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MN504 - Networked Application Management, Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Network Management Tool - ManageEngine OpManager


Introduction: The discussion will consist of the details for managing engine OpManager where the complete study is focused on dealing with the network performance management where it comes with an ideal fit is for the planning and networking about diverse troubleshooting procedures. This will assist in providing with networking benchmarks in real time as well as the performance is dependent on the Network Traffic Analysis [1]. The plan is performed to ensure about how the current network is related to dealing with the scale as well as the distributed IT based infrastructure. It functions with the upgradation of many errors and the management of performance which can be defined with the concept of WAN and VoIP links or the setups of the servers. The manager of applications further assists in providing a crucial data like usage of memory and CPU. The processes while recognizing the performance of the servers and plan suspects of CPU, and the disks or the memory.

Part 1: ManageEngine OpManager

Discuss aspects related to ManageEngine OpManager.

1. Network Performance Management

Answer: Concept of Network Performance Management: The overall supervision is based on how organization are depending on the IT with offer for business for number of services to the end consumer. It is also based on the functionality of dealing with any kind of delay or different disruptions that impactfully focus on the business benchmarks. In this case, the MTTR is considered as the lowest point and it can be dealt via storage, server application and network. Therefore, the console level of work or operations are established for the management. It permits to function on supervising the physical servers like Linux, Windows, Unix and the Solaris servers like Hyper-V, Xen servers and VMWare. The overall performance can be mapped via profound level of impact on the safety of the network, trustworthiness and the services that are provided[2]. It further assists in establishing the automated policies that focus on deciding the compliance and also forming the manual level of configuration mistakes that consist of the help for more than thirty diverse vendors.

2. OpManager-perfect fit for network monitoring-why

Answer: OpManager Perfect fit for supervision of Network: The supervision of the network with the organization consist of diverse network operations. It is crucial for number of elements that there are different links that are functioned on through dealing with different data units. It consists of private as well as public clouds, that develops a multi-level issues where the network admin must be highly proactive as well as agile to supervise the complete performance. The introduction can be done for the easy to utilise where the complete affordability of the network is to supervise the solution and then the network machineries like switches, routers and many more are part of it[3]. This can help in functioning of in-depth knowledge and then planning different root of system caused and removed the activities or the operations that are being impacted in direct manner. The supervision in real time are established with the health and then focus on many critical levels of hazards or varied metrics that consist of the loss of packet data and the speed where the mistakes and discards must be analysed in right manner. There are virtual as well as physical server supervising to gain clarity on the performance of Host and VMs of the VMWare that are for dealing with many virtual platforms. WAN supervision and its affordability for the comfortable establishment is for the sake of latency, packet loss and jitter to remove any kind of network challenges that can also cause latency as well as there is no need to get fixed soon. The management of network at end-to-end mode and supervision is to deal with analytical level of supervision of the network and the complete infrastructure consist of setup of local machineries and the wireless networks[4].

3. Analyse with the help of a diagram the network monitoring and troubleshooting process.

Answer: Network monitoring analysis with Diagram: The complete analysis of the network is via paying attention on designing where the company ensures the large and the enterprise level of business for simplifying the management of network. It consists of the overall contribution for efficient establishment and then ensure about the virtualization at geographical level of the network. It also assists in develop a clear visual image of the network in order to plan based on real world geographical benchmarks[5]. This kind of formation is done via planning about many network machineries that is easy to recognize and based on trouble shoot errors and then further planning how different network diagrams can supervise the network with the techniques packed with characteristics to assist IT admins with other connected issues. It further helps in ensuring the better prediction of network and planning based on many system resources for the diverse elements as well as system planning.

Network Management Tool - ManageEngine OpManager.jpg


Part 2: Applications

1. How does ManageEngine OpManager provide real-time availability monitor?

Answer: Real-time availability supervision: The monitoring in real time is done to evaluate different administrators where all the commands as well as the line of commands can interface is for the varied network machineries or the remotest desktop for the sake of servers. It is usually connected with dealing with commands via paying attention on the real time presence and its overall functionality. The main attention is on real time graphs as well as gaining clarity over the performance that can improve the performance of device and their health. The administrator can operate on the CPU and the memory use where the data is dependent on the examples and the metrics based on devices[6]. There are different patterns which are related with real time traffic as well as use of bandwidth which can be defined under the porting of interface. The establishment can be defined with the help of working and supervising to make sure that the network machineries along with services are established through real time opinions and its presence. The supervision requirements can be done for the data towards switched and different routers or the servicer with SNMP enabled machineries.

2. How does ManageEngine OpManager perform Network traffic analysis?

Answer: Network traffic analysis: The overall analysis is dependent on diverse level of network patterns where the usage of the bandwidth has been efficiently worked through by making sure about the net flow and then paying attention on the real time bandwidth supervision also. The SLA level of supervision and the AVC help or the supervision requirements can be done for flow focused traffic analysis. In this case, the complete bandwidth is established by applications with protocols and apps that have the tendency to use bandwidth with Cisco Layers. The overall advancement can be done to ensure different details of traffic and then benefiting from insights related with challenges of the bandwidth[7]. There are different patterns based on the planning of capacity and then developing the report for following trends. The OpManager can provide the support which is out-of-the-box and comes with supervision of different parameters and then dealing with different MTA statistics and the mail-based statistics also.

Part 3: Compare ManageEngine OpManager with any other network management tool

Discuss in detail similarities and differences between the two.

Answer: Difference and similarities between Network analyser and ManageEngine OpManager: The network analyser function while dealing with the flow of network and then supervising the complete bandwidth as well as the traffic that is focused on the interface. In this case, the data elements must be evaluated along with details on speed, volume, complete usage and packets of complete bandwidths. This further comes with an opinion of quarter reports where one can choose the network standards based on recognizing the personalized widgets and then add them to the network. There are generation of real time traffic accounting and it is according to different trends where the overall traffic statistics are defined for the detailed level of on hosts, applications as well as communication to develop the traffic. This further comes with the usage of metrics and plan about looking at trends which are dependent on use of protocol and more[8]. The tools can also work with detailed data that comes with deployment process and then operating on the critical level of decision making that directly impact the network. It also consists of process and then functioning one many crucial decisions that directly impact the network. It consists of the NetFlow based innovation and supervising in taking efforts and time to operate on the advantages for supervising and establishing the details like IP traffic without any impact on performance of device or the rise in costs. 

On the contrary, OpManager can function in process like network monitoring as well as also proactively deal with mistakes and completely discard the usage of disks. The CPU as well as the memory use is dependent on supervising the network and use of server, where the complete performance is dependent on CPU use and the portioning of machineries wise disk space that consist of memory usage[9]. There is also some need to conduct proper planning related to optimization of varied resources and then operate over the allocating processes where OpManager can deal with intelligence web focused mails and then establishing SMS alerts that will be of great help for the better remediation procedure at low MTTR.


Conclusion: The supervision requirement can be done for the OpManager where there is right kind of network machineries like switches, routers, load balances and the firewall that function to deal with supervising the performance-based metrics like memory, CPU as well as the interface focused traffic. The whole process comes with the responsibility to analyse the complete flow that is then exported by switches as well as the routers. The data is given on the machineries and the application where the user usually consumer more bandwidth and then further streamline the right kind of QoS policies also [10]. The overall configuration assist in supervising the network as well as also take all kind of backup for the sake of configuration transformations since it permits to deal with the web GUI also.

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