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Briefly describe in a paragraph why leadership values would be important to your career as a healthcare professional. Explain how your values shape your ethics.

As a health care professional leadership values helps in strengthening and integrating the quality of care. It is the leadership values which among the health care professionals results in efficiently utilizing the resources while designing the processes of the management and encouraging the individuals to work among the organization common goals (Ike, 2016). Leadership values clearly articulate the goals and the rationale of change, casting a clear vision of changes that improves the community and patient care also motivating the professionals to engage in the required change (Ike, 2016).

The professional leadership values act as motivation and guideline for the healthcare professional's behaviour (Ike, 2016). Professional values in a great way help in shaping the ethical behaviour as this supports the professional to perform the duty ethically which result in an increased quality of care among patients, professional satisfaction. This results in the health professional in maintaining, improving and establishing health care environment (Ike, 2016).

Identify and define the 5-10 values you selected and compare them to your personal values. Explain why each value is important to you in a few sentences.

Leadership values

Integrity: established by ethical strength, trustworthiness, and moral courage; fulfilling expectations and keeping promises (Onyalla, 2018).


Pioneers show the estimation of responsibility when they put resources into growing long and short term plans, obviously articulate their vision and objectives, and after that stick to everything. Without commitment directions do not have continuity and promises are empty (Onyalla, 2018).


As exhibited by congruency consistency and transparency in beliefs, values, and actions; coordinate qualities and standards to make an intentional life and to add to the development of others (Onyalla, 2018).


Having a quality of self to act with a goal for the benefit of all; standing firm even with misfortune; acting intensely in the administration of incorporation and equity. (Onyalla, 2018)


Strong leaders reveal the value of consistently communicating. Leaders excel at listening, providing clear direction, being open to criticism and engrossing new ideas (Onyalla, 2018).

As health care professionals each of the values helps in serving the community in a better way and providing the quality health care to the patients. Such values act a strong foundation for serving the community; among this creating a positive difference among the lives of the patients.

Explain why your leadership values could impact the standards of care for individuals, families and communities. Illustrate with a hypothetical example (or it can be a real example from the workplace that you have demonstrated).

An effective leadership value among the health care practitioners results to support and direct the patients and health care teams while giving care. Such values are crucial among the health care professionals for delivering quality care and ensuring the safety of the patients while engaging in diverse regular leadership roles (Samuelson, 2013).

In one case of my lifetime, I recognize a hospital where there is no coordination among the health care staff due to lack of communication which in turn was affecting the quality care and privacy of the patients. Hence, leadership has been perceived as a noteworthy marker for creating a subjective hierarchical culture and powerful execution in human services arrangement.

Examine why ethics and integrity would be important for a health care administrator. Use one library source to support an idea. Be sure to reference the source at end of your work and have an in-text cite in body where applied.

Therapeutic initiative in basic leadership is a key part to build up a fruitful and subjective need setting process in medicinal services (Stewart, 2019). In particular, commitment of non-therapeutic clinical pioneers, for example, nursing administration, is considered to guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of need setting ethics and integrity are significant for the health care administrator as this supports them to respect the dignity and uniqueness of the patients, community and family members by protecting the privacy of the patients (Stewart, 2019). Act in a certain way to remove the harmful conditions and prevent the harm and to intervene where the safety of the patient is at risk, promoting the safe environment both psychologically and physically. Safety hazards o be monitored in the environment (Samuelson, 2013).

Such values support in promoting the benefits and to act to remove harm; reporting and confronting the unsafe errors and practices.

Advance advantage by empowering and helping estimates that advance mending such as post-careful ambulation and profound breathing, and measures that counteract hurt, for example, normal repositioning of patients in danger for weight bruises.

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