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Assignment - Write Research report on the topic Visual Learning (more specific on educational games for children etc).

Answeer - Visual Learning


The research describe the importance of visual learning and different visual learning style which has been applied to increase the educational development of the children. This research shows the effect of visual learning in increasing the skill and ability of the learner has been determined. The research will discuss the advantages and disadvantages during the adoption of visual learning and visual learning styles in learning process. The two case studies has been mention which has been applied visual learning style. During the process of visual learning customization is also an important part. The research shows the process and need of customization in learning process.


Visual learning is a learning style. It is a way that how individual learn the thing. Most of the people use different learning styles. In this learning style people use color, chart, map, graphs, images, etc. to recognize and to learn the information. In this search we will discuss about the function of visual learning in kid's life in the process of learning. Visual learning is very important part for kids in the process of study which leads to do faster development of kids. Children 50% brain is associated with visual learning process. In the words of Linoet et al. (2016), children's eyes include 70% of sensory receptor and they recognize the pictures with that sense in one tenth of a second. Children received 5 times better information comparing to the kids. Kids can read only 28% of the information. In this research it has been proved that color visual in children's education will increase their capacity to read more than 80% and awareness in children is increased by 95%. The main aim of this research is to increase the importance of visual learning in children's life. Teaching process of children needs to understand the importance and benefits of visual learning. This report has been made to make understand people about the benefits of visual learning in children's educational process. The report also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of visual learning in the learning process of children.


In this research the researcher have used different visual techniques in order to understand the content and study material to the learners. It also helps children in increase their skills and potentially. The researchers have been found that through the visual learning the children can expand their performance to achieve the best. Industry search deductive approach is also important because it helps in gathering the relevant information about the children in a very short period of time. The data has been acquired through different Technologies which help the researcher in finding the ability of an individual. It also shows the impact of visual learning on children. The researcher has been used customize content which helps the researcher to understand about the ability of the children and what they know, what they don't know and how they observe the new information in a short period of time. In acquiring this type of information quantitative research has been applied which record number of information. The research shows that the visual learning techniques is cost-effective and it is a cost cutting process, it save time but it have some drawbacks.in this research primary data collection method has been used for gathering all the information. The questionnaires has been used in measuring the parameters which identify the impact of visual aids during the learning process of the children.


Literature Review

As mentioned by Bilyatdinova et al. (2016), learning is a very complicated process for the students. Visual learning involves the visual aids like different recognizing videos to develop learning process within children. It increase the learning process with attracting effects which used to build the material needs to study. It also increases the interest of the students in a particular subject, it makes the study enjoyable. In the words of Freina et al. (2015), Visual learning also save money in education by providing different process of learning to everyone at a time . This topic can be taught to large number of people without buying any expensive material or machinery. For many children it is very difficult to learn from textbook, materials on the basis of only text. Differentchildren have different learning styles, they have different learning preference and recognition power. if children forced to learn the text without any attracting effect it will be very difficult for them to achieve. Visual learning helps the children to overcome from this problem in an effective way. Visual learning is a process through which a student can learn the text with attracting images, graphs, colors to understand the information well. Scientifically based research has been identified twenty nine studies through which it has been proved that visual learning techniques is very effective in the students life. The research also focuses on the use of visual learning techniques to improve learning performance of the children. It has been found in the research that 40% of the students are visual learners, they prefer learning through videos, pictures, diagram, flowcharts, films, etc. It has been found in the research that visual learning help the children and kids in the learning process, through the visual learning children found as a well performer in their educational process. Many schools and institutes has applied visual learning techniques in order to improve the performance of the students. Visual learning is an effective way in order to improve the skill of the children.

Visual Learning.png

Need for Customization

Custom learning development is very important and it should be started by identifying the way in which the learners poses to learn better. Customization include attention to what they know, what they don't know and how they observe the studies and new information. Visual learning has been classified into three category - kinesthetic, visual and auditory. As mentioned by yang et al. (2018), Visual learning provide teachers a different way of teaching and can also customize studies for some specific lessons. Customization is very important in teaching it makes teacher flexible so that it can fulfill the need of learners. Customization of visual learning is very important in which this tool can be used in create interactive learning process through different tools with leads to improve the students' performance. It will expands the knowledge and give importance to behavior of the children. This student will learn about different lessons and will gain knowledge through different customizing lessons. Through customization of content, representation of an individual in lessons can be identified.


Current Trends

Custom learning is very essential part for the life of the children. This started by calculating different way in which the learners intended to learn better. Customization can be made by identifying different information such as how they absorb all new information and studies, what they know about the studies and what they don't know about the studies. Customization process include underlining the important lines and important part of the content. The students' needs to take notes of the particular articles and lectures in a summarize format, so that it will be easy for them to study the content. Outline essays and important part of the topic make it easy for the students to learn the study. Customization include way of leaning through flash card it is method of learning. In this students can learn history, math, chemistry, geography and any other subjects through highlighted date, vocabulary, formula, facts, etc. Customization include providing the students case study of some difficult theory so that it will easy for them to be understand the theories. Learners found images and drawing easy to memorize rather than text. Customization process involved a way of providing drawings, pictures, and images along with the text.

Visual Learning1.png

Popular models


In the words of Whitney et al. (2018), visual learning challenge faced by the children and teachers in school is in identifying the children's primary learning style with helps the teachers to increase the ability and skill of the children. In identifying primary learning of children it is very difficult for the teacher to adopt study method according to the student which suits them and the way he or she can learn information in the best way.


Enhance learning

As mentioned by Migkotzidis et al. (2017), Visual learning expands learning process with attractive effects which is used to boost the learning ability of children. It applies different colors which can easily customize to make student understand content. The teachers can use different tools such as PowerPoint and apple keynote in order to expand learning.

Motivates student

Visual learning is one of the most effective way of learning aims to increase interest of learners in a particular subject. Visual learning has been applied in offices, meetings, classroom in order to motivate people. This type of learning is very attractive and interactive helps to communicate with information easily.


Cost benefit

Visual learning health in in cost cutting process. This type of learning can be taught to a large number of people at a time without buying any expensive study material and equipment. A Particular topic can be teach to everyone effectively at a particular time, it will save money.

Highly effective

In the words of Jang et al. (2017), Visual learning helps the audiences by provide better information during classes which books and text material cannot convey. There are different visual elements such as picture, images, videos, graph, charts, etc. Visual learning provides slide shows during classes. The student can get access on videos, PPT, charts, etc. which they can take home.

Visual Learning2.png


Design issues

In the words of Heradio et al. (2016), Visual learning is a learning style if it is not designed properly, then it will lead to decrease communication. The videos, images, graph which has been made to show the children to make them understand better, maybe irrelevant. if the size and color of the images is not proper it will decrease communication and result in decrease the value of visual learning. The size of the images must be big and images should be clear because it has been shown to a large number of audience at a time on screen and it would be visible to everyone.

Distract from the message

As mentioned by Potkonjak et al. (2016), Visual learning style with irrelevant information can cause distraction. The meaning of the message may convey irrelevant information. Irrelevant information such as tourist sites during the slide show, videos and presentation may distract the audience from the information showing the in slideshow. Disadvantages of visual learning is when visual aids is not available and the learning shows only speeches and text during the learning process. One of the most important disadvantages of visual learning is it provide audio instruction with which many students were not able to to learn without writing the material. Visual learning also applied Kinetic learning style which is a disadvantages for it because it makes the settings of the classroom uncomfortable.


Business Case Studies

Case study 1: In the words ofPereira et al. (2016), a case study has been analyzed by the Hayman. It is the case of glioma at MD Anderson. She focuses on providing education to the patients with a good communication and with the traditional communication. She applied the visual learning process such as videos that shows that she is improving patient for their improvement and satisfaction. Videos has been made in order to improve the satisfaction of the patient and to increase their level of interaction between physician and patient.

Case study 2: A patient name Taylor, who has been admitted in hospital for the treatment of cancer at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre. The Taylor's family was in stress because of disease and they are overloaded about the thinking of Taylor. Taylor also created a YouTube channel in order to make the world fight against cancer. Taylor stated that he wants to share all the information regarding the disease to their family and friends. To help Taylor, Dr. Chung has been developed a patient-facing videos which explain the symptoms during the disease. Taylor explain that during the disease patient feel a lot of stress, patient feel better if they know about their disease and the benefit of the treatment. it will help them in recovery. Dr. Chung has applied virtual learning process to help Taylor.


Visual learning is a way that shows, how an individual learn the things. Most of the people use different learning styles. Visual learning involves the visual aids.it increase the learning process with attracting effects. It has been concluded that Visual learning also save money in education by providing different process of learning to everyone at a time.It has been concluded in the above research that visual learning is very important in teaching process which improve the learning ability of an individual through the visual learning student can increase and develop their personal understanding. It has been concluded that visual learning style is very important for the children through which they learn in a better way. It has been determined through the new technology and customization, the ability of the learner can be identified. So that the method can be applied according to their skill and potentialities. The benefits applying visual learning has been status in the above research visual learning is a very useful technique for all the students and learners which leads to increase the performance of the children to achieve the best. Need of customization and the way of customizing the content for the students has been stated in the above research. The research shows that visual learning is an essential part in the life of every learner during the learning process.


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