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PHP is a free, open source server side language. It can be used as an alternative to ASP (Active Server Page) technology of Microsoft. PHP is called HTMl embedded because one can use PHP statements from within an HTML. Before showing the information to the user who has requested it, Operations called in the PHP scripts are interpreted and performed by the web server. Unlike, C++ where programs can be compiled permanently into an executable file, before executing the program PHP being a scripting language is interpreted instead of being compiled. Command interpreters (usually programs written in another language C/C++) are used to interpret a scripting language program interpreting one command at a time. Some other examples of scripting languages are ASP, Perl, Python, Java and Ruby.

Importance of PHP Programming

PHP is a widely acclaimed and pined for structure that is the premise of numerous sites, web applications and Content Management systems. Here are a couple advantages of creating web applications with its offer assistance:

  • It has a solid core and an extremely secure design. Hence, applications created utilizing it as the structure are extremely secure, steady and safe in themselves.
  • It is used to power some of world's most visited websites like Face book, Word press, Drupal, Digg and many others.
  • PHP is a cross platform language and not dependent on any particular platform. Php applications run smoothly on all popular operating systems and browsers.

Why students should prefer to join PHP Programming Course Assignment?

PHP in often considered as the first web programming language of the world. There are many older Languages like C, C++ and Java but either they were created before internet and they were developed to solve many types of problems. On the other hand, PHP was designed with a sole purpose to help people to build their websites quickly. Many programming languages including newer ones like Python are designed to run from a command line by default. In order to use them for web programming a web framework or template system, or at minimum an external library is needed. PHP do not require extra tool or software to configure as the basics of outputting WebPages are incorporated into the language. No extra tool or software is needed to configure. Being open source software Php under PHP license can be used, copied and even modified without any fees.

Let's compare a program that prints "Hello World!" in Java and PHP.

class TestWorld {

            static public void main( String args[ ] ) {


                                    System.out.println( "Hello World!" ) ;



Same output can be achieved in PHP using these 3 lines:


                        echo "Hello World!"


Many successful websites and applications run on PHP

Some of the major and most successful sites in the world have been built on PHP which also makes it most used server side language in the world. Wikipedia, world's largest collection of informative articles, Face book, world's largest social network, and World's largest Blogging Platform Word pressand Crowdwd sourced news site like Digg all use PHP. There are millions of php powered websites in the world. Practical Usage by these companies also helps in evolving new tools and functionalities for PHP to make it more scalable and execute faster.

Skills required for completing PHP programming course assignment

PHP has a great documentation to get started which is also one of the major reasons for its success. With thousands of examples, detailed explanation and comments one can easily understand the basic concepts of PHP. But since PHP is a server side language in order to write good projects in assignment there is a need to have understanding of other languages as well.

  • HTML, because PHP generally outputs HTML to the browser
  • MySQL, to store data
  • CSS, add styles and make your websites beautiful
  • JavaScript, to make your HTML pages interactive
  • Basic concepts of Procedural and Object Oriented Programming

Difficulties encountered while writing Php programming assignment

Major problems encountered while writing PHP assignment have their base in the fact that students often do not have know good knowledge of PHP libraries, frameworks, in-built functions, understanding of databases.  Different syntax is used for procedural and object oriented PHP and is sometimes problematic for students. Some important concepts that are tricky for students are designing, validation and handling of PHP forms for user inputs, sending email from scripts using PHP E-mail, PHP Secure E-mail, different HTTP request methods like $_GET, $_POST, $_PUT etc, User-Defined PHP Functions, Opening, closing and upload of files, Database access and queries.

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