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MBA600 Capstone Assessment Help

Students should write a reflective essay on MBA600 Capstone?

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"There is no fact in the thinking of liberal education that is sounder than its stress upon the standing of the contribution of the beginner in the development of the determinationsthat direct the actions in the learning procedure, just as there is no flaw in old styleteachingsuperior than its disappointment to safe the lively co-operation of the scholar in edifice of the drivescomplicated in the learning"(Gale, 2017).Recently, one of my relatives had asked me, why did I get into this MBA programmer, even after having a rather sound career of my own? And that got me thinking about the trigger that pushed me towards being passionate about pursuing my MBA degree.

A few years back, one of my very dear friends was planning to launch his own start-up. But he was clueless about how to effectively manage all the different facets that come up when your business is taking the baby steps. He shared his woes with me and I took it upon myself to help manage and channelize all his tasks and duties, for the smooth functioning and steady growth of his business. After his business broke-even in just ten months, my friend took me out to dinner to celebrate and told me, that by brushing up my managerial skills a bit, I could easily see myself in the top position of a company. This fueled my ambition and I signed-up for this MBA program. It was time that my skills of management were institutionalized and put to good use.

Initially, I had enrolled in the MBA program to acquire business knowledge to skill-up my managerial capabilities and eventually make a career switch. Other than that, there were quite a few other reasons for me joining this program. If I am being frank, the first was that I did not want the benefit and opportunity to learn, to slip past me, unattended. When others believed in my capabilities, I could not just let my ability to stay dormant. The second reason was that while I loved my previous job, I knew opportunities for advancement were limited. Getting a high MBA salary after graduation, landing a management position, developing a strong professional network, or even becoming my own boss were a few of the advantages of studying MBA that lured me into the program. And I must admit, I have not been disappointed so far.

Summary of reflective capability and learning, that includes the knowing, being and competencies and four essential capstone skills Throughout the Capstone, we have been taught new skills, trained how to use the knowledge we gained throughout the specialization to develop a business plan. This course has been specially designed to help us develop and build the essential business, academic, and cultural skills necessary to succeed in setting up our own business or to take up the managerial wagon for someone else(Paasivaaraet al.,2018). To do so, we have been made adept in various skills to think critically and solve the challenging problems efficiently.

Out of all the skills, four stand out on their own:

Setting a Smart Business Goal: To make it big in any industry, every successful business needs a set of clearly articulated goals to attain specific objectives. Yet, in the world of small business, many businesses lack a focused goal. Focus is key in defining your goal. If your goal is pronged in various directions, then your business is sure to lose its way in the ever-competitive market. The moment you focus on a specific goal, your goal becomes a shining red dot of the magnet, pulling all your attention and your resources toward it. The more focused your energies, the more power you generate. But we must remember that numbers matter in business. Put concrete numbers in your goals to know if you're on track. Putting up a goal whiteboard in front of your office can act as a daily reminder to keep you and your team focused on the targeted results you want to attain together.

During our initial classes, when we were asked about the goals, we have in mind for our future business endeavors, I along with others attending the program had presented a myriad of ideas which were thought-provocative, ambitious, idealistic, but not always attainable or relevant. And we soon learned that there is no harm in dreaming big, but to make it come true, we must put in place an attainable timeline as well. After all, no one has ever built a billion-dollar business overnight and it is a well-known fact that venture capitalists and angel investors discard countless business plans of companies every day, owing to the latter's outlandish goals. Dreaming big and aiming for the stars is great, if we have one foot firmly based. From the MBA program I learned that to make my dream business plans come to life, I need to first check with the industry association to get a handle on realistic growth in the industry and then set smart goals for me to achieve.

Research Skills: Once we have set our smart business goals, we need to get going with our research skills. Thisprogram has taught us the ability to conduct thorough research and effectively analyze the available data. After doing so throughout the MBA program, we have become quite proficient in providing evaluative feedback and in-depth analysis in a range of business disciplines. These skills have allowed us to provide more value in the workplace, with the MBA giving us the confidence to suggest new ways of approaching certain facets of the business without hesitance. The traditional emphasis had been on quantitative analysis for the precise, controlled, and testable hypothesis. However, the recent Great Recession has indicated that most of the MNC's have neglected their social or moral responsibility. But these are the ones who are responsible for creating wealth for the firm in a capitalist society. What I have learned in this MBAprogram is that businesses cannot neglect their research skills, but should develop more interpersonal and communicative skills in the practical direction. This will eventually help make their activities more transparent and perhaps will help to make man-made downswing avoidable in the near-future.

Communication Skills: No one can lead a squad into victory without solid communication skills. Even in order to delegate responsibilities, leaders need to explicitly convey the tasks at hand and guide them as to exactly how to execute the same. To make us deft in our skills of communication, almost every class of our MBA program had a public speaking opportunity. It had been quite a few years since I was asked to present material before a wide audience, and so, I faltered at first. But as they say, practice makes one perfect, I gradually became eloquent after presenting my work in front of my batchmates, week after week. Now, I am confident enough to speak my mind in front of a crowd which is a strong asset for any businessperson. Furthermore, the MBA program has brought together individuals from different countries, professional backgrounds, and cultures who overcome these barriers by using communication skills and join hands in teamwork. I can now say that I am proficient in managing a diverse team using my written and spoken communication skills, simply because of my experiences during my MBA.

Digital Literacy: The whole world has gone digital. And if one is not yet on the digital bandwagon, then he is missing out on a huge pool of resources and possible consumers. As "software eats the world", the pressure on executives from all industries is increasing to be capable of making competent decisions across domains as diverse as digital technology, design, product, and marketing. Theprogram's goal was to equip "non-technical" executives with the terminology, tools, and context required to effect change in a software­ and internet-driven world. And it did just that for me. Before signing up for the MBA program, I had absolutely no understanding of the web of digital marketing and services. But theprogram has familiarized me with the dynamic context in which technology products live, ensuring the profitable and widespread delivery of those products.

A personal reflection on learnings from the capstone subject and consultancy research process

Throughout the project involvement, I have developed interest in learning and for fueling my curiosity to ask the necessary questions while learning. At the initial stage of starting the MBA program, I had thought that I would be studying for fun and satiate my personal interest of entrepreneurial thinking. So, I thought this MBA was to quench my personal ambitions. However, over the due course, I had quite a handful of heartfelt discussions with my mentor at thisprogram and realized how my learnings could help better the lives of so many others. This program has changed the course of my life. Professionally I have been made to realize how the administrative world works beyond what we usually see in our day-to-day work. Additionally, I have gained a historical perspective on higher administration which has been quite fascinating.

Mentally it is also quite draining to work all day and then constantly reading academic and business papers. But what I have learned the most from this MBA program is time management. Managing time becomes crucial when you need to make sure that you have all your readings done before and after lectures, your coursework in on time and any preparations for exams done in good time.

It did not take me much time to realize that it is impossible to read everything, so being selective in your reading and/or skim reading became my only option. This made me practice my skills of prioritizing and analyzing the current trends. My strategy is to read all the required papers and books and then skim through the additional reading as and when it supports my learning or coursework.

Our working groups are assigned to us and we have no control over the selection. Every few months, we must work with a new group of people and make a blueprint of our plans. This changing nature of groups has given me the advantage of meeting new people but it also means that I am having to create a team spirit quickly and learn the strengths and weaknesses of the group members instantly. The professional model without any hierarchies makes sure that no one can become dominant over the other and has trained us to work as a team, building on each other's ideas and innovations.

A personal reflection on skills developed over the MBA

This is the essence of what I have learned in my MBA program so far. Personality development is what shapes us as successful business administrators. After all, without developing one's personality and traits, it is not possible to make a persuasive and effective manager and leader of the future, from an MBA aspirant. I have never paid heed to the way I dressed or carried myself. But credit could be bestowed to the program, I learnt that a fine sense of personal, social, and professional etiquette is crucial for your team or colleagues to take you seriously. Professional etiquette, which involves dressing appropriately, preparing adequately for discussions and presentations, listening carefully, asking good questions, and making the right eye contact during conversations, among other things, comes handy during interviews and business meetings.

While managing any business, comparing and evaluating information becomes the task of the day. With the assignments allotted to us in our program, I was able to gain this experience as I must compare different products using several parameters which includes: pricings, productive specification, market value, consumer requirements, and popular demand. Now I know, what product to make, what quality to maintain and who my target audience should be-the success-mantra for any business.

The MBA program has boosted my self-esteem by pushing me out of my comfort zone and thus has ignited my confidence in taking decisions on my own. With every passing day, I have become more self-assured by completing difficult assignments and proving my competence among my peers. Acquiring new skills and knowledge for the business world has fostered a sense of self-esteem in me and has made me confident about the fact that I would be able to make effective contributions to the business ventures I undertake after graduation. Being presented with a continuous flow of complex assignments, the program has made me fluent in strategic thinking on problem-solving. I have gained the experience regarding strategic manipulation of problems in order to get the best solution, and how best to create alternatives and exceptions.

A personal reflection on how these will assist in future career endeavors

My long-term aim is to develop my career in the technological development sector and be a successful business executive in the information technology arena. With it, I want to use my entrepreneurial skills to help those, who do not have a voice of their own in the society. Witnessing the perils of my previous generations, I have realized that as globalization has shrunken the physical distance among people, it is disconnecting people. In a day and age where humans are losing the golden touch of empathy, I want to design and build a computerprogram or application, to tend to the specific requirements of the specially-abled, when a friend becomes hard to reach, in need. Using the advanced AI or Artificial Intelligence technology, this app or program would aid the specially-abled person to specify the abilities they lack and train the other faculties so that they are not left behind by the fast-paced world of growth and development (Eaton, 2017).

The short-term aim of mine to fulfil my long-term goal is to first further develop my business and administrative knowledge in relation to the world of information technology. Building on that first step, I aim to develop my information technology skills in the field of e-business, software and data development. The over-arching future endeavor of mine is to put my skills to good use and make the world a happy place, again.


I have the faith that the MBA is a catalyst to drive me faster to where I was destined to go, -?even if I was not conscious about the ends. Pursuing this program has given me a vocabulary and language that helps me every day in articulating my work and communicating my ideas with my colleagues, to strategize the processes, plan the workflow and to produce the final product together as a team. Now that I am nearly done, I feel empowered to tackle greater challenges and enjoy greater successes, in my future. Maybe, I will even learn to recognize what's right for me, instead of persisting in the wrong direction until all avenues are exhausted. All in all, I intend to emerge out of this program as a leader who empathizes and helps his team grow and not a boss who orders and makes big money for his business.

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