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Accounting Software Planning Assignment Help

You have been contracted by a accounting firm that is looking to modernise their systems. In particular, they wish to set up a server in their office to:

Provide a basic web presense

Maintain a file server to manage the financial documents of their clients

Keep a database of clients and their contact details

As this is an accounting firm, they require security and reliability as core considerations.

You need to write a proposal for the firm covering:

Which Operating System the server should use (Windows or Linux are both options) explaining why your choice should be selected over the alternatives
What software should be used, with basic details on how it will be installed
A security plan for the server - who should have access, how files will be secured, and how to ensure that security is mantained

A plan for managing backups

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Choice of OS and Why

The company will be using the accounting forms which will be for the system modernization which is able to set up the server in the office for handling the web standards and maintaining the file server as well. With this, the company will also be able to manage with the different financial documents for the clients and then keep the database for the clients with their relevant contact details. Through this, there is a possibility to ensure the security and the reliability sectors. I would like to choose Linux for handling the accounting firm and then handle the different problems of the financial documentation as well. It will be helpful for the porting from Unix to Linux which is for the well-tested packages that will be helpful for the wider support of the new hardware. The accessibility is from the window with proper computability that helps in offering the accounting, distribution and the Point of Sale packages that are for the developers. The experiences highlight about the different installation processes with planning about the ownership and then working over the billing, job costing and manufacturing in an effective manner. The use of the substantial to the medium business is set for the full accounting processes where Linux bookkeeping is able to map with the non-profit and funds for the accounting versions (Barnett et al., 2015). The small to the substantial business requires to map with keeping a track on the savings, credit cards and the other accounting forms. It is seen that there is a complete ease of use for the Linux system where there is a possibility to handle the software with computability. It is able to support the new hardware setup programming and planning in an effective manner.

The windows have been facing the issues with the reliance on the computers where the data can be corrupted and then there will be no possibility to retrieve the backup of the files. The accounting software data needs an extra level of security to prevent the problems like the fraud and the embezzlement. The software needs to ensure about the limitations with the control users of accounting software features. There is a need to enter the data into the software of accounting which is quick and then it results in the errors. The performance of the calculations is found to be difficult for the tracing of problems and so the Windows system is not able to work on different accounting processes. The time and the training is needed for the windows to handle the screening process mainly for the software programs and then enter the basic data and time requirements (Fitzgerald et al, 2015). This can lead to the outweighing of the automatic calculations.

What software should be used, with basic details on how it will be installed

Xero has been effective online accounting software for the business, and it can give a real time view for the cashflow as well. It will include the small business accounting software with the occasional magical standard that helps in using the app to reconcile, and then send the invoices. The people are paid faster through this with the online invoicing and then handling the updates when they are opened. The reconciliation is done in seconds with focusing over the different growth of the business. Xero has been able to secure and work on the reliability of the experts through supporting the 24*7 system with the easy invoicing. Xero mobile app has been working with the iPad and Android phones which are able to handle the inventory time speed up. The accounting software Xero has been effectively able to track and handle the sales as well, with the use of molt-currency that helps in managing with the exchange of the rates. The attachment is done with the different source of the documents which is for the handling of invoices, bills and more where there is a possibility to work over the approval of receipts and creating better purchasing orders. Xero has been involved with the cloud-based accounting that helps in planning about the small and the medium sized business. The products are used for the SaaS model that is sold by the subscription where the company has been able to work on the planning and the acquisitions (Gruss et al, 2018). The products involves the key features for the Xero accounting which includes the automatic banking and the credit card accounting feeds, invoicing and the accepting of the payments or accounts payable.

The acquisitions are based on the product features which includes the automatic banking and the credit card accounting feeds, invoices and then accepting the payments. It works on the purchasing of orders and the standard business or the management reporting. Xero has been able to work on the free API standards that help in working over the integration of the external applications with Xero. Xero has been able to allow the users to work on different locations or the operating systems in a proper manner.
The installation of the Xero app includes the big commerce includes all:

a. The Big Commerce control panel with the store setup and accounting

b. Install Xero

image 3.jpg


c .       Click confirming the Xero with BigCommerce Store


image 4.jpg


d.     The connection is based on the BigCommerce access with Xero account


image 6.jpg



image 5.jpg

Security plan for the server

The security planning of the servers with the planning on the file server with containing of the information and storing the salary. The directory with the phone numbers, email address and titles with the online applications are for the student admissions. The examples are based on the servers with the research computing purposes without involving the moderate with the file server used and then stored with not including sensitive information. The patching is based on the keeping version of the security latches of system and applications. The firewall includes the tracking of ports with the IP addresses and encrypting end to end with reviewing processes. The removal extra software that needs to plan with the major security concern. The monitoring is based on the server performance (Jabeen et al., 2016).

The security includes the assessment of the threats that are set for the unauthorized access with the disclosure of service and information. The assessment is based on the organization and break-ins that are considered to be undermining the confidence and planning about the break-in practices. The assessment is based on the dependency with the information that can be compromised. The medical records and corporate plans, with the case of disclosure that includes the benefits to connect the individual workstations that is set for the small servers with outweighing the chances with handling the services with threats. The availability and the data integrity and the planning is mapped with the gaining of the unauthorized access to the system with planning with the planning about the subnets to distribute control.

A plan for managing backups

The restoration options with the Cloud Control Panel includes the restoration of the alternate site with the handling of the over restoration methods. The restoring of the database is to plan about the general site restoration planning. The creation of the backups and the email forwarding or the filtration is done through working or providing the database, email address, forwarders and the filters. They are considered important for creating a backup with restoring the files and then using the individual file and folders. The filing of the better project includes the planning with the samples that are used for the virtual instruments which are about handling the approach to the different project files and handling external data. The instruments, controllers and effects with the options and procedures that create the on-demand backups, restoring the back-ups and the migrating events between the development and testing. The extra security is about the two-step authentication with adding the extra layer of security with helping to protect the account. The internet banking and the online services comes with the two-step authentication is mapped with using the personal information where Xero has been about working over the data and working on encryption to prevent the unauthorized access (Milojicic et al., 2016). It protects the data with unrecognized coding using the data encryption with the protection from the personal and the financial data. The company will be able to store the data and then plan about the servers and data centers with 24*7 monitoring. The regular data security auditing is important for mapping the multiple layers that is needed for setting the different locations. The stay of up-to-date patterns with the security warnings helps in managing the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 with the security management system. Xero has been able to achieve the planning with the management program that includes the Service Organizational Control report.

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