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The Evolution of Western Culture Assignment Help

1. Describe the evolution of Western culture and nations in the early 19th century. Be sure to focus on at least one major nation or cultural set of kingdoms, and include changing philosophies in politics, economics, and culture as part of your discussion.

2. Discuss the impact of the changing urban center. Include the impacts on political, economic, and social roles and opportunities. The changing role of the family and the diversity of class should also be introduced and discussed.

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Answer 1

In the early 19th century, the economic system was predominantly capitalistic, and its roots can be traced back to the Renaissance period. People often risked their capital for the purpose of producing goods in a market that was based largely on currency and was dependent on inexpensive labor. The political power was shared in nature, and was further supported by the overall improvements in the standard of living, which was due to the spread of public education. The culture began to develop through globalization, which was triggered mostly by the spread of the European way of life.

Answer 2

Urbanization has impacted virtually every aspect of life. As the population in the cities increase, politicians become responsible for the safety and management of more people, thereby calling for the need to modify the ways in which they function. Economic opportunities have increased, which has further changed the social fabric as well the standard of living as they are heading towards growth and development. The higher costs of living in the urban areas have also paved the way for the emergence of nuclear families, and women no longer are relegated to the kitchen, as they too have an important role to play within the family.

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