees can close a business. People can get bad reviews just because a few bad employees.
These are some ways which can be applied on the restaurant values to assess the current situation.

Question 5. You are required to develop a policy and procedures for each of the following problem areas which were evident:

a. Bookings

b. Staff Presentation / Greeting / Hosting

c. Reporting requirements / staff hierarchy (General Responsibilities and who is to be contacted in case of an issue - if your industry sector varies [events, cookery, tourism, accommodation] you may use the hierarchy which is commonly relevant to that industry sector)

d. Customer Service Procedures for Service (Orders, timelines, attendance)

e. Dealing with complaints

Answer :

Every service providing business needs to have some solid policy for different evident problem areas.

Bookings- The organisation needs to develop a personal website where each and everything will have the record. The booking of a table should be free but a little amount for the booking must be included which will be adjusted in the final bill. The customer and the hotel both need a code or a slip or document for their reservation. There must be a last minute confirmation before cancelling their reservation. These are a few policies must be taken care of by the organisation.

Staff presentation- the organisation needs to be good at creating the ambience. Customer must be treated well. The organisation should give complimentary drinks to their customers as this costs very less but impacts on them in the long run (Lee, Hallak & Sardeshmukh, 2016). The staffs need to be well dressed and well communication skill, well knowledge about their service so that they can help.

Reporting requirement- the organisation must have an operation management team on spot. Customers will communicate with them in term of any problem regarding the services. The manager or the management team must be experienced and their motive should be resolving the problem in any way.

Customer service procedure- its is consist of several things related to the service such as customer service goal, its plan for achieving, customer feedback and handling, analization of feedback, improving the customer service through it. This is the proper way to get good results.

Dealing with complaints is very important to take the market in long run. The company should deal with problem with regular matters. The problems that are creating those must be resolved. The complaints should give compensations as a promo code or extra discount (Lee, Hallak & Sardeshmukh, 2016).
According to Australian government, there are consumer rights like the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, the right to be heard, the right to redress and many more. This are a few law that supports the consumer regarding having bad hospitality as a consumer. All the above policy are based o these laws, so that the policy cant hurt the government policy as well as consumers.

Policy and procedure 1:

Customer reservation policy- the main purpose of this policy is to maintain the proper decorandum for customer reservation in the restaurant. Everyday reservation details should be saved in the computer and also manually by the staff of the hotel to keep proper record. The main purpose is to provide an error free service to the customers. Training is required for this policy and procedure of maintenance because it will provide the customers an hassle-free experience. This also reduce the time consumption for booking a table by the customer. Constant customer feedback will be used to monitor and evaluate this policy and its effectiveness. This policy is available to the customers so if any discrepancy in this area can be counted as organisational reputation decrease.

Policy and procedure 2:

Customer reporting policy- The aim of this policy is to properly maintain the organisational services. The customer reporting against any unsatisfied reason will be properly evaluated by the restaurant manager. Besides that, every customer visiting the restaurant has the authority two question this policy of the organisation. The employees of this organisation will be trained to maintain this policy to avoid any customer reporting. The number of customer reporting complaints will be useful for evaluating and monitoring this policy. However, this policy will be available to the customers so they can easily able to acquire according to the need and specification.


Policy and procedure 3:

Customer service policy- the aim of the customer service policy of this restaurant is to provide best quality of services to the customers and satisfy them. The food quality and other restaurant related services are included in this policy. Maintenance of proper hygiene which is part of the Australian food act is part of this customer service policy. By the procedures of this policy, the purpose of the organisation to achieve customer's confidence and reliability towards the organisation. the employees of this organisation need to train properly for performing the procedures because in hospitality industry customer service is considered as the major way of success for both production and profitability. For measuring the the effectiveness and monitoring the policy, the organisation should create a customer satisfaction form. In the time of checking out from the restaurant every customer need to fill up this form to understand their experience with organisation. This policy will be available to the customers by interacting the customer service form.


A. Implement developed policies and procedures

In the process of develop policies and procedures for increasing the customer satisfaction level of this restaurant, the staff of the restaurant become more aware about their responsibilities. Improvement is needed in the process of appearance of the policies. The customers and employees can easily understood there responsibilities towards the policy. The assistant restaurant manager will be given the authority to monitor and evaluate the entire policy implementation and maintenance. In this service industry, for evaluating the purpose staff involvement is necessary. Each of the policy adaptation focuses on the the development of service instance.

B. Communicate requirements with staff for the implementation of policies and procedures direct communication with the staff is highly required. It will help the stuff to understand their responsibility and how it will affect on the organisation. Development of the communication process is also required by introducing new communication ways within the staff.

C. Monitor service provisions and manage this efficiently

The monitoring service provision and Management is one of the essential part of this any restaurant business. there are different problematic areas already identified in this organisation in the case study. Therefore the organisation need to focus on the service provision and maintaining them efficiently. the use of Technology as part of the monitoring system of this service will be efficient way. The inter communication within the organisation between the stuff is very useful. The purpose of evolution is to understand how to change the scenario and problems. For monitoring the service provision and managing them the involvement of the staff is highly required.

D. It service instance and incorporate feedback into the next instance

The service instance and incorporated feedback should be given by the customers of this organisation. The monitoring and management process of this policies and procedures become more relevant after understanding the feedback from the customers. Besides that, the management of this organisation also need to focus on providing feedback to the Employees on their changes in service providing. Providing them reason behind adopting the policies and procedure will change the entire scenario. The customer feedback will help the management to understand the changes identified in the work activities of the staff.


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