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Force and motion

1. Force and motion definition:

   When two objects interact we get forces which as pushes and pulls resulting from the interaction between objects called force.

When an object is moving or changing its place or even changing position then that process is called as motion.

2. Force and motion basics concept: 

The basic concept of force is that when force is applied to an object with mass cause   change in its velocity. Therefore when force includes thrust then velocity of an object increases. If force includes drag then velocity of an object decreases and torque leads to change in the rotational speed of an object.

      According to Newton's second law of motion:

      F=ma, where

F= net force of an object, unit of force is N

m = mass of the object, unit of mass is kg

a= acceleration of the object, unit of acceleration is m/s2

        The basic concept of motion is that when change in position of the object taking place or process of moving or being moved. When the object changes its   position with respect to surroundings and that body have definite speed and velocity. The body is said to be Motion. 

Motion can be explain with the help of three equation of motion as:

1)      v = u + at

2)      S=  ut +1/2 at2

3)      v2 = u2 + 2as


 v = final velocity

u= initial velocity

a = acceleration

s = distance travelled by a body

t = time taken

3.  Force and motion example: 

Force: To explain the examples of force as:

  • When two objects tied together and applying constant force in opposite directionthen force is known as balanced force.
  • When an object pushes another object then force is pushing force. 
  • When flag is attached on the pole is moving then that is natural wind force. 
  • When an object is thrown, it attacked toward earth duegravity then that force is gravitational force. 

Motion:  To explain the examples of motion as:

  • Acceleration: Velocity is a speed in the given direction. Acceleration is the change in the, when a girl throw a ball from balcony then due to gravity, ball pulled faster toward the ground and it is speeding up. Therefore the ball is acceleration as it falls.
  • Newton's first law: It also referred to as law of inertia. When an object is at rest then object will stay at rest. If it is in motion then object will stay in motion with same speed and direction unless force is applied.
  • Momentum: it can be explain as quantity of motion of a moving body, can be measured as a product of its mass and its velocity. When a bus is moving continuously has a large momentum and it takes a large force to get resultant speed and would take a similar large force to bring it to a stop. If bus have less weight, or less speed, then it would have minimum momentum and therefore it requires less impulse to start the bus and to stop the bus.

Momentum denoted as p.

                        p = mv,

                m = mass

   v = velocity

  • Speed: it can thought as the rate at which body covers distance. A fast moving car has high speed and covers larger distance in the given amount of time while slow moving car has relatively small amount of distance in same amount of time.
  • Newton's third law: it stated that when force is applied on the object then it produced equal and opposite action. Let's take an example there is a two pair of force acting on the two interacting body. The force on the first body will be same as the force on the second body.

4.      Force and motion facts: 


  • Push and pull are the type of force.
  • Inertia does not explain force. Any object with mass or weight can automatically slow down due to its weight
  • Spring and elastic are the type of force.
  • Sir Isaac Newton was one of the first scientists to study force and gravity. As scientists uses his three laws in their theory now a days.
  • Force has the type called magnetism. It is force which can be applied on a magnetic object towards the magnet and away from it.


  • Newton's first laws of motion explain as when force is applied then object accelerate, slow down or changes direction.
  • Newton's second laws of motion explains as acceleration is depends on object weight and how hard it is being pushed or pulled.
  • Newton's third law of motion explains as when force is applied on one way then equal force pushes in the opposite direction.
  • Under certain circumstances, newton's second law of motion is modifies by the Einstein's theory of relativity.

5. Force and motion-Relation between force and laws of motion: 

Force and motion are related to each other in nature. Force is cause of motion. As per newton wasthe first scientist who discovered the relation between force and motion and conclude three statements as:

  • Force can cause an object or body to accelerate. For example: a man is cycling and rotating the pedal of bicycle, it will move in high speed as its wheels are accelerating.
  • Force can cause an object or body to decelerate. For example: when wicket keeper stops a ball at the time of white ball, he causes it decelerate and stop.
  • Force can cause an object or body to change directions: When force is applied to an object to with different angle to its direction of motion that produce the object to change in motion. For example: when a boy hit a ball speed of the ball can be maintained if the force is applied by him at a perpendicular angle, but the velocity of the ball remains unchanged therefore force and motion are two entity heavily connected to each other.

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