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Information Technology and System

It is a field of engineering which involves a computer-based or software based solution to various problems of the society. It supports services like collecting data from various sources, storing that data in a structured manner, data representations, transmitting information from one place to the other and finally using that information for some purpose. Basically, it is all about converting the raw data into meaningful information and then generating some knowledge out of it. All the systems that use information technology for its execution help users to get services easily are called as information systems. Some of the key information systems are management information system, enterprise resource planning, hospital management system, online ticket booking systems and several of those that give online services to their customers. 

Importance of Information Technology and System Course

Modern living in all sense requires the use of information technology and systems, life of all the people is influenced at a larger scale with the evolution of information technology and information systems. Almost all the basic amenities and requirements of people can be solved online using any information technology and information systems. One can use it for booking tickets, buying products, communicating with people and much more. It has come out to be one of the business domains and helped various businesses to analyze the market and make decisions and improve their business strategies. Most of the companies provide training to their workforce to learn different information technologies and using different information systems. With the equal importance, information security is another concept which should be learned by the students because all the information is available in air to mainlining the reliability of channel along with the integrity, confidentiality, and correctness of data that is transmitted. Experts who work in this field must have sound technical knowledge of using a computer and concepts of communication as they need to transmit information within the organizations and its system.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Information Technology and System problems

Information technology and system problems are generally simple but require a lot of pre-planning and use of proper strategies for implementing it. So designing it is simple but operating it is very complex. Improper communication with the students is one problem that causes the development of the wrong product. The problem statements are sometimes not very clear so students are not able to find out the actual requirements out of it. Many technologies that are used for implementing the information systems are very complex and demand a good amount of programming knowledge. Strong knowledge of technologies like Java, DotNet, PHP etc is required to solve these problems. The scope of an information system is very wide and so it takes a lot of time in solving the problems. Maintaining the security of any information system is a major challenge for students as the threats are available in wide range and are increasing at a very rapid rate. The information system has become one of the potentials for hackers to steal user's information, so it is a difficult part for students to solve.

Few important tips to solve these problems

Programming knowledge with good problem-solving skills and analytical thinking can solve maximum problems for the students. For learning programming languages and technologies lot of tools are available, but what should be focused more is logic development. Tools like Dreamweaver, Drupal, and Eclipse are easily available for the students to practice and learn any programming language. These tools also provide drag and drop features so programming syntax don't really remain a problem for students but logic development is an issue which can be improved by solving puzzles and using various mind mapping techniques.  

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