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Capital Market Analysis Ratios

First we will talk about that what is market value ratio so market value ratios are employed to assess the current share price of the stock of a publicly traded company. Means all the shares of that company are included in the analysis of market value ratio which will show up everyone how much the company is profitable or not. These ratios of the market value of the company are used both by the existing or upcoming investors in future to assess the fair value of a company's share and also let them make a quick decision whether to invest more in this company or join hands with this company or not. Market value of a company plays very big role in the uplifting of a company among all other established companies.

Who uses the Market Value Ratios?

Here arises a very big question that who uses the market value ratio, why do we need to calculate these market value of a company in today's world so here is the short explanation regarding this. Since they are more focused on the operational concerns or issues, corporate managers do not pay a very close attention to these market value ratios of any organization or any company. The chief exception is the investors relations officers, who are going to invest or invest again in that company. Who is more likely to actively monitor these metrics because they must be able to assess the company's success from the initial point or we can say from the standpoint of investors. By analyzing the market value ratio of a company, it is very easier for a investors to think whether they want to invest their money in the company or not. Now if we talk of the privately owned companies and their market value ratio then it is that since there is no precise means to determine a market value for the shares of privately owned companies or any corporation, market value ratios are not applied to those shares.

Some of the most common market value ratios are:-

  • Book Value Per Share: The total amount of the stockholder's and the shareholder's equity in a company is divided by the number of outstanding shares to arrive at the book value per share. When one have to decide that whether to buy the share of that particular company or sell any share of the company or not then this metric can be used a benchmark as we can see whether the market value per share of that company is higher or lower means the company is in profit or suffering from loss. This makes the person understand about the current situation of the company.
  • Dividend Yield: Now what is dividend yield, the annual dividend total divided by the stock's market price yields the dividend yield. The main benefit of this dividend yield is this if the investors want to purchase the shares at the present market of the company then they would receive this return on their investment that they had done in the company.
  • Earnings Per Share: There may be several variations when we are calculating this earning per share of the company, this is also one common point in the market value of the company. Earnings per share are computed by dividing the company's reported earnings means that we have recorded till now by the number of outstanding shares of the company. Now this helps investors to figure out that how much of this company's shares are worth even if it is not reflecting or giving us information regarding the market value or market price of that company's share.
  • Market Value Per Share: Now when any investors thinks of investing in any company or buying some shares of that company then they always see that what is the market value of the shares of that company and try to predict what will be in future. The overall market value of the company is divided by the total number of outstanding shares to arrive at the market value per share. This displays the price that the market has placed on the each share of a company's stock at the time of writing in the sheets.
  • Price Earnings Ratio: The price to earnings ratio is derived by each share's current market price by its per share reported earnings. Comparing the resulting multiple to similar ratio results for rival companies, one can determine if the shares of the particular company compared to other companies are overpriced or underpriced. By this determination of ratio the investors got every idea about companies share and they setup their mind where to buy share or invest and where not with specific reasons.

If we talk about the market value of share of the company in technical terms then it will be as the market value of the shares of a stock is 25% greater than its book value that is written.  Why this calculation of the market value ratio of a company is important because when an investor decides to invest in any company they do not invest randomly just to promote that company, they have brains and they make stock market investments by keeping in mind all the pros and cons of their deal.  Market related ratios facilitate investor's usage of comprehension of the balance sheet's statistics.  By knowing the market price of each share of a company the investors invest and because of this the investors are particularly interested in how the company's current share price measures up to its fundamental. So, from this article related to the analysis of market value ratio of a company you have got an idea that how much calculating ratios in a company is important for them and for their business too.  One component of all the market related ratios is the current stock price. Basically, it is very much important for the investors to know the market value of the company so that they can work wisely and buy the shares of the company which will fulfill their all needs and will grow faster.

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