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Business Ethics: A 21st-Century Perspective Assignment Help

Watch the video segment titled "Business Problems/Ethics." How does the globalization of business affect how you would analyze the ethical issues surrounding the use of child labor around the world? 

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Business Problems/Ethics

How does the globalization of business affect how you would analyze the ethical issues surrounding the use of child labor around the world?

Globalization is affecting businesses in many ways. First, it has created several emerging markets and the new markets are paving ways for more opportunities. Worker exploitation, especially in the hands of firms in luxury industry, is a major issue in the third world nations. However, with globalization, industrialization has also taken a new turn due to the ever increasing competitive in each industry. Organizations have failed to recognize relation between ethics and business. The video points out "Some may view business and ethics as incompatible, a luxury businesses cannot afford." The child labour issue in third world is a biggest example of this. In such nations, organizations, mostly from the developed country, are recruiting child labour in a very low cost. Primark, for example, has been accused several times for recruiting child labour in its third world factories. The same is with organizations like Nike that has recently been in headlines for such unethical activities. 1Discuss the difference between a temptation and an ethical dilemma in the context of an experience you have had, and describe how you resolved the matter.

As is mentioned by the author, temptation is "Temptation is a clear case of right versus wrong". On the other hand, ethical dilemma is "right versus right". In the case of temptation, a person or company has to choose one of the two options available to him. One is right and the other option is wrong. However, in order to deal with ethical issues, a company or a person has to for alternatives. As for example, a company makes profit in order to fulfill its thirst for success that is temptation. On the other hand, a company also makes profit as it is liable to its employees. It has to fulfill economic expectations of its employees and families concerned, with the profit earned.
I have also encountered the conflict between temptation and ethical dilemma in my personal life, several times. For example, I prefer to spend holidays, partying with my friends. On the other hand, I have my family members, mostly elderly people, I need take care of. Being my family member, they also want me in vacations. Here, the ethical dilemma is my duty towards my family and temptation is my reference of weekend amusements. Sometimes we have to sacrifice the good of some people for the good of a greater mass. This is known as End based ethics. On the other hand, rules based ethics refers to such ethics those outway practical results.

Watch the video segment titled "Future Business Dilemmas." Identify and discuss an issue confronting 21st century businesses today, and explain how you would analyze and resolve the issue. For example, what questions and/or research would you employ, and on what basis would you make your determination?

The greatest issues are the increasing and aggressive competition. Everything, starting from ethical dilemma, to legal breach to worker exploitation and others, all of these are resulting from the issue of competition in each and every industry. As is mentioned in the video file "it becomes clear that the rules don't cover every situation". Regulations like Competition Act and such others are not able to restrict the aggressive nature of organizations.

The question that I would like to arise in this regard is, "what we are looking for?". The factor that is motivating organizations to make more and more profit and remain competitive in industry. The answer is possibly the quench for profit making and reputation. The solution is making people aware of the unsuitable consequences. creating the social awareness. The mass media can help in this. Some recent movies and films are developed on focusing such loopholes and to me; this is the most effective way to raise awareness, even among the success thirsty industrialists.

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