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Community Health Nursing Roles Assignment Help

Description of the population(s) served in this setting. Discussion of three health services provided by the assigned CHN role in this setting. Support with textbook or scholarly source. 30.0 pts Community setting includes: - description of a practice setting for the assigned CHN role. Description of the population(s) served in this setting. Discussion of three health services provided by the assigned CHN role in this setting. Support from textbook or scholarly source is present.

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Community Health Nursing aims at the disease prevention in the specific community. This involves a team of nurses collaborating together to promote the health intervention in the specific community. Community Health Nurses' primary role is to improve the quality of lives in the community. Since 1990's, community health nurses are actively engaged in the improvement of lives of United States population by identifying and examining the diseases, establishment of disease control and prevention in the societies to promote the overall wellbeing across various settings. Community Health nurses are registered nursing practitioners trained to work in public settings such as schools, jails, state or federal health agencies and business centers. They are observed to run wellness clinics, prepare for emergency disaster reliefs or to treat injury and epidemic diseases.


The main purpose of this report is to address the key concerns of Community Health Nursing (CHN) services in Hill district, Pennsylvania. Specifically, this report demonstrates three key domains of CHN such as disease prevention specialists, community educator and advocate. Disease prevention specialists focus on both short term and long term care for prevention of disease. CHN as community health educator aim at rendering awareness and materials to the society to individuals, families and communities to create a healthy living environment in the society. Public health nursing advocate working in federal, state and local level provide better access to healthcare, protect the health care funding for public health programs in order to remove healthcare disparities associated within the community. They conduct Special Supplemental Nutritional Program for infants, children and women. This report details about these three services provided by CHN among Hill District residents.


Hill district comprise of five distinct neighborhoods who are primarily Afro-Americans for past 80 years. The residents had higher standards of living including rich cultural practices, higher literacy rates and better employment. Yet, more than 50% residents in this district are below poverty level. Poverty challenges increase transportation to the healthcare, purchasing healthy food materials, less level of education (Kallichman, 2010). Vericker et al (2010) describes that preventative healthcare measures using outreach consultant.

Health Promotion Nursing Intervention

Vericker et al (2010) reveals that 11% mothers suffer from chronic depression due to poverty. 66% mother lack proper medical attention. Ilicit drug trade is also common in this region due to increased elderly fall. (Nauert, 2010) reveals that addressing depression treatment is complex for urban communities especially among Afro-Americans.

Health issue: Depression Factors

Poverty, low health literacy rates, Family abuse and cultural based attitudes in healthcare Intervention
Public health awareness nurse will conduct 30 minutes health awareness on depression and mental health. Interactive awareness session defining the health, daily conditions of healthy living, common symptom of anxiety, depression and stress with guided images will be conducted in community settings.

Health issue: Lack of health literacy for HIV


Prostitution, lack of income, cultural attitudes on communicable diseases


Public health advocate nurses shall conduct awareness program and provide free condoms to promote sex education and HIV prevention. Awareness videos will be casted in local schools and cultural centers in Hill district. Conducting HIV mass screening program will benefit the prevention of HIV incidence within the Hill district. Advocate nurses should focus on developing knowledge and awareness among communities on illicit drug trade, prostitution, harmful health effects of unsafe sex practices which could possibly lead to communicable disease incidence in the society.

Professional Nursing Organization on Public Health

American Nursing Association typically supports the Quad council coalition of public health nursing. These organization listed in Quad council coalition focus on improving the health outcomes in the community.

Association of Community Health Nursing Educators (ACHNE)

Association of Community Health Nursing Educators is established in 1978. It provides public health education programs to schools, colleges and communities as well as local health departments. They employ innovative health strategies to improve public health outcome on immunizations, infection control policy, quitting smoking, environmental health and opioid crisis response. (ACHNE, n.d)

Association of Public Health Nurses (APHN)

The main mission of APHN is to reshape the role of community health nurses in population health by educating and advocating the policies and practices for the advancement of public health issues to promote public health(APHN, n.d). This organization also conducts mass screening, diagnosis, delivering health supplement programs for promoting the public health. The greatest issues addressed by the association is the disparities in the pay received by different streams of nurses. Disparities in the salary received by public health nurses increases the cost of public healthcare and lack of workforce for the stream of public healthcare nursing (Kelly, 2010).


This report briefly explained about the community health nursing and their role in the healthcare promotion. The paper chosen the hill district, a low literacy region located in Pennsylvania, United States for assessing the public healthcare nursing strategies, interventions and issues in community healthcare. The key issue observed are depression and lack of health illiteracy for HIV. Two healthcare intervention were discussed in this paper and key issues observed currently by professional public health nursing associations were also explained.

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