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Nuclear Weapons Assignment Help

Why can the United States have nuclear weapons and Iran cannot? Many of you will reply "Because we are good and they are Bad."

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Yes it is justified for United States to have nuclear weapons when Iran cannot possess them. United States possessed weapons for reasons known to the world. Without employing nuclear bombs by US during WWII, it would not have restricted Japan. Well, the scenario is not same for Iran. Iran if allowed to have nuclear weapons, it starts nuclear race in the region. All Middle Eastern countries starts getting nuclear weapons, also some of the countries like Iraq and Syria are more likely to get nuclear weapons in the first instance. If ISIS like organizations takes control of Syria or Iraq, nuclear weapons will get into the hands of terrorists and this will become suicidal to the global nations. The foreign policies of Iran are very aggressive and also there is support by the nation to the hizbulla like extremist organizations. Hence considering all the facts, allowing Iran like countries to possess nuclear weapons is not a healthy sign(Poneman,2017).

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