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BUMGT5970 Leadership - Federation University

You will recall that you were asked to provide a leadership definition back in Week 1 of the course. You will need to revisit this definition and, where appropriate, offer your new definition. You will indicate what has changed and why and you will describe how, in the rest of the Assignment, you will address these changes. The changes in your definition could have come about through greater theoretical understanding or in insights through your work experiences. If your definition has not changed then it will be discuss why not and what has reinforced your original definition.

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The term leadership resembles someone to be the charge of many powers and resources. During my childhood I imagined the virtual superheroes to be in the power of implementing leadership skills. The leaders had their control over many person and they enchanted others to follow them. Their decisions were somewhat extraordinary from the rest that made them the authority of all deed. However as I grown up the concept of leadership changed. Even during my academics I discovered leadership from a different perspective. This essay will throw light on changing leadership concepts through theoretical understanding and practical implications.

Concept of leadership in the first week

Leadership comprise of a set of skills that helps individual to lead something for a passionate cause. In order to have the leadership skill one has to be a great personality or influential person. Unless the leader has the commanding attitude, he cannot become a successful leader (Jaffe, 2017). After going through the concept of leadership during the first week lecture, I imagined the characteristic feature to be on the downside. If I talk about an organization it will surely follow a hierarchy where following autocratic leadership style might arise barriers in communication and hostility in workplace. For an organization I feel democratic leadership style is the most effective approach because here all the members of the organization can participate in decision making hence it helps the organization to reach its common objectives..

Leadership in new perspective
As I researched more into the topic I found leadership has a broader perspective beyond my knowledge. A leader can be any person who has the capabilities and potential to handle situations. A leader can help him as well as other to take appropriate decisions. Leadership is not about representing authority and power; instead leaders set direction for other members to follow. As for example, we elect our political leaders because we believe they have the capability to and distant vision for development of the country.

Leadership is a dynamic concept that varies person to person as per their area of action. In an organization leadership refers to managerial skills that are implemented by organizational managers. Organizational leadership is not imposing instruction and direction without proper justification. Rather it helps in articulating vision, mission and objectives among the employees.

Major characteristics of a leader are as follows

- Confidence

- Effective interactive skills

- Management skills

- Innovative

- Logical

- Analytical problem solving skills

After competition of my course, I realized that there are multiple explanations for leadership. Great leaders consist the potential to make strategic decisions that helps in convincing others. According to Huda et al. (2018) the decisions are logical and set for a specified purpose. The leader keeps enhancing his skills and upgrades him with more knowledge. There are different forms of leadership styles that an organization follows such as afflictive, coaching, innovative, autocratic and democratic. Organizations choose their particular styles as per requirement of their business which does not necessarily mean that autocratic leadership style is dominating than others. A true leader also helps others to become leader.

Personal Observations

The entire course has provided me with a scope of broadening up my concept of leadership and the narrow perspective which I used to have has been completely transformed as stated above. The definition of leadership was quite narrow as per my views and the exploration through the classes has provided me with a wide view. The changes that has been experienced throughout the class, has been of quality and it would be long lasting too (Meuseset al. 2016). The importance of leadership has been known to me through this class and it has transformed my perspective from upside down. During the classes I have been quite observatory in nature and this has helped me in gaining the practical knowledge of the same. Leadership is also important for a teacher to hold as the professor or the teacher is the one who leads the class towards some specific goal and thus, the observation of my professor has helped me in understanding the importance of broadening the concept of leadership.

Key Themes that Influenced

The classes has been quite productive for me and the themes which actually influenced me and helped me in broadening my concept included the perspective stated by the professor, the examples provided by him, the irrelevance of gender in leadership and the discussions with my mates and friends. These key factors or activities actually helped me in enhancing the concept of leadership which I held earlier. The concept of leaders being bossy has been changed to the leaders being the person who actually waters his team each day so that it grows and nourishes the team through all the possible ways (Thompsonand Glasø, 2015). The concepts of the types of leadership stated by my professor has actually added on to my knowledge and it provided me with a concept that the styles of leadership has been framed in a manner that it could be applied as per the requirement of the situation and thus, the leader has to be sensitive enough to gage the requirement and apply the effective style on time. The various leadership styles such as autocratic, lassie faire, democratic, etc. all are applicable by the leader, all is required is to apply the most suitable one on the correct time (Vanet al. 2017). On observing my professor I realized this, as he used to deal with the students as per the personality of the student which reflected that the professor had a leadership quality as he was good at acknowledging the requirement of the situation ad of the students in the most accurate manner. On discussing the leadership features and requirements with my friends, I came up with a view that leadership could be wide in nature and the features that are required for being a good leader is actually quite similar to those features which are required for being an effective boss. On-going to the classes, Ihave been implying the concepts in almost everything that I did and experienced and one such incident helped me in gathering the idea that leadership is not gender specific that is be it men or women, anyone could be a god leader through inculcating the traits or features of leadership. The leadership is an art and this art needs to be learned through understanding the requirements and the demands of it and if one has the urge to be a leader, he needs to be active all the time.

Exploration of Business Case Studies

The exploration of the business case studies through various articles and journals has actually helped me in gaining the insights of leadership and this initiation was taken in urge to get the hidden information of the leadership. As has been provided bySrividya and Basu(2017), that the leadership is the path that needs to be followed by the leader in a way that his followers be productive and satisfied throughout that path. The exploration of the Woolworths case study has been quite helpful in understanding the side effects of the transformation of the leadership style. The company has been gaining success since its establishment and is now the second largest retail business in Australia but it has been on a deteriorating scale in the past few years which has been the result of change in leadership style.

The management and the leaders of the company has been acting quite bossy and dominating which has impacted the employee's productivity and thus the customer satisfaction has been falling. The case study helped me in understanding the accuracy that is required in the selection of the leadership style which could impact the entire organisation in huge manner (Haqueet al. 2015).The exploration also helped me in understanding the role that a leader plays in the organisation and the impact that he could have on the entire success of the organisation. The employees are the resource of the organisation and its management or leading them to the correct path where its productivity is at the maximum along with them being satisfied, is the capability of a strong and effective leader. The various business has been acknowledged which provided me with a view that the leadership needs to be learnt and no person could be a good leader if he follows the path of dominating its team or follow the perspective of "do it my way". These perspectives could only lead to disaster and down fall, a good leader is the one who understands his teams capabilities and allocates each member with his speciality task, so that he could have the maximum or optimal output. On acknowledging the case study of an Indian company, Tata, where the leadership is the most effective one, I have realized that the company has been earning high profits every year and this has been because of the kind of leadership they follow. I have even realized that following the lenient or the casual leadership styles such as the lassie faire, could not be the solution for gaining success, a balance needs to be followed and the art lies in maintaining the balance between being bossy and being lenient.

Leadership Traits Acknowledgement

The exploration of the case studies of various companies, I channelized my exploration towards the traits that are required for being an effective and a good leader. This was done through acknowledging various sources such as the internet exploration and exploration of books which helped me in gaining the information on the traits which makes a person a good and an effective leader. No leader is born leader, the urge to be a leader makes an effective leader. These words are quite true and it should be followed by each person who carries an aim of being a leader. The traits that I came across for a good leader includes sensitivity, dominance, tough mind, enthusiasm, social boldness, compulsiveness, self-assurance, etc.

These traits are compulsory for a leader to be a good and effective leader and I gained this knowledge primarily through observation and then secondarily through exploration of books and other sources of information. Leadership has been taken as a major study by many theorists and philosopher, and number of theories has also been framed for explaining the impacts of leadership. The exploration of the theories such as Great man Theory, Contingency Theory, situational theory, etc. all has been providing number of aspects of leadership and how an organisation could add on to its productivity through enhancing its leadership. I have acknowledged various perspectives of leadership and theses perspectives has been quite informative to me and it has provided me a path to walk on for assessing my knowledge on leadership. The entire classes has been quite productive and interesting to me. The benefits that I have gained through this are wide in nature and this wold be nourished in future too.

Qualities of a Good and productive Leader

I have been quite curious to know about the qualities which builds up the productive and a good leader which made me extend my findings and observations other than the knowledge I was gathering the class. I extended my exploration to the real life experiences of people and started talking to the people on the same topic, this provided me with some productive discussions and some unproductive ones. But I concentrated on the productive ones and realized that a productive leader needs to be sensitive at the most priority basis and he has to be a person who can acknowledge the person's capabilities at first instance. These two qualities are most important for being a good leader and I gained this knowledge through being a keen observer and an active speaker. The articles that I have gone through also provided on this information, and the vital qualities for a leader included goal oriented, analyst, accurate allocator, wide perspective, assesse risks, etc (Boloko, 2018). These considerations are quite important for a leader and I have gained these facts from the exploration of the articles and the discussions with my colleagues or any person whom I met. The transformation in my leadership perspective and view has been the consequence of these actions and it has provided me with some productive and maturity aspects of professional and personal life (Meier, 2016). The class discussions and the facts revealed by the professor has also supported my transformed perspective of leadership and this has added on my confidence for the transformation which would help me in gaining some recognised place in an organisation.


Learning leadership skills

As I completed the course I realized that having sharp knowledge of leadership skills is very important in one's life. Hence I decided to choose certain actions that would help me to develop leadership skill in me. In order to do so I evaluated myself and realized that there are some areas that need to be improved more.

Attending workshops for personal development

I enrolled myself to different workshops that work with personal development. The workshops teaches grooming, speaking skills, and personality development. The workshops helped me to build appropriate body language and removing hesitation during public speaking. The workshop has helped me to develop professional relationship with others and I discovered my skills.

Improve listening skills

Listening skills play the key role in making the leader heard in a group conversation. In order to become a leader I should listen others more than implementing own dictatorship. According to Ebrahimi Mehrabani and Azmi Mohamad , (2015) Listening the members of the team also gives a clear idea regarding the decision to choose.

Gather more knowledge

A leader should have a sound knowledge in the area he deals in. for instance, If I work in an organization, I will gather every possible knowledge of my working department. If I were a HR, I have to know the regulations involved in recruitment and hiring.

Practice discipline

Maintaining discipline is an essential part of leader functions. Unless the leader is disciplined himself, he cannot direct others to follow the same path or follow his instructions (Ho et al. 2016). Discipline practice involves maintain the decorum of the work place and abiding by the associated guidelines.

It can be seen that building a leadership development plan will help my career to reach towards advanced goals and will help me to secure a managerial position in my workplace. Leadership building will guide me throughout my professional development (Huda et al. 2018). After competition of the course I realized earning leadership skills provides a job satisfaction, offers interesting opportunities and makes impactful career.

Implementing my leadership skills in organization

In order to impose my leadership skills in an organization as a human resource manager, I would ensure that the employees are trained on a frequent interval so that they stay upgraded with the latest technology. For instance, the organization has installed a face detector lock in for the purpose of securing confidential documents. The employees will be demonstrated and trained to use it as a safety tool. If they are not trained properly, they will never understand the importance of such installation, as a result there will remain a risk for data breaching and misplacing of documents.

The leadership goals for an organization should have a specified timeline. Transforming the vision into reality requires achieving results in a stipulated timeline 9 to (Ebrahimi Mehrabani and Azmi Mohamad , 2015). Moreover assessment and evaluating the leadership action plan regularly ill allow me to establish my view point authentically. Acquiring true leadership skills also helps one to resolve many challenges with great tactics and approaches that come along the way.

The knowledge I gained and the concepts that has been transformed would actually provide me with a wide and flourishing place in an organisation as the qualities and the traits of a leader has been identified with clear justifications which if implied in my character could actually help me in gaining the place of a leader in an organisation. Working in an organisation where the leadership is of dominating feature, I would definitely ask for a change in the leadership form and application of the situation theory of leadership would be asked. The situational theory would actually help an organisation to maintain a balance in the leadership and as per the requirement the style of leadership would be taken up. The entire course has been quite productive for me and it has added on to my personality and thought process which could help me in gaining a reputed position in an organisation. The transformation of the concept of leadership has been accompanied by the transformation in my personality both, professional and personal.

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