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Medical Care System and Public Health Assignment Help

Describe the current relationship between public health and the medical care system. How do they differ? Or do they? Are there gaps between the two? Submit your critical analysis

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In this report, two phenomenal journals related to medicine, which is the Flexner report, and the Welch-Rose report have been evaluated with respect to the relationship between public health and medical care system. Similarities, differences, and gaps with reference to public health and medical care system have been discussed with requisite arguments wherever required.

Current relationship between public health and the medical care system

The relation between the medical care system and that of public health goes back hundreds of years into the past. Both the concepts are interdependent and one cannot survive without the other. However, in order to keep the system balanced the medical care systems have to be legitimized and the public health has to be improved through an institute of hygiene (Sommers et al., 2017). The links between the two concepts has been established long back but have been reviewed multiple times. Nonetheless, the people and organizations associated to these notions consider that the reports presented by Abraham Flexner in Flexner Report and by William Welch along with Wickliffe Rose in the Welch-Rose Report are the most significant ones.

As stated above, the need of the hour regarding public health and medical care system is the presence of men and women who are trained appropriate for the role they play (Sommers et al., 2017). The very basic notion of this concept is to contribute in the establishment of a public school of health of high standards in the world that can in time improve the health of the public throughout the country and the globe as well. The reports presented the need for institutions of health care that will not only contribute to the economy of a nation but will also improve the efficiency of other medical schools and organizations to provide better service. This as whole will help in the development of a society and that is what the writers of the reports were aiming for through their reports (Bayer & Galea, 2015). The concepts work together because they coexist and the deficiency in one leads to the deterioration of the other. Public health is a significant matter to discuss and lack of hygienic laboratories or equipped medical support is not appreciated. Improvement have to be brought from within the organizations by improving the style of teaching, by administering students from different classes within the courses who would like to devote their lives to medicine, by providing training in a scientific manner and lastly, by strengthening the regulations of the state regarding medical license (White, 2015).

Presence of small yet ideal schools of medicine along with high capacity of public service is the desired outcome. The students have to be provided with a wider field of career opportunities and of sanitation so that they can develop into trained professionals of high quality and with a scientific education that can improve the health requirements of the public (White, 2015).

Difference between them

The concepts described above, although interlinked have certain differences. The public health is a much wider concept than the medical health care system and the centers of medical care. The difference lies between the illness that approaches the public and the patients who approach the care system or centers (White, 2015). While good practitioners of medicine can reform the public health, it is also the duty of the public to maintain a life that is healthy, hygienic and build with the notions of sanitation. Patients might differ from the medical practitioners regarding the type of illness that is affecting them, which might create a rift between the two concepts. However, the practitioners if trained properly, learns to deal with such patients.

There is a great difference too when the concepts are placed in certain nations. Often the health care systems and the public health have almost contrasting views based on the poor quality of the institutions of health present, the idea of wealth overpowering the idea of health, the public failing to follow the sciences applied, opportunity being scarce or unequally distributed, and more (Bayer & Galea, 2015). These differences can still be mitigated by following the reformations presented in the reports mentioned in the section above.


There are apparently very less similarities between the public health and medical care system. According to both the Flexner and Welch-Rose Report, public health and medical care system are interrelated in a few ways. Both public health and medical care are concerned with the care and health of people from a pluralistic and singular point of view respectively. As medical system advanced, public health and medical care system overlapped in terms of functionalities and salient features. Public health with respect to these two reports involved studying about a community's health conditions and giving remedies based on the two (Mullan, 2017).

Flexner report concentrated on reviewing and analyzing medical schools in the early 1900s and he gave alarming results where medical schools were mainly profit-vending machine. Medical schools needed to be reformed scientifically to be able to furnish qualified medical practitioners. Welch-Rose Report focused on the reform of public health by preventive care practices that needed to be undertaken by medical schools while being in contact with hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions. Public health can only be achieved if medical care systems work closely with public health officials to understand what ails a community (Mullan, 2017)

Practical approach like observing contagious ailments and serious patients in medical care system can help public health officials in etching out plans for the upliftment of healthcare systems for the whole community.

Gaps between the two

There are also certain gaps that could be observed between the relationship of public health and medical care system. The Flexner and Welch-Rose report stated several gaps in primary care and public health relationship (Thomas, 2016). Some of the gaps were as follows:

The gap, which arises, is that public health officials encourage people to be healthy so that diseases could be prevented. Public health officials focus on proper sanitation, water, and nutritional needs. In case of medical care, doctors, or nurses would never want people to be completely healthy as then their source of profit would go away (Stoddart & Evans, 2017).

Public health officials should know the source, mode, and the ways to diagnosis a disease whether it has the potentiality to break into an epidemic and how it could be prevented in future. Medical or primary care agents like doctors or nurses should know and study about diseases, hygiene, and the ways to prevent a particular disease from spreading into an individual's system instead of the public as a whole (Thomas, 2016).

Public health is mostly a governmental job whereas medical care system is generally private-based practice. The gap in this context can be that either the public health system and medical care system has to be properly educated about their areas of concern regarding health and hygiene. Proper education of the medical students so that they know how to tackle patients is significant because one cannot cure another if they do not know the exact ways (Stoddart & Evans, 2017).

Medical care systems have to be approved by government or public health systems to serve individuals which means that both public health and medical system has to work accordingly with respect to governmental regulations. The gap is that most times primary health care systems do not adhere to medical regulations and there is laxity in monitoring on part of public health officials. Such discrepancies cause issues in the healthcare system (Stoddart & Evans, 2017).


In the critical evaluation, public health and medical care system and their relationship have been discussed With reference to two phenomenal reports of the modern medicine in the twentieth century, Flexner and Welch-Rose, similarities, differences and gaps have been elaborated The discussions portray what the current conditions of the relationship could be known and ascertained.

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