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Network Theory

Network theory is the core course in the field of a computer network. It is a combination of computer science, network science, and graph theory. It involves the use of mathematical models to solve network problems. It converts all the advanced networking concepts into mathematical models and then tries to design and implement the solution accordingly. It is sometimes also called as network modeling. Basically, it involves a deep learning of graphs and the representation of graphs using symmetric or asymmetric associations surrounded by discrete objects. Some of the important implications of network theory are logistic networks, genetic reliability networks, and metabolic networks. One of the most popular applications of network theory is social network and implementation of World Wide Web (WWW). Both these applications make use of network theory to a large extent because of their complex structure. Social network and WWW are extended interconnected at a large scale.

 Importance of Network Theory Course

Network theory is a basic and most exciting course in computer science. It is a very dynamic area of research in a computer network. A lot of new innovations and breakthroughs are evolving every year. It has given a whole new way of looking at the world as things are all connected to each other. It has come up as a new paradigm shift in the field of a computer network. It is a completely interdisciplinary field, which combines many fields like IoT, Information Technology, Mechanical, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and even social sciences. As it is a research field it provides the scope of research for students from various disciplines. It will motivate students to do some research in this field and improve the quality of the network that exists in the current world. It also improves the command over mathematics as the study moreover related to mathematical models and their use in networking.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Network Theory problems

Network theory has exposed to the fundamental arrangement of multifaceted systems. Basically, the systems on with network theory are applied are the internet and biological networks in the cell. All the universal properties of various complex networks are identified and a lot of comparative studies have been done on their arrangement and dynamics. Many new challenges and difficulties are faced by students while learning this course. They find it difficult to understand the multilayer structure of many networks, calculations of network geometry, network topology, and mathematical models related to the network designing. Students learning this course should have very good knowledge of mathematics and solve complex equations. This is one of the major challenges for them in solving network theory problems. Understanding the graph theory is also a difficult part for students because it has got many complex formulas that they need to implement while solving network theory problems.            

Few important tips to solve these problems

To solve the complex network theory problems it is very important to identify various tools that can be used with simplicity to understand the problem and then designing the solution with the support of various features that are available. Some of the simulation tools are packet tracer, OMNET++, Network Simulator 3, and GNS3. These tools have the majority of the features that are essential for network theory problems and are available for free as open source tools. In the case of mathematical modeling, practicing mathematics is the only solution because it is a procedural concept and needs to be solved as expected. For simplicity in understanding the graph theory, one can learn the small algorithms that are available in order to implement the graph concepts using any programming language. With implementation, it is simple and effective to understand the network theory concepts.   

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