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Building Insight of the SBAR Tools Assignment Help

Why has SBAR become effective in communicating between health care professionals? Read each students response and provide professional and educational feedback to each student.


The SBAR has become effective because there is a way to properly document a patient's health record without anything being added or omitted. The employees are to record specific medical information pertaining to the patient. According to Blom, et al, (2015), "The Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR) model has been suggested as a means to facilitate effective communication between health care professionals (Beckett & Kipnis, 2009)" International Journal of Caring Sciences. With clear written communication between health care professionals' errors can be avoided as to patient care. Health care today has taken a turn to protect patients health information without risk of exposure of patient history. The SBAR reports current problems, provides brief medical history and overall summary of the situation, Assesses what do you think is the problem, and recommends what should be done based on the situation, background and assessment, International Journal of Caring Sciences. All this documentation happens between shifts so that the next person can see what is going on with the patient and continues to follow with documenting as well.


SBAR has become an effective way of communicating between health care professionals because it assists in eliminating misunderstandings. SBAR improves the effectiveness of communication between individuals due to; it''s easy to use, standardization, and specific components entailed to assure the messages that are sent are concise and complete. According to The Joint Commission (2017), inefficient communication among health care professionals is a common problem in the healthcare industry. The lack of understanding, misinformation, decreased employee morale, teamwork, inaccuracy, and lack of complete information from the sender to receiver can result in reduced efficiencies, poor patient care, and safety risks. Applying and using SBAR correctly has the possibility to bridge the gap between the hierarchy of health care professionals and cultural differences by allowing every individual to have a voice, be valued, and contribute to the organization. SBAR also has the potential to increase employee engagement, patient satisfaction, in turn, increasing patient retention, and membership. Both the receiver and the provider of the information benefit from SBAR and is a win-win for everybody involved in the organization, including patients.


The Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation (SBAR) model has become an effective way for health care professionals to communicate. When it comes to a patient's healthcare it is important for clear and effective communication to be used so that everyone involved will know the information regarding that patient and that their safety is protected. According to Blom, Petersson, and Hagell (2015), SBAR is a well-tested model, which has been used for a long time for transmission of important information in complex work environments, for example in the nuclear industry, aviation and NASA''s space program. SBAR provides a framework for communication between members of the health care team about a patient''s condition, and has been found to facilitate both the collection, organization, and exchange of information as well as be an effective strategy to develop teamwork (Blom, Petersson, & Hagell, 2015, para.3). Using this model has proved to be advantageous because it delivers a chance to remain focused on the information that is being transferred, while keeping the information short and straight to the point, making it easy to understand. The safety of the patient is what is important, and this model has served as a guideline as to what and when information should be communicated between different health professionals.

Assignment part 2 

Reflecting on a message from Sonya, 

"the SBAR has become effective because there is a way to properly document a patient’s health record without anything being added or omitted" How would you change Sonya''s claim above, knowing the above? 
Assignment 3 
Subsequently, relating to the other "E" word, efficiency, is SBAR a efficient communication tool? Explain your thoughts.

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As per my peer post, the analysis of the SBAR that has become an effective tool that describes how to effectively place the documents in relation to the patient's health record which would not be attributed to the added or omitted (Wang, 2015). In here the employees would attribute to building a record that would be the specific insight into the medical information related to the given patient. By definition, SBAR means "The Situation, Background along with the given Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR) model which would also be able to help and evaluate how there can be the effective communication that can be built on the basis of the health care professionals. it would also be based on the given hypnosis of the written communication existing between the health care professionals' errors that can be diligent to be avoided on the basis of the patient care. From the given insights of the today health care today it helps to examine the past patient history (Renz, 2015).


From the peer post about the SBAR, I agree to her views on the SBAR process of the effective way of communicating that can happen in between the health care professionals without missing out the communication or further leading to reducing the misunderstandings. SBAR also helps to attain an effective form of communication that can exist in between the individuals (Kostoff, 2016), In reality the process and the model are not easy to use and it would not be easy to ascertain the standardization, or even be able to attain specific components that can lead to curtailing of the messages which would be eventually be sent that would be concise and complete. On the basis of the inefficient communication, this would help to examine how the health care professionals would also face problems and the challenges within the healthcare industry. It can further lead to the lack of understanding and also be lead to the overlapping of the responsibilities or the misinformation, due to which it would lead to the poor patient care, and safety risks (Panesar, 2016).


In my peer post, I agree that the Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation (SBAR) model is a founding step that has to lead to effective connections and building revolutionary ways to communicate. It has also attributed to the health care professionals insights that can help to communicate. This is also a significant milestone that would help to build around the patient's healthcare and can also include the effective communication that can consider an overview over the information related to the patient care and build around the safety care (Duan, 2017). On the basis of the SBAR that is around the well-tested model, has also allowed building with the notion on a long time for transmission in relation to the complex involvement of the work environments. SBAR can also help to channelize the effective communication existing in between the health care team which would help to improve the condition that would adjacently be able to facilitate both the collection along with the process of the organization and exchange of information to be able to contribute effectively (Stewart, 2016).

Assignment Part 2

The ineffective ways of the SBAR tool would also be dependent on the environment in which it has been set up such as the nurses home settings or also due to the effective training of the nurses to implement (Foronda, 2016). to ensure, it is effective it has to centre on the single repeated measures and should also exclusively be including the design along with the process of the quality improvement project who would help to evaluate with the SBAR (Situation; Background of the change; Assessment or appearance; and Request for action) protocol. To implement effectively the basic insights of the training on nurse communication that would be attained to medical providers. It would also help to consequently build a relationship that would be perceived from the vision of the nurses and physicians and to include the pre-post questionnaire (Ali, 2018). The ineffective ways were the time to complete the tool and facing the communication barriers if not effectively used the SBAR tool. It would also be an insight that can report on the basis of the project tools and the physician satisfaction, which has to overcome the challenge of the inefficient documentation and time constraints done by some other healthcare professionals.

Assignment 3

In my thoughts, SBAR is one of the effective, reliable, dependable and validated communication tool which is far easy to implement and understand the practices (Petersson, 2015). Not only it would help to examine a strategic form of building healthy communication practices which would centre on the improving hospital-based practice but it would eventually be able to develop a healthy relationship among health care providers that can help to ensure patient safety, security and providing optimum care. It would also help to restrict on the basis of the; limitations that would be using insight to the patients that would be having a complex medical history along with attributing to the care plans, that would cover the critical care setting. Due to the SBAR implementation, it has not only build effective communication but also helped in building and collaborating around the increased patient care, outcomes and maintaining relationships. It is a tool used by the healthcare professionals that would be able to maintain a healthier communication situation. It helps to improve safety and reduces the criticality of the transferring information within the hospitals (Shahid, 2018).

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