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Business Policy Assignment

Business policy is a way that leaders operate their business. Every business has their individual priority and therefore the policy is based on those priorities. The policies are also important for decision-making and strategic management of business as well. The policies of the business are helpful in creating a standardised process for delivering products and service delivery to their customer. However, these policies should support the strategies that are required for success of the business. In this study, the Friedman's three convergence theory will be analysed and its effects will be evaluated as well. The various aspects of the business strategy and decision-making will be also evaluated in this study.


Question 1. Let's say you are a senior decision maker in a large computer design, manufacturing and sales company. How do the "three convergences" affect you?

Solution: Effects of Friedman's three convergences

The triple convergence theory of Friedman explains how the world became flat. As per Feldman there are ten forces that is levelling the world. In addition to these ten flatteners, there are also three convergences. These convergences have also this flatness of the structure can be used to the benefit. Following are the triple convergences and its effect.

Convergence I: The first convergence is the effect of the ten flatteners that has made the world flat. This is regarding collaboration and communication. Due to increased factors such as increased digital innovation and technological innovation, boundaries are disappearing (Eesley, Hsu& Roberts, 2014). Therefore it has an increased the collaboration and communication within the business corporations as well. As for the business of HP, a computer design and manufacturing company, collaboration and communication has increased productivity (BarbutoJr, 2016). The employees of the HP can communicate the creative ideas to their leaders, which enables the company to create product that are innovative and improved. In terms of sales of the HP, the collaboration of the teams also enables the company produce computers that are in demand of their customers. For instance, the collaboration with R&D department and design team can help in designing computers that are going to be a hit in the market. The customer satisfaction also increases due to this fact. As for small companies, the leaders can also outsource or even collaborate with bigger player in the market such as Acer, HP and Gateway.

Convergence II: The second convergence is one of the most important convergences that has changed the business platform completely and made it more accessible. The second convergence is all about eradicating the top down or the vertical business structure of the business (Klettner, Clarke&Boersma, 2014). Instead of the vertical structure, the companies are creating a horizontal structure that makes the employees contribute efficiently in the decision making process. As an effect of the second convergence employees in HP is able to partake in a very decision making process. This increases the job satisfaction level as well due to lack of barriers to reach the management in case of any issues as well. Therefore increased satisfaction results in better performance of the employees, which is clearly visible in the sales of the company. For large-scale company like HP, flat structure vertical structure is much more suitable due to the fact that it has discipline and systematic operational structure. However as argued by Babafemi (2015)., if a company utilises the flat structure accurate and increases the collaboration among the employees it can be effective and efficient for their business development.

Convergence III: The third convergence is all about competitive advantage. It gives chance to the individuals to compete with anyone. In case of HP, the third convergence has increased the competition for them in the market. A lot of computer design and manufacturing company from developing nation such as Acer and Lenovo are creating products that are equivalent of their own product. Therefore, in order to retain the position of HP in the tech market, they have to come up with better design and innovative features in their technology. The emergence of third world competitors are currently one of the most threatening effect for HP, which may be least positive impact among the other convergences (Pelser, 2014). However, as a result of this convergence it is presenting the company with opportunities to improve their products and service to retain the competitive advantage in the market. This is also beneficial for their customers as well, who will reap the ultimate benefit of these innovation in products (Hajar, 2015).


Question 2. Let's say you are the head of a management consulting company with headquarters in the Midwest. You have 200 employees. About half of your consulting focuses on pure management issues while half focuses on more technical matters. Your core business occurs in the Midwest region, while 25% lies outside the Midwest in other parts of the USA. From time to time, you work with international clients.

Use Friedman's Nine Rules to describe the direction your company should follow.


1. Friedman's Nine Rules for decision making
As per Friedman, there are nine rules that a company live by in a flatter world. In this case, how these rules are applicable to this management consulting company in Midwest is going to be discussed. Following are the nine rules that is going to be effective in directing the company for success.

Rule 1: The first rule is to follow through the ideas. Therefore, in context of this image consulting company, it has to undertake strategic actions and has to do it fast. The competitiveness has increased and there are plenty of management consulting company in Midwest, who has large-scale operation within and outside USA. Therefore, implementing ideas into reality has to be fast for this company. For instance if the company wants to charter into other territories and expand their business, they should take immediate action. Otherwise, with rising competition in the market, it would be harder to beat the competition (Wahl, 2015).

Rule 2: The second rule is outgrowth of the first rule. In addition to the increased competition in the market due to flat world, individuals are also capable of competing. Therefore, this image consulting company has to utilise the power of their each individual employees. Creative and imaginative ideas of the employees will be a(Podaras, Antlová, &Motejlek, 2016). ble to contribute in the development of the companyCurrently it has 200 employees and has only 25% is doing business outside of Midwest therefore company has to utilise and increase its workforce for expansion.

Rue 3: The third rule is particularly applicable to the small-scale companies like this in order to establish in the market. The third rue is to act big even if it is a small scale in operation. The small-scale management-consulting firms like this can collaborate with other global management-consulting firms such as Accenture and A.T Kearney. These will allow the company to spread its name globally even with smaller operation function.

Rule 4: Similarly, the fourth rule suggests that big companies should act small. This is possible if the big companies position their customer's base as the chief priority. Therefore, this small-scale company in Midwest has to ensure that they are emphasising on their customers effectively as well (Cândido& Santos, 2015). Collaboration with the customer results in better performance and increases their products or service variety a well to serve the variety of market needs effectively.

Rule 5: As per Friedman's rule, successful companies are always the collaborator. Therefore, this management-consulting firm also have to increase their collaboration. The management-consulting firm should collaborate within as well as with other organisations. Collaboration creates better opportunity and creates innovative ideas as well. For instance if the finance and sales team of this organisation works in coordination it will help the company manage their finances efficiently. Similarly, working with reputed organisation would allow them greater exposure in the market as well. Therefore, they will be able to expand outside of Midwest, which is a target of the company (Garavanet al.2016).

Rule 6: As per the sixth rule of Friedman, best companies frequently do the "chest X-ray" of functions and departments. This refers to frequent breakdown of each department and function to determine their efficiency. As a small scale management-consulting company it is important to keep track of the company's performance and keeping track of the functional departments are also important. This would allow the company to adequate decision making which would contribute in the development of the organisation. For instance, if the marketing department is not emphasising on the digital marketing aspect, which is more popular, can affect the success. Therefore, the frequent analysis of each department and function would allow them to know the lack in the departments and way to address them.

Rule 7: the seven rules emphasises on outsourcing. As per the Friedman in order to successful in the market, companies should outsource. This is a way of outsourcing innovatively and cheaply as well. Therefore, the management-consulting firm can grow at a lot faster pace and retain their competitive edge as well. Particularly if the company wants to expand from Midwest to all over the USA, outsourcing would be their best option in terms of resources (Eesley, Hsu& Roberts, 2014). For instance, they can outsource employees as well as technologies, which would not require replacing their base from Midwest. Another factor for considering outsourcing is due to the fact that it would help the organisation to reduce the cost of operation as well. Majority of the bigger firms in Midwest outsource. This allows them to innovate without the burden of cost which is profit bearing for the company.

Rule 8: The eighth rule is regarding the conduct of the company. Friedman suggests that there are conduct of the company determines the success of the company in the market. Therefore, the policies of the management company have to be very transparent and ethical which would increase their reputation in the market. In addition to the market reputation the loyalty of the customers are also possible to gain through this method. Therefore the in order to gain success, company has to conduct their business ethically and sustainable by following all the necessary policies. It is also a way to gain competitive advantage in the market as well. The transparency of the business is always appreciable by the customers as well which should be part of the conduct (Podaras, Antlová, &Motejlek, 2016).

Rule 9: The final rule suggests that the companies should try to retain the flat structure in their business organisation as well. It is useless and futile to try to build a wall in these flattened platforms. Therefore, the management-consulting firm should also try to utilise the innovation to their benefit in order to remove any sort of barrier within and with the global market (Wahl, 2015). Proper utilisation of digital media and software's are some of the chief examples of ways that can remove the barriers completely. However, there is should be also innovative and creative approaches that differentiate their service providers in Midwest.Ultimately, the goal should be to meet the customers' expectations which is not possible without collaborative approaches of the flat structure.


Question 3. Friedman is constantly referring to Hewlett-Packard as an exemplar of a large, high tech company that has been doing things right to survive and thrive in a flattened world. On several occasions, he focuses on HP's CEO, Carly Fiorina and describes her as the ideal CEO in a flattened world. Yet even as Friedman's book was going to press, HP's performance plunged, leading, ultimately, to the Board of Directors firing Fiorina. By the outset of 2006, HP's performance shot up again (under new management). What does this tell you about what it takes to manage a large company at the highest levels? Was Friedman wrong in his assessment of Fiorina's capabilities? Did events simply overwhelm Fiorina, so that we have a good manager being forced to fall on her sword? Does Friedman's glorification of Fiorina suggest that his theories are just that - theories; and that they can't really predict what businesses will succeed and which will fail?

Solution: Hewlett Packard was, established in the year of 1939. The headquarters of the company is, located in Palo Alto, California. Hewlett Packard offers computing services and other devices such as computing solutions, printing products, imaging devices and other associated technologies. HP has three segments trough, which it functions worldwide, corporate investments, printing and personal systems. In personal segments, HP offers support service, software, displays, the point of sale systems, commercial mobility devices, and consumer laptops and desktops computers. In the printing segment, HP offers scanning devices, computing solutions, commercial printer hardware and consumer printer hardware (Burgelman et al, 2016). Business nurtured projects, and HP labs are the inclusion in the corporate segment. The company also serves the more significant and medium-sized industries or companies. Its devices are, used in many sectors such as education, health, government sector. The Director and the CEO of HP at present are Dion J. Weisler.

HP is a great business organisation. Its character, capability and business for the social responsibility have made the company widely accepted and reputed. Friedman says that the geo-economics' and technology is shaping the business environment around the world. The information technology has drastically changed the world its elements. Today the different aspect present in the business world is, regulated and operated with technology (Bargeron et al, 2014). The disruptive technological revolution has helped the economy to connect, collaborate with the new systems, distributing, sharpening and forging the new technological systems that are, needed today to make the business effective and efficient. Real technological takes place when the complementaries present among the collaborative, devices and systems start to converge. It was the then CEO of the Hewlett Packard company who pointed out the significance of the technology and connectivity in the real business world. In 2004, Carly Fiorina while delivering her speech, she said that bust and dot com boom is just the initial stage of the technological revolution. The main era is going to start very soon, where technology will enter and try to transform the processes associated with the life, society and government (Alexandridis et al, 2018).

Carly Fiorina had a vision regarding HP and how she would lead the path. She could see what would bring her success and so she suggested that the cooperation, collaboration, and developing new processes would be fruitful. According to her, the horizontal collaboration is one of the criticalaspects that structureglobal politics and economics. She knows the weakness and the requirement of her nation as well as others. She knew what would make the world run. Chinese leaders and Indian leaders are racing on the top of many American companies. Chinese people want to develop the next generation ofaeroplane wings and underwear's (Friedman & Lewis, 2014). China wants his products to be not only mentioned as "Made in China" but also created or designed in China. Carly Fiorina could understand its competitors (nation). As a proactive leader, she understood that if China keeps on progressing than in 30 years, every technology will come from China. Its hyper-efficient collaborator, high quality and low-cost products have moved in the market. The condition of India is also the same as that of China. The systems help the individuals of the world to stay connected.


It is also due to the efforts of Carly Fiorina, due to which, the company is operating at sustainable business environments. She is a person who knows how to take her work accountability (André, 2014).The company has its presence in the 178 countries where many economies are either developing or are underdeveloped. Global responsibility comes from global power and global reach.Leaders often take risks and the then CEO also took a risk in transforming the HP technologies business scenario. The leaders must be proactive to take tough and rational decisions during the time of turbulence or necessity. The merger of the Compaq was very, much criticised but the business individuals did not realise the massive outcome of it. The leaders of the organisation know how to take leaps and bounds rationally and also knows how to make themselves adapted to the changes (Dicks & Fulghieri, 2014). Carly Fiorina strongly believes that change is the permanent law of nature and people should learn to accept the change. Change in the business scenario has a high potential to bring positive and optimistic outcomes. Change can make any movement grow strong and confident. Companies should know how to regulate and control the changing issues so that more sustainability andpredictability can be, brought in the business environment. Cooperating and working will help to bring or provide each other with viable solutions. Energy investment must be the highest priority of every company and it will bring a standardised performance in the economy and among the sectors, which are functioning with each other.

Carly Fiorina's viewpoint also suggested that the employees must be motivated s that they stay in the company and keep on contributing positively and productively. The people are the pride of the business organisations so the Human Resource department of any company must aim in empowering the employees and providing a sound work environment (Berns & Klarner, 2017). As a leader, she has seen that the individuals want to become a part of something, which is considerable, worthwhile, and more significant to them. Carly Fiorina not only made changes in HP's business scenario but also focusoncorporate social responsibility activities. She believed that the CSR is good for the bottom line and top line and considered the smartest elements that must be, implemented by the businesses of today. She predicted that the opportunity for digital photography is immense in the coming years. The growth of E - communities will make the IT sector to grow exponentially. One hundred seventy-eight countries mean more waste production and more packaging for the company's product. Carly Fiorina strategised and revised the company's Design for the Environment program for which HP received ISO 14001 certification about the excellent manufacturing and production operations (Zenker et al, 2014).

Despite all the right speeches and implementation, somewhere Carly Fiorina did not rise and become disappointingin due course of time. After six-year contributing herself for the company, HP titled her as worst technology CEO. Carly Fiorina through anill-conceived, massive, controversial acquisition of Compaq in the year of 2002 triggered the profits of the company (double). The company accused her of not giving efforts to increase the profitability of the company after five years. In the context of the given question, Carly Fiorina is not the person who is to, held responsible or blame. In today's modern business world, the markets are, considered volatile one to be, blamed. In today's age, there is high volatility of markets and the inaccurate prediction on the business performance of the company. Huge fluctuation in the stocks can be, seen. The stocks fell from 52% to 15%. Before the acquisition, the shareholders, employees and the analysts of the company opposed the Compaq acquisition (Fiorina, 2015). She only wanted to beat the most significant competitor of their industry, the IBM. She wanted HP to build god and secured hardware. In 2000, she did not succeed in closing the contractual deal with the Pricewaterhouse Coopers. The business deal was worth $ 18 billion. The Pricewaterhouse Coopers sold the deal to IBM at only $ 3.5 billion.

Carly Fiorina lost her self-control, which Friedman said that a Chief Executive Officer (who is, looked as leaders by other people) should never. Here, she wanted to compete drastically with IBM. The CEO of IBM, Ginny Rometty won the deal at a very cheap rate. The whole action induces Carly to go against the whole situation. IBM was selling its ThinkPad's and Laptops to Lenovo thus exiting from the commoditised space. The lost strategic conduct and shareholders wealth at Hewlett Packard was the part of Carly's legacy. Somewhere she should have cooperated with her organisation's members to deal with everything. No decision should be, takenin a rush (Dörrenbächer & Witzmann, 2015). During her tenure, the company also lost 30,000 tech jobs in the US. The unemployment scenario revered the morale of the employees. Fiorina was, questioned for taking such a drastic wrong acquisition decision and she was reluctant to be, bullied in front of the board members.

Somewhere the woman fell on her swords during her tenure in Hewlett Packard. She received more than $ 100 million as her compensation for her short duration in the business organisation (Yang & Zhu, 2016). She also received $ 21 million as severance amount and $ 65 million as the signing bonus. Many allegations unfolded against Carly Fiorina. The Taiwan Semiconductor board said that she only attended 17% of the meetings held on the board. Freidman's opinion on Carly Fiorina suggested that somewhere the woman took a drastic decision and lost her self-control while ruling the company. She should have been more patient and must be, listened to the significant members of the board or the organisation. Going behind the reasons and consequence, s what Carly might have missed (Hudson & Preston, 2017). From America's top businessperson to the 10th most influential woman Carly had it all. The Standard & Poor's 500 fell just 15% in the same period when Carly enter with the Compaq acquisition. The company also accused her of increasing the debts of the company.

Freidman believed that the digital revolution could provide 24*7*365 opportunities to the people. It can make them stay employed but has resulted in stressful outcomes. He says that work should be meaningful which itself must serve the community as a whole. People require to, develop their skillsets to keep at par with the growing technological innovation. Integration is the most significant way to bring a radicle change in the business industry. Integration can save time and connect live with technology in a better way. Work-life balance for him is also crucial. It is somewhere true that the theories do not necessarily will be applicable in the business world. The theories are written on the authors own time or during his era. In future, many things changes so only certain right elements can be, taken ideally (Mackey and Sisodia, 2014).

Business around the world is changing at a rapid pace. The leaders of the organisation must be rationally responsive to the various business elements. In the business environment, the internal and the external stakeholders must be, taken into consideration while making any right decision. While conducting any business deal, it is advisable to talk or to speak to people regarding the pros and cons of the act. One should rationally reallocate attention and time more intelligently. It can also help to innovate. Carly Fiorina's strategic decision regarding the Compaq acquisition went wrong. The immediate effect was, seen in the falling rates of the stocks. Many employees lost their job and other companies disagreed to trade with HP. The consequences resulted in selling the deal to IBM at a very affordable price. The leaders must plan strategically and must exchange feedback to improve and finalise the business procedure.


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