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How to get your book published? Getting book Published

To become an author is not an easy task and requires highly specialized skills. Very few succeed, some attempt and some other fail. It is very important for an author to get his work published in form of a book. A book is the only medium by which an author reaches out to millions of readers and conveys his thoughts in form or text written in his book. Therefore getting your book published gains large significance in terms of getting the author due recognition for his/her efforts. The intention of getting a book published is for the author to achieve due recognition for his hard work done.

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It is not an easy job to get your book published. Many hurdles come in the way of getting a book published. Some of such difficulties encountered by book writers to get their book published are described as under:-

  • Discouraging new entries:-Most of the publishers encourage well established writers and entertain their work to be published easily without any issues. This poses problems for new and aspiring entrants who face extreme difficulties in convincing the publishers to get their work published and run frantically from door to door requesting the publishers to do the same.
  • Lack of transparency:-Many of the publishers do not disclose the publication or sales data of the books they publish due to their own vested interests. They do not adopt an honest or transparent approach in this regard and harass the book writers by hiding key details on the number of books published and the sales achieved.
  • Non-distribution of royalty:-Some of the publishers do not give royalty on time to the book writers despite signing a written agreement with them in the beginning when the content of the book is given for publishing. Many of the publishers give royalty but do not reveal the sales statistics justifying the royalty distributed which creates doubts in the mind of the book writers regarding the actual sales.
  • Legal issues:-The most valuable asset of a book publisher is the copyrighted content of their books. The copyright law provides the framework that enables publishers to manage the content enabling then to sell the books and license subsidiary rights. A key legal challenge for the publishers is to gain knowledge about understanding, exploiting and infringement of copyrights


Getting a book published is an art and requires lot of efforts and skills. Some of the important tips for effective book publishing are described as below:-

  • Effective writing:-The content of the book should be written in a perfect manner to attract the readers so that the book publisher is able to publish the book in one go without any hesitations.
  • Having innovative ideas:-The writer should exhibit novel ideas in his/her content and communicate the same in a precise manner.
  • Extensive reading:-A good reader is an effective writer hence lot of reading is required for meaningful writing.
  • Adopt multiple methods of publishing:-Nowadays there are multiple techniques available in the market for publishing a book be it self-publishing or going through a trader or an independent book press. It is more significant to find the right fit matching the content of your book to enable effective publishing.
  • Accept rejection:-One should have the strength to accept rejection from a publisher with regards to the book not getting published since the work may not be entertained in the first go. Always look for better options to increase the chances of getting your book published.
  • Allow scope for negotiations:-It is advisable not to accept the offer in the first instance for book publishing. One should explore other book publishing agent options, prepare a comparison and use your negotiation skills to get the best monetary offer to publish your book.

Some of the authors seek online guidance to enable them get their book published. This is due to the fact that online assistance is easily accessible wherein the book writer gets ample guidance from online experts who are experienced in the field of book publishing. Following online methods can be employed for achieving effective book publishing:-

  • Seasoned book publishing experts guide the book writers with latest methods and tips for getting their books published.
  • Samples and examples are provided by the experts helping the book writers to get guidance on getting their books published.
  • Common problems encountered while publishing a book are highlighted by online mentors who also impart effective solutions to address these problems.
  • Simple guidance is attained by employing modern online techniques viz. personal interactions, video conferencing and query answering sessions.

We have qualified experts on board to guide the book writers for effective publishing of their books. Some of the services we provide are listed below:-

  • Our experienced experts have handled difficult situations related to book publishing and they accordingly motivate the book writers to publish their books in an effective manner.
  • We provide round-the-clock online support by giving several examples which can be used as references for successful book publishing.
  • We have a vast range of book publishing projects which impart effective guidance and support to the book writers. Our panel of experts are well versed in online mentoring and utilize the latest techniques for providing online guidance in an effective fashion through one-to-one interactions as well as video using visual aids
  • We guide the book writers on the legal issues and copyright challenges they are likely to encounter with the book publishers while getting their books published.
  • We motivate the students to plan their work in a proactive manner and not leave any work towards the end.
  • We describe the various issues encountered during the process of book publishing and provide simple and effective solutions which can be easily grasped by the book writers without any issues. 
  • We can be easily accessed on the electronic devices media viz. laptops, mobiles tablets and I-pads.
  • Our services are extremely price effective in line with prevailing market standards. This is why we attract a large number of Customers.
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