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MSL502 Team Work Assessment Assignment Help

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Teamwork assessment

Teamwork has the ability to maximize the productivity of the team members and also share goals and apply creative strategies to achieve the same. Teamwork comprises of 4 aspects – translation of goals, engagement, collaboration and performance monitoring. It is essential for individuals to focus on self and team behaviors as occupational performance evaluates all aspects. It is during this teamwork that a person learns the concepts of organizational structure, leadership, trust and performance evaluation systems. 

Translation of goals

In this teamwork test conducted, the first aspect that is analyzed is translation of goals. It is my nature to read the vision of the organization and the purpose of the job given before I actually accept the allocation. This gives me clarity on the work. As soon as my team members are identified, I ensure that I follow knowledge sharing and help the other members to understand the department goals and insist on moral values that need to be followed by team members. 

According to me, every team member is a leader and has unique capabilities that can drive the teamwork to a higher level. I believe in competition but do not encourage between team members as it can result in unnecessary conflicts. Instead, I encourage team members to accomplish their goals with utmost perfection and within the deadline. I have scored a total of 35 out of 40 marks in this division on translation of goals and I feel that this is a good number. 

Organizations insist that the teamwork achieves a proper structure when people are encouraged to debate around ideas but not against each other. Collective result is the need and team members need to learn the vision and establish the steps to achieve the same. It is this shared vision that promotes productivity. 

Engagement behavior

The next aspect for analysis in this test is engagement behavior. Communication between team members is crucial to understand the needs and plan essential activities to accomplish the goals. Hence, I give priority to brainstorming where I listen to ideas of everyone and insist on participation in meetings. After the ideas are shared, I note the points down and then take a collective solution. By carrying out this method, I ensure that team members are aware of the openness and trust between each other and that they feel respected and treated equally so they share opinions without hesitation. 

In most of the projects, I take the position of a leader and apply my expertise to completely utilize the talents of the team members and also understand their career aspirations so I offer suitable solutions to scale higher. The work assignments are also based on the competencies and aspirations as expressed by the team members. I have scored a total of 35 out of 40 in this section. 

Leader insists that equality is the foundation for team members to active participate in a team activity. When tasks are allocated, the goals of individuals will have to be kept in mind as this can accelerate the performance and the winning percentage of such a team is high. As a team member voices out whenever required and feels comfortable with others, the intrinsic motivation plays a role in improving the self-efficacy and retaining employees in an organization. 


The next subject of study is collaboration. As mentioned earlier, I place objectives of the team first and take all the inputs from them to make decisions. Whenever there are conflicts, I resolve and apply constructive feedback mechanism to sort out the issue. I focus excessively on shared responsibility and encourage team members to stay accountable to their works irrespective of the complexity or duration of the project. In this section, I have scored 37 out of 40 which is once again a good number and show a healthy collaboration behavior. 

Collaboration of team members empowers personalities of individuals and establishes trust between each other. Eventually, it brings a healthy working environment for everyone to discuss and work together without having to fear about judgments and conflicts. As a person who comes forward to sort out issues and misunderstanding between people, I feel that the effectiveness of a team lies in the collaboration and this can eventually influence the group performance. 

Performance management

The last aspect to be analyzed is performance management. As a team member, every person likes to be assessed and rewarded for their performances at different phases in the project lifecycle. It is my habit to offer feedbacks to the performance of teammates and I expect the same from them. When I find that someone has done extremely well, I never hesitate to appreciate them in the public. 

I respect interpersonal relationships which is the reason that I also continue with informal conversations and track their progresses. I encourage team members to interact with each other even outside the organization premises and ensure that the productivity is never compromised. These efficient procedures have enabled me to address the gaps in terms of responsibilities and outcomes effortlessly. I have scored a total of 37 out of 40 marks under this subject and this is once again encouraging. 

Developmental plans for the self

I have scored a satisfactory score at the end. However, I still feel that there is a lot more to develop. Firstly, I need to work on flexibility and actively listen to the needs of others. Subsequently, I need to focus on positivity as this can drive the team members on the right direction and keep them motivated and satisfied in this job. The next trait to work on is decision making of the team members. Instead of me taking the decision each time, I need to work on encouraging team members to take decisions and assess the appropriateness of such decisions. 

Developing these traits can develop my approachableness and enable me to become a transformational leader instead of yet another team leader. Being a transformational leader can train the team to accept and adapt to the changes. 

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