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Health Care Administration Assignment Help

I need a statement of purpose/personal statement for admission at Rhode Island College. It''s a MS in Health Care Administration. I have attached my resume to ease this project.

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My interest in the field of administration developed several years ago and that was the primary reason to take up a bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s degree in the same field. Though my initial days of work experience were in the area of public administration, my association with a healthcare unit between 31st Oct 2017 and 31st Oct 2018 transformed my life. I found that public administration was a broad domain and my passion preferred the sub-domain of healthcare. As I began working as a residential coordinator, it gave me immense satisfaction and pleasure to serve more to improve the health outcomes of patients. I wanted to regulate and enrich the health administration for the welfare of patients and this is the primary objective to opt for a master’s in healthcare administration at Rhode Island College. 
In the last decade, I have had personal instances of medical emergencies that boosted me to gain knowledge and skills in the field. It takes back to my grandpa’s sickness that went on for over 5 years and we hopped from one hospital to the other. All we found during this tenure was – either the organization lacked infrastructure or human resource or did not have proper policies in place to achieve the desired quality of care and achieve effective outcomes. As a result, my grandpa passed away due to negligence and delayed treatment. It did not stop there as my aunt was also a victim to a health problem that ruined most of her life. This is probably the second reason to choose healthcare administration as the domain of learning in Rhode Island College. 
I was an average learner in my school and college but my work experience has given scope for expertise and innovation. In fact, I used to work on innovative results everyday to enhance the lives of patients. Though I worked for a longer time as a scholarship assistant, I still prefer to work in healthcare as it can be a soulful experience to me. Nevertheless, I ensure that I am dedicated and consistent in my performance irrespective of the designation. As I moved from BHP Billiton to USAID in 2014, I was on all praises by my formal employer and none of them could accept my resignation. I have been extremely good in interpersonal relationships and maintenance of accounts.
As an aspiring healthcare administrator, I have never hesitated to acquire new skills and knowledge in the field of public health since 2017. Looking at my performance, I was offered the position of a mental health counsellor in Bounrnewood Hospital and the experience transformed my life. Everyday got me into new challenges and I was expected to stay ethical and committed to the job thereby maintaining confidentiality of patient’s data. The performance at this hospital gave me an opportunity to serve at the seven hills of Rhode Island as a behaviour specialist assistant. I did establish interpersonal relationships with other healthcare professionals, patients and external communities so that the organization is always on the good book of the clients.
Along with the passion, I shall also display my perseverance to collaborate with professionals and improve quality of operations in this field with the knowledge gained in the course offered by Rhode Island College. There are 3 reasons for me to pursue a master’s degree in Rhode Island College – the excellent infrastructure that can be availed to improve my knowledge, the learning outcomes that are on par with my ambition and finally, the value of the certification in community organizations. As I also discussed with alumni of this college, I was overwhelmed with their responses as all are in senior positions in the field but have laid foundation in this college. Right from the staff support to resource access to work experiences, the college has given an overall quality experience that every student can carry over throughout the life. 
My dream is to administer the healthcare sector and transform into a leader and I strongly believe that it requires extensive skills and hands-on experience which Rhode Island College can offer me. With an ability to perform multi-tasking and apply detailed approach to personnel management, I would also like to highlight my adherence to certain moral values in my life such as respect for each other, accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, ethics and equality. All these moral values were incorporated when I was in my childhood. My grandparents have always raised myself along with my cousins and taught us how to judge things and analyse situations before arriving at decisions. 
Not to forget, my parents have also raised us up with strong moral values and cultural traditions. As I began working in the mental health field, it was quite easier for me to handle people from multicultural backgrounds and establish effective relationships. At the moment, I find myself lacking in theoretical knowledge on administration and policymaking at different levels and this course – MS in healthcare administration can act as a ladder to take me to the next level of my career. In turn, I shall also add pride to the college by being ethical, genuine and innovative and my aspirations to become a leader shall come true really soon and I shall definitely let the world praise this institution for the opportunity given to me and the experiences that different organizations offered me in the past. All these have shaped up my career! 

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