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Thermal Engineering

Thermal engineering is the sub-branch of mechanical engineering. its main focus is the study of heat energy. It explains how thetransfer of heat takes place from one medium to the other medium. It not only focuses on transfer between different mediums but also on the different forms of energy.These different forms of energy are desirably usable in nature. The fundamental principle of thermal engineering is the study of the process that is involved in transforming the energy into different forms such that it can be used there to complete any specific task. For that matter, it tells how thermal energy can be used in chemical, electrical or electronics systems. All these concepts lead to the study of heat transfer. The important application of thermal engineering is where the raw material is applied with some process and converting it into some useful form so that it can be used in any process. Many times the raw material is converted into some form of energy and then that energy is used to complete some mechanical work. There are many components that are involved in the establishment of thermal power stations. 

Importance of Thermal Engineering Course or Assignments

Thermal engineering has many applications which make it a very important discipline. Some of the key applications are in the field of heating systems, developing intelligent air conditioning systems, and implementing renewable energy power plants, manufacturing of military and defenseequipment, various electronics and electrical systems, building aerospace systems, functioning of different types of boilers and many other mechanical and electrical systems. Another importance of thermal engineering is its capability of using raw material to produce useful energy source. The thermal engineering concepts are applied in the internal combustion engines, various turbines systems, and refrigeration.All these applications are very important in today's world. This is why thermal engineering course is very important sub-branch of mechanical engineering.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Thermal Engineering problems/assessments

Being an analytical course, the assignments from this course are a bit complex for the students to solve. Some common difficulties that most of the students face with this course are the use of many charts and tables to identify the values. For example, steam table, data book for refrigeration mentioning various standards, Moeller diagram, and the most difficult psychometric chart. Other than these common difficulties some complex problems based on working on internal combustion engine and ignition system of vehicles. Some other difficulties are in the calculations of the ratio of critical pressure and numerically based on friction. Analytical problems for the performance of internal combustion engine are also a difficulty for students when writing assignments. Calculations for various parameters related to air conditioners and refrigeration involves a lot of analytical procedure and students have to solve the assignment stepwise to get the final solutions. Assignments on cooling load are also very complex and most of the students face problem while writing the solutions for such problems.

Few important tips to solve these problem assignments

Thermal engineering is a complex course and it demands a lot of practice from the students to solve the assignments. Deep knowledge of mathematics and fundamentals of thermal is essential to solving the problems easily. To learn the use of various books, charts, tables some shortcuts has to be applied which are available in the literature. A list of all the performance parameters of internal combustion engine is to be maintained as a log so that a fixed procedure can be used while solving the analytical problem. These logs will certainly help students to solve any complex numerical problem or in understanding any theorem.

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