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MGMT20143 - Think Big, Central Queensland University, Australia

Automotive Sensors To Conserve Electricity


Introduction: The innovation of new concepts and ideas in undeniably an integral part of any business processes or activity. For any successful business organization, it is important for the concerned authorities to be very prudent and have the capability to evaluate a situation in a lucid manner. It is only then; productive ideas will emerge as an outcome. The aim of this study is to concentrate on the ideas brought into existence to provide solution to the problem of wastage of electricity in street lights. Wastage of electricity in street lights is a very common phenomenon in many developing and developed countries as well. The strategies discussed hereby aims at judicious use of resources while taking safety of the vehicles and pedestrians into consideration as well.

Question 1: Identification and Discussion of the interrelationship of the problem and the Proposed Business Model.

Answer: The tech-savvy world we are living today is greatly dependent upon electricity. Undoubtedly, right after food, water air and shelter, it has become one of the fundamental needs of our lives. However, it is well known to us that electricity is a limited resource. The way we are consuming it can lead it to extinction. Conservation of our fuels and energy resources is not only about saving money on the electricity bills. It has a sustainable point of view as well. The production of electricity involves a huge amount of detrimental emissions of carbon. This in turn causes many harmful effects on our ecosystem. It alters the flow in which water is supplied, brings abrupt rise in temperature and raises the level of sea. Due to such drastic changes in climate, agriculture is affected as well. This also leads to many harmful effects in the human health as well. Excessive usage of energy also makes it less available for future generation. A general consequence of too much electricity use is steep hike in its price. Frequent use of electronic appliances hampers their longevity. This puts them in the need to be replaced frequently. The replacement cost and installation cost of the appliances bought every time is a thing to be considered. Electricity is wasted in many ways which often remain unnoticed and less talked. For example- At our homes, there are certain habits which lead to wastage of electricity which we fail to notice. These might include:

• Staring at the open fridge for long.

• Buying incandescent bulbs for home.

• Sleeping with the television on.

• Leaving the lights and fans on while leaving the room.

Certainly, bringing subtle changes in our lifestyles can help us consume electricity to a great extent at home. However, electricity is wasted in public places as well. One of the most common examples of public place electricity wastage is street lights. In a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it has been stated that in the western countries, almost 1 billion people are associated with health problems linked with overuse of electricity in some way or the other.

Question 2: Critical Success Factors and Benefits to be experienced by the Generated Idea.

Answer: The automotive detector technology is very helpful and cost saving technology which makes it a very favourable alternative to suggest by environmentalists. This strategy of energy conservation is very capable. It facilitates to reduce the wastage of electricity in street lights. It focuses on the usage of automotive detectors incorporated in street lights. The idea is that the sensors will automatically detect movement of pedestrians and cars and will turn on. After passing that pedestrian or car, it will automatically get turned off. This would be very beneficial in the riddance of the problem of unnecessary electricity usage. It further promotes health and environmental conservation by curbing the use of electricity. These automotive roadside sensors can be further used for some supplementary reasons as well (Kolberg, & Zühlke,2015). Slight modifications in the sensor can be introduced can the sensors can be modified for the usage of road condition announcement, traffic congestion, delays and so on. In posh cities, this technology would be particularly useful, especially for the traffic sergeants to manage the traffic during peak times of the day (Scerbo, 2018).As, technology is seeing fast integration in the world of automotives, incorporation of this strategy is expected to bid riddance to the problem of unnoticed electricity wastage completely.


Question 3: Proposal for the Business Model.

Answer: For the successful incorporation of any new innovation of business idea, the business canvas model is used. The recommended business model is to facilitate lessen the wastage of electricity by using sensors that can detect the presence of a pedestrian or vehicle nearby the crossing. The sensors are to be designed such that it can sense the presence of vehicles and pedestrians easily in the near and far range (Endsley,2018). The rage of notification (coloured light emission) should have a high intensity so that it can be noticed from a distance. Audio can be included along with light emissions to help aged and blind pedestrians understand the street light signals better. This strategy of energy conservation however needs support from concerned administration authorities and several manufacturing industries. Industries should encourage manufacturing automotive sensors integrated with bleep devices. Sufficient implementation should be encouraged and electricity conserving policies should be formulated upon which the Government should be vigilant. The application of automotive sensors is fully based upon innovations in technology. It should be designed to be user-friendly for the customers that are the pedestrians and drivers in general. It should have its own norms and policies regarding safety. Networking has a major role to play for the successful installation and implementation of this device. Signals are often inter-linked in each crossing especially in urban areas. Proper coordination is required for these automotive sensors to work in the right manner.

Question 4: Identification of Critical Risk and Assumptions

Answer: It is no wonder that when a company launches its innovative ideas in the market, they cross check the credibleness of the idea and its ability to perform in the real and public domain before implementation (Dong,& Wu 2015). The ideas go through several trial and error processes in order to understand the credibility they can offer before the final implementation.

Product/service feasibility: The principle objective of this device is to curb the unnecessary wastage of electricity in the street lights especially in crowded urban areas (Upadhyay, Borole ,& Dileepan, 2016).Safety is taken into consideration along with sustainable issues of our ecosystem.

Industry/ target market feasibility: This product will be lucrative for the technology and automotive based industries. It can also target the environment and health conscious customers (Hooshangi,& Loewenstein, 2016). This product should have a vivid marketing strategy to aware and attract customers from diversified backgrounds. For the beginning, blogs, Instagram handles, youtube videos and advertisements in magazines especially automotive magazines can be a good platform for promotion. Campaigns in different schools and colleges can be done to introduce the concept to the students.

Organizational feasibility: Designing of this particular devise requires several electrical skills, electronic and communication skills as well (Elvik, 2019). Management skills are required as well for production, promotion and launch in market. Lastly, it needs sufficient financial support to materialize the concept into reality. Non-financial resources are highly appreciated.

Financial feasibility: The installation of automotive sensors is very much cost effective is equally feasible. The installation cost of the sensors is not centralised. It is distributed between the concerned government bodies and manufacturer of the sensors. It can further be distributed with several third parties. The third parties might include ad agencies, raw material suppliers and so.


Conclusion: As discussed above, generation of new and innovative business ideas is an integral part of any business organization. Be it a well-established organization running business over a decade or a small scale start up, it is essential for them to keep coming up with new ideas. These ideas will help the organizations expand their business territory and also bring new concepts in the market. This can help them survive the steep competition in the market.

The strategy of automotive sensors in street lights discussed above can bring a breakthrough in the world of automation. In the era where automotive cars are a real thing, automated signals are not only revolutionary but it also considers the environmental and ecological issues that we are facing today. The overall merit of the idea is to cut down the wastage of electricity and head towards a greener world.

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