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Theory of Computation

Theory of computation is a component of computer science theory which deals with solving the problems in an efficient manner using some model of computation and which is solved using an algorithm. It is a theory that defines computer science. It explains how computer science problems can be solved using various algorithms. So it is basically a study that infers mathematical logic implantations. This course explains the computer algorithms in a mathematical way and also tells how the algorithms work. In addition to this, the course is also responsible for explaining the analysis of any algorithm using the logics of mathematics. It is a huge field in academics and has involved a lot of research in past. Looking at its huge nature it is divided into three branches named as thetheory of automata, computation theory and computational complexity theory. 

Importance of Theory of ComputationCourse

Theory of computation is a core subject of computer science discipline. Any students graduating in this discipline should have knowledge of this course because it will help students in solving the computational problem with ease. Algorithms are the core of computer science so one must know the mathematical behavior of the algorithms and should understand how these algorithms function internally to solve any complex problem. After studying these courses students will actually able to relate the theoretical knowledge of computer science with some mathematical foundation, so it prepares a strong fundamental backbone for the computer science graduates. The course is meant to learn the way an algorithm is destined to function and also to prove it mathematically by analyzing various problems that are solved using those algorithms. This course is also very useful for computer scientists who are working in this field of study. Research is going on in different models of computations, for example, the most important research is carrying out on Turing Machine which has attracted many scientists over the world. So, keeping this course in the curriculum is the necessity of computer science discipline.  

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Theory of Computationproblems

Understanding the theory of computation course is a very difficult task because it involves alot of mathematics which is combined with computer science. So, it is bringing in two different disciplines to form some theoretical foundations. Things are explained at a very low level in this course which requires a very deep knowledge of all the fundamental concepts. For solving problems of automata theory or Turing machine students must have knowledge of grammar, may and more machines which itself are very complex to understand.  For implementing the concepts of thetheory of computation a strong programming knowledge is essential. Generally, all the coding is done in C programming language to solve the problems. Because it is all about themathematical working of algorithms one must first learn the core concepts before implementing it.

Few important tips to solve these problems

To solve the complex problems of thetheory of computation knowledge of the C programming languages is a prerequisite. Students will not be able to implement any algorithm without the strong knowledge and skills of C programming languages. Another way to make theunderstanding theory of computation simple is to work out on various numerical problems before implementing those in C programming language. There are many numerical on finite automata theory which can help students to analyze the working of any algorithm. Solving numerical will give a lot of practice and deep understanding of the core concepts which will make programming simple. Indirectly, students will improve their programming skills also as they will implement the complex computational problems in real life.

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