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Conflict & Negotiation Assignment Help

We have to read chapter Conflict and Negotiation and decide 3 questions to ask our classmates

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Instances of conflict and negotiation are common in the workplace and it is essential for every organization to develop policies that can answer such instances. Bullying seems to be a common form of conflict and policymakers and the HR department will have to intervene and develop laws to improve the workplace behaviour and culture.


Here are the three questions that I would like to ask my classmates on conflict and negotiation (Kinicki et al, 2016).

1. In the last three years, how many times have you experienced conflicts in the workplace and whom did you reach immediately for resolution? Did you really find a solution with the available help?

2. What is one instance where you negotiated with your superior/manager and you were denied of your negotiation?

3. Look into the workplace laws established by the organization where you are employed and find out if there are clauses related to workplace bullying and conflict resolution. After looking at the clauses, ensure that you understand thoroughly and judge the validity and usefulness of available clauses. Eventually, develop new clauses and correct existing clauses that you can submit to your manager.

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