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BBMK501 Market Planning and Strategy Assignment - Strategic Marketing Plan, CIC Higher Education, Australia

Learning Outcomes -

1. Evaluate theoretical models and environmental scenarios.

2. Analyse marketing objectives and assess how strategic marketing planning helps meet those objectives.

3. Apply marketing theories and models into developing marketing plans.

4. Analyse business data to maximize opportunities and mitigate threats.

Task - Submit a written report on a Strategic Marketing Plan. Your task is to propose a Marketing Plan detailing and analysing the competitive strategies of your chosen organisation (Company - MUFFIN BREAK).

Solution - Marketing planning and Strategy

Executive summary

The report is about Muffin Break and its marketing plan. The current criteria of positioning of the company the possible inclusions in the priorities for positioning discussed in the wake of competitors and their quality oriented positioning strategies. Other discussion included in the report includes aspects like PESTLE analysis of the organization, Porter's five forces of the organization. Also there is considerable discussion on the Muffin Break's value creation, communication and delivery models. There is also discussion about the Ansof's growth matrix with proposals for two phase future growth plan for Muffin Break.



Muffin Break, Australia is actually a franchise company of Foodco, which is an international café and coffee shops chain. Muffin break now has outlets in Australia, Newzealand, UK and India too. Muffin break has originally started its legacy in Canada, later takenover by Foodco. In the aftermath some of its outlook characteristics are modified by Foodco and enabled its entry into other locations of the world. The first Muffin Break entry into Australia happened in Queensland in the year 1989, Later the entry of the same happened in Newzealand in 1994 in Auckland. Later Muffinbreak opened stalls in UK in 2001 and in India in 2012. Croc's playcenters has made franchise with Muffin break in 2015 and in the aftermath the Muffinbreak became official business partner of Croc's playcenter in all its Entertainment units in Australia. Muffin break at present do have more than 230 coffee stores in Australia. Australian's are coffee lovers and MuffinBreak taken its position of quality coffee and snack provider in the Australian coffee and café market, perfectly taking advantage of the Australian coffee love and passion. Muffin Break's reputation contained in its fresh baked products every day in the shop. Muffin Break marketing philosophy contained in providing the customers the delighting experience of fresh muffin snack and coffee every time. Muffin Strategy to grab the customer loyalty consists in fresh coffee and snacks along with Amazing customer service, Enticing cabinets, Uniform standards across all stores and finally Cleanliness in the stores. Muffin Break is now not just Muffin and it is more than that. The objectives of the current write-up for Muffin Break is to provide a brief and comprehensive marketing plan for the company, Further the focus of the same is contained in providing with PESTLE analysis, discussion of the positioning, segmentation and targeting strategies as well. Being employed by the company. Also there is considerable discussion provided on the possible growth strategies of the organization at present. There is special focus provided in value addition of the organization. The ways possible to create value, communication of value, value delivery are some of the other factors discussed in report. Australia is one of the very prospective markets of Muffin Break; started with very humble profile, Muffin Break now owns more than 230 stores in Australia. Australian's unique passion for coffee is being taken advantage by Muffin break with its commitment to the quality and the delicious delightment. Muffin Break does have range of stalls in almost all the malls and shopping areas in the key locations of Australia and is also expanding into the children recreation centres, airports etc. Any constructive and efficient marketing initiatives taken by Muffin Break in this regard will contribute to its further expansion of its business. Hence for marketing strategy analysis and for plan proposal, Australia business place is selected. The following part of the report is focussed on the analysis of Muffin Break in Australia.


PESTEL Analysis for Muffin Break - Australia

Political factors affecting the product in Australia

Australia is very much connected and proactive with several economic associations throughout the world and in the region. Australia does have connectivity with OECD, world trade organization, G20 and also with the common wealth of nations. Association of Australia with these organizations indicate the compassion and the economic pro-activiteness of the country. The political conditions of the country are mostly stable and there is imitativeness and proactive support often provided by the government to encourage the economy in the country. Further Australia political conditions do favour the foreign investments and supports their business with its transparent policies and strategies from time to time. Hence from political perspective there are no any immediate concerns for the foreign traders and investors with the country. Hence Muffin Break need not has to think of the political concerns in promoting the business in the country. It is possible to get the maximum support from the political aspects of the country for Muffin break for sustaining its business and for possible growth and expansion in the coming days.

Economic factors affecting the product in Australia

Economic factors of Australia are investment friendly. Investments from foreigners are often supported with good support and encouragement. However, still there taxation on the company revenues are higher in Australia. It is about 30% over the company revenues. However, still if the annual company revenues are less than $25 million the tax brackets are less. In any case, the taxation in Australia is little higher for high revenues companies. However the hassles of higher taxation are getting compensated with better economic environment provisions in the country. Any investment made by the companies in the Australia in the infrastructure is very rewarding the value addition to the infrastructure and the property prices shooting up are quite high in the region. Capital price growth rate is one encouraging factor for Muffin Break to expand its stores into its own infrastructure and properties. The cost of living in most of the Australia cosmos and metros is still lower than the global standards of living costs. The cost of living in these cities is lower but the quality of the life in these cities is quite good. Most of the Australia cities are ranked within top 30 of the global cities in terms of quality of life. Hence any Products with inherence quality and worth can have good market in the Australia business sectors. Muffin Break can take advantage in this direction, By retaining the quality image of the products and by further improving the same, there is quite a good prospective future for the company products in the country.


Social factors in Australia

There are only three distinct classes or groups in Australia viz. the upper class, the middle class and the working class. Upper class is the collection of the people with maximum wealth and middle class is not as much profitable as the upper class but still they do earn more than the most of the working class people. However the service and the occupations of the middle class people are mostly non-manual in nature. The working class people of the country do not have same salaries like the middle class personal. However still in the higher layers of the working classes, the salaries are higher than the non-manual service professions income. These are some of the social factors that define the profiles of the life in the country. The trends of social living and styles are uncompromising from all the classes. People are increasingly willing to spend more on the life styles and quality lifes. Muffin Break is a well recognized, quality positioned and of-course not very much expensive products and hence it will be appreciated and taken by almost all the people and the social classes of the country. The current structure, revenues and living styles of the social classes of the country do not have any type of negative impact over the product sales or spread in the country.

Technological factors impacting the product

Technology is always a contributor for improving the versatility of the product. They will add up to reduce the overall cost of the product and also will add upto to improve the quality of the product. Muffin Break can take advantage of the technology advancements to improve the raw material quality as well can work to improve the process capabilities and the quality of the process outcomes. In all these aspects it can be considered that the technological factors has much to do to further improve the Muffin Break positioning in the market. Australia is one of the few committed countries for the technology and scientific advancement in all spheres.

Legal factors impacting the product

Australia is committed to all proactive legal obligations like zero discrimation, equality in wage and diversity tolerance etc in the workplace. These compliances are governed by the local regulations and the government does have the necessary proactive tolerance to implement these concerns in all work locations. Also the interests of the businesses are protected by patents, intellectual rights and also security norms of the UN Security Council etc are being followed to promote peace and business pro-active environment in the country. Hence considering all these factors it can be said that there is considerable positive atmosphere there prevailing in the country from legal aspects.


Environmental factors impacting the products

Muffin Break has nothing much to do with the environmental pollution. When compared with main stream industries, the extent of environmental pollution caused by Muffin Break is very minimal and organization does not have hassles in terms of the environmental pollution causing problems. In any case if the organization is committed to some more energy saving measures like employing better energy consumption practices in the kitchen and if employed with waste to energy generation from the waste causing sources in the organizations, it can align much with the interests of the country to promote environmental sustainability. There is no much concern there existing for the company to suffer with its any of the contemporary nation's environmental policies.

Porter's Five forces Analysis

Competitive Rivalry

Coffee and café shops there are several players and each have their own image and followers. However still Muffin break with its own quality and freshness commitment always works for outperforming its competitors. Muffin break bagged awards like coffes shop of the year several times in Australia and other locations too. Some of the very close competitors of Muffin break include McCafe, Gloria Jeans, Coffee club, Starbucks coffee(Garthwaite et al 2017, pp 18), Michel's patisserie,. Hudsons and Donut king(Adams et al 2018, pp.160). They are close competitors and each of them has their own advantages. As long as Muffin Break keeps up its compliance with quality, there won't be any competition apprehensions; otherwise, there is very tight rivalry with the organization. But Muffet Break has its own recognition and because of the same the company started from humble beginning and reached the current situation of about 230 stores. Competitive rivalry for Muffet Break can be considered as high.

Bargaining power of suppliers

There is need for best quality raw materials for the company like coffee seeds and snacks raw material. But still there is considerable scope to get raw material in the country and even from other locations also. The bargaining power of the suppliers is moderate in Australia.

Bargaining power of customers

There are numerous café and coffee shops in the country. They are well distribution in all the key locations and there is good accessibility to all such stores by the customers of the country. Hence the customers in the country can be classified to have good bargaining power. So only the best service, quality and other features can stand in the market.


Threat of new entrants

There are no many obligations for the new entrants to enter into the market of the café and coffee shops. There is no need for very heavy investments. All that is needed is moderate investment. However still beyond the level of investment, there is need to have much higher commitment to the quality and the service levels. There are more serious obligations for new entrants. Considering all these factors it can be said like the threat of new entrants in the country is above average and higher.

Threat of substitute products

Coffee has its own place in the minds of Australians from long time in the history. There are no any right products surfaced to replace the taste of coffee in the market. However for snacks yes, there are several products came out and they have substituted the snacks in the historical time lines. Hence the threat of substitute products can be said to be above average for Muffin Break.

Value Analysis

Creation of value

Value creation is all related with providing the customer with additional perceived satisfaction in consuming the product. Value addition is more a relative term; creation of value to the product consists in providing with feature and characteristics to the product which are beyond the benchmarked characteristics in the society. Traditionally value creation is measured with financial success and surpassing the expenses with the range of the profits perceived. However still beyond the financial measures, using technology, creating innovation, people, ideas and brand with best possible impact creation all makes up essential factors of significance for value creation for the organization. Value can be created by providing by upgrading quality of the product characteristics beyond the current levels typically Muffet break can think of diverse snacks that meets the interests of the people from diverse regions, ethnics and in line with their tastes etc. Further, developing unique image for excellent people service and relations is another possible tool for value creation. Training people for effective customer relations, surpassing the current level of people relations add value to the organization(Payne, Frow and Eggert 2017, pp.470). Innovation in infrastructure, innovation in stores environment, ideas for better customer experience in terms of developing strategies of entertainment etc will add value to the organization. Brand image is very impactive factor that will create customer loyalty. Typical initiatives to add up the corporate social responsibility, taking up socially responsible initiatives etc will provide sufficient image for the corporation that can provide customer loyalty to the Muffet Break. Hence a combination of all the possible value creation initiatives is more likely to provide the necessary value creation to the organization.


Table 1 Value creation

S. No

Value preposition




Augment the level and quality of the service in offer(Loona 2018)



Being responsible to all the stakeholders(Duggal & Alex 2018, pp.24)



Diversity at the heart of business promotion



Benchmarking the market standards and knowledged of the trends of the market



No compromise on quality



Assurance and reliance



Affordable and  economical

Communicate Value:

Value communication is another important aspect in making the product outreach the customers. Always the value as needed by the particular stakeholder is to be communicated in proper channel and proper format. Communication should precede with careful observation of all the necessary stakeholder's interests and also it is very much required to rightfully communicate what the particular stakeholder wants in the product in the proper format. Communication effectiveness metrics need to be continuously monitored and consistently to be improved for effective communication of value.

Value delivery System

Value delivery comprises all the three phases viz., value creation, value communication and value delivery as well. Customer's expectation in each of these phases to be closely monitored and their expectations need to be surpassed by the actual value getting delivered. The delivery model works on to meet the customer expectations in the best in class levels(Haider et al.,2019).

Segmentation, Positioning and Targeting(Baker 2016)

Considering socio-economic classes of Australia, there is no much difference in the quality expectations from the people of Australia. However still extra premium can be justified in the regions where there is much upper class and higher middle class people spread. Hence segmentation in such cases for higher premium class services can obtain benefits. Typical measures like providing highly luxury interior and providing with great collection and choice of snacks, offering diverse tastes of coffees etc will serve the purpose of differentiation of service in such premium class outlets. Rest of the segmented customer groups of middle class and the working class can be met with the existing stores with the same quality and price ranges. Positioning of the organization will continue to be in commitment for quality and price(Berndt, Altobelli, snader 2003, P,32). Target the customers with all the possible channels of advertising. Though Muffin break is not a new company as well there is nothing that the organization need to project new for its outreach, still taking advantage of the channels of promotion like magazine, mass media, social media etc do contribute to improve to upgrade its current revenues. Social media based promotions through concessions, subscriptions etc will let the targeting be done more impactful.


An insight from the demographics indicate that there is no much difference in the average age of the individuals in different regions, varying from 33 years to 37 years of age. Also the income median at each of these regions, ranges from $45K to $65K. However the population spread is not uniform and hence the corporate expansion strategy needs to align with the distribution of the population in the country. Hence apart from local differential of the premium service lounges from the routine, there is no much differentiation needed for outreaching the services through these channels. Also, for Muffin Break the core values are consisting in the quality, price and customer service. Each of these core values are expected to be met with the best in class of coffee and café stores in the market. The brand image also should reflect the same in terms of quality, value for the price and innovation in service. These are going to be pillars of strategies of targeting in the market.

Positioning of Muffin Break is different from its competitors not just in the quality, but the ambience, the service quality and innovation. A collective inclusion of all these products is working for improving the overall brand image and realizing the best possible recognition, rewards and awards to the company(Chernev 2016)). There are several other competitors who more or less having same prioriting in positioning. For example star bucks with its one cup, one customer and one neighbourhood strategy proved commitment to the quality, service and innovation. Mc Café is aimed to position itself to be the favourite place for customers to eat, visit and drink. The 5 Ps price, product, promotion, place and people are comprehensively integrated to give the customer a great experience. Gloria jeans positioning contained in projecting as the speciality coffee. , Michel's patisserie focus on high quality bakery items.

Considering the high competition, Muffet Break cannot compromise in value delivery and it cannot compromise for the quality and service in its products and hence the current positioning stand is justified(Brown&Armstrong 2015, P,100).

Table 2 Social classes for targetting

Strategic Marketing Plan Assignment Figure.jpg


Ansof's Growth Strategy(Loredana 2016)

Considering the current status of the Muffin Break and its existing portfolio of products (only coffee and snacks), there is no need for the organization to diverse more into the products development. The core strength of the company is the quality coffee and all that the company can do in this regard for growth is stick to the coffee alone, however should work on for the development of the markets and market penetration as well. However the snacks and coffee combinations can be innovated for better customer interests. So the first priority as of now in the first phase of the growth is to develop the market and to develop the market penetration. The product can be enabled to move more and deeper to outreach the customers. Typical strategies like developing better promotional schemes(Piercy and lane 2015), custom product outreach models etc can contribute for the betterment of the market penetration(Pradhan 2018). New market developments like premium outlets for aristocratic customers, on move and mobile stores for working class customers, luxurious looking and lucrative interiors and workplaces for high class customers etc work for betterment of the market development for Muffin break in the near future(Pride& Ferrell, 2016). However in the second phase of growth there can be more intense attention over the product development, developing new coffee based products and possible diversification into custom demand channels like in-flight services, intrain services, in the sports events etc can be planned for. In the same context of market diversification, it can also be planned to diversify business into the products like selling retail items, apparels, branded fittings, sportswear etc in the same coffee shop. However the focus can be still on the Muffin break original coffee. This should be the pillar for the company diversification any if felt prospective in the next phase(Pride & Ferrell 2016).

Table 3 Ansof's matrix

Strategic Marketing Plan Assignment Figure1.png


Muffin break marketing plan and its overview is presented in the current context. There is much to do with Muffin Break's current image of quality coffee. The marketing plan and the strategies of company in future will be focussing on keeping up the quality, maintaining optimum prices. Also, there is much to do with keeping superior service quality, working out for consistency and reliability all the time adds upto the company profile. Also integrating the organizational performance with aspects like customer orientation, innovation, brand image etc are included as part of the core dimensions for marketing strategy. Muffin Break suggested to keep the same positioning based best quality oriented commitment. Since there is stiff competition and as each of these competitors are relied on providing the best in class quality products, the company need to be cautious in its quality endeavour if want to keep its current competitive advantage. A comprehensive value addition from multiple stakeholder's objective is proposed, however still there is much to do with the customer's interests. Also, Ansof's growth matrix(Schawel & Billing 2018, pp.32) based market penetration and market development strategies in the first phase and product development and the diversification in the second phase are proposed for future requirements. In any case, the current marketing plan will provide an overview brief to commensurate the operations for the near future.


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