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MHA 543 Healthcare & Customer Satisfaction Assignment

What prevents health care from having the same customer satisfaction as Amazon? 

What prevents health care employees from having the same satisfaction as Google employees? 

What are the leadership skills or attributes necessary to accomplish these objectives? 

What prevents healthcare from having the same customer Satisfaction as Amazon? Or Employee satisfaction as compared to google? Are these environments achievable in healthcare?

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Today, with recent advancement in the field of technologies, it is found that the patients are expecting better quality of healthcare services from the given healthcare organizations. However, in the case of Amazon, it is found that the organization is providing state-of-the-art services to both customers and employees (Schoeb, 2016). 

The customers are satisfied with the quality and type of services offered to them. It thereby allows them to have increased satisfaction levels in a given environment. On the other hand, even employees are satisfied by working in such an organization. One can thereby not compare with the healthcare services offered by the healthcare organizations as patient satisfaction seems to be low in a given environment (Schoeb, 2016). 

The patients are expecting high levels of customer services from the organization and as a staff of the healthcare organization, the nursing and other supporting staff will always find it difficult to provide such services in a given environment. The expectations of the patients have increased with advent of new technologies and thus it is vital for the senior management of the healthcare organizations to train their staff and thereby deliver healthcare services as per the needs of the organization (Schoeb, 2016).


In one of the research reports, it is found that Google employees are satisfied with the type of working environment. They are not only carrying out their services and other responsibilities as assigned to them; however, they are also supporting the senior management in different decisions and thereby are working on holistic perspectives (Lucas, 2018). 

The employees are aware of the working norms, their roles in the organization, and the type of support that they receive from the top-level management of the organization. On the other hand, for the patients that are admitted in a given healthcare organization cannot expect similar kind of treatment from the healthcare staff (Lucas, 2018). It thereby becomes more challenging for the healthcare staff to attend to such queries, issues, and other needs of the patients in a given challenging work environment. 

Besides, it becomes more difficult for the healthcare staff to handle different complaints, different needs, and different expectations of all the patients admitted at the same time in a given hospital setting. It is thereby recommended to the healthcare staff to overcome these practices, deploy new working models, and thereby increase satisfaction levels of both patients and staff in a given operational environment (Lucas, 2018).


There are several leadership skills that should be equipped by the leaders of the healthcare organization. These include - strategic thinking, planning and delivery of care services, people management, communication, persuasion and influence, change management, motivation for the staff, provide feedback to the employees so that they can recover their gaps, and also self-awareness (Jackson & Barber, 2015). It will thereby first allow the leaders of the organization to analyze the current working scenario. 

Second, it will help them to determine the gaps in the existing practices of the organization. Third, it will allow the staff to share their inputs and thereby gain better understanding of the work requirements so that they can deliver as per the needs of the organization (Jackson & Barber, 2015). 

And, finally, the leaders will be able to bridge the gap between the top-level management and the ground-level staff in a given working environment. They also need to deploy monitoring mechanisms to monitor the different practices in the organization (Jackson & Barber, 2015); it will thereby allow them to analyze the current gaps and thereby provide recommendations to improve the future outcomes.


Communication is one of the important aspects that first need to be improved in a given healthcare environment. It is observed that poor communication between the healthcare staff and patient leads to stress for the staff and unwanted results for the patient. Thus, there is a need to first overcome the communication gaps by providing multiple channels of communication to both these entities (Lanoix, 2013). 

Second, once the needs of the patients are identified, the nursing staff needs to fulfill them as per their expectations. They however might require approval of the physician and other senior staff in a given working environment. Further, to improve the work morale of the staff, the Human Resources (HR) department of the organization needs to train the workforce, motivate them on their respective motivation factors, and subsequently also allow them to take decisions in a given environment (Lanoix, 2013). 

To have the work environment similar to Amazon and Google, the HR department of the healthcare organization will be required to take multiple initiatives and also train the workforce in this direction. It will thereby allow the staff to fulfill the expectations of the patients and also remain motivated in a given challenging work environment (Lanoix, 2013). The HR department needs to make sure that the employees overcome their stress issues and thereby can perform as per the needs of the organization.  

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