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Effective Communication

Question : Think back to a coach you had in the past who was a good communicator. What made her/him a good communicator? Explain how she/he used communication channels to overcome barriers to effective communication. If you were a coach what would you do to ensure good communication with your team?

Answer : About communication

Coach in the past used to have good listening skills, good understanding on what people want to say, awareness of misunderstandings and paying equal attention to the non-verbal communication which made him as a good communicator(Maxwell, 2010). The coach used to follow the quality circles, team works, conduct of different training programs use of mobile technology especially smart phones to get connected with its colleagues and employees were the channels used by him as it was allowing the introvert people to open up themselves greatly in the diversified environment(Nancarrow, et. al., 2013). Coach used to encourage its team to have an active questioning on social media platform if they are uncomfortable to ask in public. If I were a coach then I would have a culture of collecting feedback from my team as it will help as an opportunity to give employees voice to their problems and any suggestion if want to give for making improvement in the communication of mine(Timmins, 2011). Furthermore open friendly communication is important to assure each member is able to express freely and understand each other well.


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