What are life skills? Know 6 life skills to learn for overcoming adversity & overcoming obstacles!

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The term 'Life Skills' means to refer the skills you need to make the most out of life. The students are needed to learn these life skills.

Any skill which is useful in your life can be known a life skill. Tying your shoe laces, swimming, and using a computer and driving a car are, for most people, useful life skills. Broadly speaking, the term 'life skills' is usually used for any of the skills needed to deal well and effectively with the challenges of life.

It must be cleared that everyone will require having a different list of the skills they consider most essential in life, and those that they consider unnecessary. This article is therefore developed to provide a broad general introduction and tips to the concept of life skills and point you towards other attributes that you may get it useful for developing your skills. This article is general means of following points...

  • Skills to Know Overcoming Challenges In Life
  • The proven ways on how to overcome adversity in life
  • The Core Life Skills to Learn and Master
  • What are Life Skills? - Skills You Need
  • Few Important Characteristics Needed For Overcoming Adversity
  • Life Skills for Staying Strong in Times of Adversity
  • Ways Successful People Push Through Adversity
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Life Skills For Students That Help In Future Development
  • Importance of Life Skills Education

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Six life skills to learn for overcoming adversity

The cycle of life never remains the same, for if it will be same always; then we would never able to enjoy the happy moments and understand its importance. Adversity in life gives a jerk to our smooth life; it tests our patience so it is up to us that how well we can handle that pressure and stays calm. That is why it is said by Albert Einstein that "Adversity introduces man to himself". It is because it is easy to perform when the situations are favorable but the person who is able to perform in unfavorable situation is a real hero.

Therefore it is very important to overcome adversity and move in life. There are some skills which helps the person in overcoming adversity:

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Humans are bound to make mistake, so if you had also made a mistake, there is nothing wrong in it. So don't criticize yourself for a mistake in fact you should be flexible enough to learn from your mistakes. Learn from your mistake, take it as a lesson and move on in life. However you should avoid repeating the mistake again and again. For example; as a student you are not able to complete a assignment because you planning was not proper, that was a mistake but instead of cribbing over it you should forget it and try and adapt yourself to new planning which can make your work complete.


Try and try until you success; yes this should the aim of our life. Don't pay any heed to negative thoughts and distractions, stay focused and stay calm. All days are not the same, if you have failed today then tomorrow may be a new day, if you fail tomorrow also, then day after tomorrow is a new day. Thus never surrender in an in front of a situation, if you are perseverant, the things will definitely shape up according to you.


Resilience is fighting back and making the things as per your wish. If you have the ability to recover from a adversity then you are resilient.

Resources and creativity:

The situation may turn adverse for you; however it cannot take way your all resources and creativity. So use these as two weapons to fight the adverse situation. There is no problem in taking help from your friends and family.

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Whatever may be the situation, it will not change by cribbing, so accept the situation by staying calm. Our half the battle is won if we learn to accept the things. The acceptance does not imply that we should sit idle without doing anything but instead acceptance means not panicking. A person generally takes the wrong steps in panic state, therefore you should accept the things calmly first and then take the necessary step. You should have the acceptance in adverse situation as you have in other situations.


A person may be very conscious about his or her diet but he or she will still need the sweets, even though in any form. Similarity in life one needs a humor. Humor helps you to tackle the difficult situation easily. Guiding yourself in discipline is good but never take yourself too seriously, some humor here and there, some enjoyment here there is very important to keep the fun alive your life. So even in adverse situation never part your ways with humor as it will give you strength.

A charcoal has to undergo through lot of stress to become a diamond. A person who needs to experience life has to experience adversity; it will make you stronger, tougher and a better person. And the fact is that a person cannot do much to avoid adversity but yes he can do a lot to overcome the adversity and roar back. So don't let the adversity overpower you, use the skills above and overcome the adversity. You have to take the first step yourself, other things will gradually follow. A person diagnosed with the disease, he fights back, deals with it and come back strongly; that is an example of dealing with adversity and overcoming it.

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