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BBMK302 Market Research, CIC Higher Education, Australia

How Students Perceive Value of Educational Resources

Question 1 : Introduction
• Provide background information relating to the topic
• What is the purpose of the study?
• Define Research Problem & Research Objectives

Answer : 1 Introduction


Educational resources are considered to be the tools that provide assistance to students in education. the educational resources may be the books and journals that are freely available for the students at libraries and institutes (Kati, et al., 2015) . Furthermore, there are also digital educational resources such as websites, online articles and so on.

1.1 Background

The worldwide higher education system leaning toward the privatization which leads universities to focus on increasing the educational quality and market value through the commercialization. This factor has triggered the movement that promotes free and batters access to educational resources (Simon, 2016) .

1.2 Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the fact of how students perceive these resources for the educational cause.

1.3 Research problem

Lack of access to educational resources affects the education badly, especially for the research students. Furthermore, Educational resources which are available online have an issue of authenticity. A student cannot assure the fact that the information available on the online platform is correct or not.

1.4 Research Objectives

1. To evaluate the importance of resources in the educational process.

2. To evaluate the fact of how students, perceive educational resources.

3. To identify how educational resources, initiate innovative learning.

Question 2 : Literature review

• Describe past important research relating to the topic
• How student perceptions of educational resources are discussed in previous literature?
• Include relevant findings from credible sources, such as academic books or journal articles (Minimum 3 literatures to ground research study to be reviewed)

Answer : 2 Literature Review

Educational resources refer toward using free licensed context related to education it could be anything such as text, audio and videos. There are many independent sides that are providing educational resource without much effort (Neil, 2015) . It is highly appreciated among the students because according to the research studies students find this source really helpful because they can get required material in no time without going to the library and finding concern topics in the books. The educational trend is changing with the technology intervention the traditional educational resources such as books are used less among the students Even the colleges and universities have introduced the courses which are available in digital form (Merino, et al., 2015) .

The educational resource is quite beneficial for the students as the research study of (Stephens & Pickavance, 2017) proposed that the educational resources provided by the institutes are very well received by the students. the educational expense is enormous these days, only the tuition fee cost a lot to the students face challenges in continuing the study. The educational resources can reduce the amount spent on the books and notes which student get in the form of hard copies (Ghadah, et al., 2016) .


It is the responsibility of universities and colleges to provide their students access to educational resources. In America state California, the educational institutes are providing approximately 35,000 open courses through the free online course material. The educational resources are becoming the trend which is participating in innovation and easy access to knowledge (Elaine & Seaman, 2016) . The material available at digital platforms can create challenges for the authors about regarding the security of their work. There is always a chance of stealing, copying and so on. To address this issue the creative commons licenses were initiated which provide authors
with more control over what other people can do to their work.

The educational resources available online has its drawbacks in the form of authenticity. The worldwide used encyclopedia, Wikipedia provides the option of editing information freely. It may cause a problem of the genuineness of the knowledge (Indrajeet, 2016) . Students prefer digital source and the trend of consulting books is vanishing slowly. it is also encouraging the lack of communication between teachers and students because students find out about all their quarries on the internet and they do not feel the need of in-person assistance which can be more beneficial for their learning. The importance of class discussion cannot be denied but the digital educational resources are created to stand alone and encourage the self-learning (Indrajeet, 2016) .

Question 3 : Methodology Selection of sample and Procedures

• describe the research design and methodology used to complete to the study
• What is your research method? Quantitative? Qualitative? Or both? Briefly discuss the rationale of choosing this approach.
• What/where is the source of the data? Primary data? Secondary data?
• What is your data collection method?
• Identify the value your data collection(s) offer(s) to this research problem?
• What is the data collection tool?
• Who are the participants (sample) in this study?
• What questions need to be answered?

Answer : 3 Methodology

To conduct a research study, it is important to set a plan and strategies. This chapter will include the research design, data type, method of data collection, and the selected sample of the concern research study.

3.1 Research design

The research design refers toward the overall strategy that the researcher selects to assimilate the different aspects of the study in a way which is logical and ensure the accuracy of the results. There are two major research design, qualitative and quantitative research (Julia, 2017) . The qualitative research is considered to be the exploratory research and it is used when the researcher requires to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, motivation and opinions. It allows the researcher the insight into the problem and helps in order to develop the ideas for potential quantitative research. On the other hand, Quantitative research refers to the approach where the researcher requires to quantify the problem and generate numerical data. This research design is used to quantify opinions along with attitude and behaviours. For the concern research study, Qualitative research design will be used because the topic of the study requires brief and descriptive details along with the perception of the population (Martyn, 2017) .

3.2 Data collection

The data collection methods allow the researcher to gather fresh data according to the research question and research problems by using primary data method. On the contrary, the secondary method refers to collecting data by using already gathered information from different sources such as other researchers work, journal articles and the data collected by governments agencies and so on. For the concerned study, the primary data will be used with the interview method. It is a widely used method wherein the researcher asks the questions to the respondent either directly or via email and telephone. The questioner will be used as the data collecting method which will indicate the research problems.


3.3 Sample

The sample of research refers to the subset of the population. Since the area of research study education and specifically the impact of educational resources so the sample will be undergraduate students of CIC. The researcher will conduct 4 interviews with the undergraduate students to know their perception about the concern phenomena.

3.4 Questions

1. Do you find educational resources available in the collage useful?

2. How this educational resource contributes to your studies?

3. Do you find the lack of research resources are affecting your studies?

4. Do you often use digital educational resources such as websites and online encyclopedia?

5. Do you think online available information is useful in your daily academic activates?

6. Do you prefer finding answers online rather than asking your teacher?

7. Do you think online available educational resources provide credible and accurate information?

8. Do you often use educational resources such as books, news and libraries?

Question 4 : Results

• Present the results of undertaking research (illustrating the results using tables and graphs is highly appreciated)
• Explaining the answers to the research questions
• Include direct quotation from your interviewees in your results (verbatim)
• This section should present the results, but do not discuss their significance.

Answer : 4 Results

The sample of the study was students from CIC. In a setting, they get asked the research question and their answers were secured by making notes. The researcher asked the same question to all participants and then analyze it by using the thematic method. The research question was set in the theme according to the research problem and the answers of respondents were put under the concerning theme to find the connection between the similar answers. According to the gathered data from the respondent’s researcher finds out that the students highly appreciate the educational resources.

“The educational resources provided by the institute such as labs instruments, and open educational resources provide great assistance in the studies.”

The available resources make the process of education easy for not only for students but also for the teachers. Further, the problem regarding lack of resources for the research somehow affects the study because research demands more resource as compare to everyday academics so it is important to provide students appropriate resources. The interview’s regarding research problem shed the light on educational resources available online. Most of the students tend to use these resources for educational purpose.


According to this phenomenon, they further describe “Online available educational resources help a lot because often the lecture is complicated and hard to understand but through the internet, it is easy to find a different way of describing same stuff”

The results of the study find out that the student does have an idea about the credibility of the data they get from digital resources.

“Encyclopedia and websites often do not give the right answers so we need to make sure by using more than 1 resources to confirm the credibility of the answers”

The students state that they find it rather easy to find answers to their queries using the internet as compare to asking in person because it is a easier way.

Question 5-6 : Discussion and conclusion

• Write your discussion & interpretation of the results (Your analysis will be based on the data that is being collected through interviews)
• This section should also discuss how the results relate to previous research mentioned in the literature review
• What are practical uses of your findings? Use evidence and examples to support your recommendation
• Explain the managerial decisions that can be made using your information

Answer : 5 Discussion

The educational requirements are changing every day. The concern research study aims to find out the factor of educational resources and how students perceive it. In academia, educational resources have vast meaning. The study has focused on some selected issues such as lack of resource in research and how they affect the educational process. The online available academic material is also considered as the vital educational resource and it has become extremely common among educational institutes. The CIC students think that educational resources are helpful in their education because in exams and during the test they do not find it necessary to visit the library and buy the books but they can easily get access to the online available courses which save the time and also require no money.

A number of other colleges are using open educational courses and students seems to accept this system positively. Institute often give its students free access to this platform. There is a number of colleges worldwide which are considering this approach rather valuable in the educational system.

In this research study respondents highly appreciate this system because it gives easy access to the material also the educational resources have somehow reduced the cost students spent on the books. These resources considered to be more useful as compared to traditional educational resources. The respondents perceive them as convenient for their studies. Further, this available resource is providing students great assistance but some of them which are not controlled by any authentic writer or source can sometimes provide inaccurate information. In the final results of the study, the students show that there is a problem regarding the credibility of the data but since it provides easy access students tend to use them excessively.

Answer : 6 Conclusion

Educational resources considered to be the tools which are now vital for students for studies. It was established when the educational system starts to go toward privatization and they feel the need for improving educational standards. Australia has open access to open educational resources around the era of 1998 to facilitate the students. Educational resources play a vital role in the process of education but it has a certain barrier such as lack of success in physical resources like lab instruments and so on.

Another threat is digital resources and the accuracy of the available data. The officially established websites are considered to be correct but the data available on other online platforms can be less authentic and it might affect the quality of learning. The literature review of the study describes that the use of educational rousers is quite common among the educational institutes and with the passage of time they are shifting many courses from traditional to open educational resources which are considered to be useful for both learner and teacher. To find out valuable information the study used primary data that was directly gathered from the students and with the detailed process of thematic analysis the researcher has described and discuss the results.

Limitation of the research

• Identify and acknowledge shortcomings of your work such as Sampling, data collection, time etc.
• Specify activities that could have been done differently or better.

7 Limitations

The concerned study was conducted for the academic purpose, during the researcher there were few limitations such as the sample size was selected on the basis of convenience and the topic of the study was rather vast. It could have done more effectively with a larger sample but as a student, there is a limitation to financial resources which do not allow the researcher to extend the sample. Further, the time was quite limited, the tasks were practical and it was quite hard to get the respondents and set the time slot according to the availability. It could have done better with more time.

8 Confidentiality

The data gathered for this research will only use for the academic purpose under the provided guidelines of the institutes and the participation of the respondents was completely and utterly voluntary.


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