How to write a perfect book review assignment

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How to write a perfect book review assignment?

Conducting book reviews is extremely essential for gaining knowledge about the quality of the content of the book. Effective execution of book review assignments is important since it is the only medium for the readers to judge a book and decide whether it is worth reading and purchasing. A perfect book displays the book reviewer's skill to write in concise form for enabling a comprehensive evaluation of the book derived from a short reading session. The purpose of a book review is not merely highlighting the contents but also to identify the merits of the book for a critical evaluation of the writer's intentions, thesis, contentions and the techniques of analysis.

How to write a perfect book review assignment, writing an effective book review assignment

What are difficulties in writing an effective and perfect book review assignment?

Writing an effective book review assignment is not an easy task for the students. At times they face certain difficulties and hurdles while executing a book review assignments. Some of these difficulties faced are listed as under:-

  • Lack of understanding of the content-Sometime the students are not competent enough to understand and comprehend the content of the book which they have to review while preparing the assignment. Due to this reason, the book review assignments taken up by them do not convey the right message and are far from perfection.
  • Conflict of Interest:-One aspect which may impact the credibility of a book review is the influence of a conflict of interest. This normally is prevalent in case of a scholarly publication wherein the author or the reviewer is having financial or personal relationships which have an inappropriate impact on their actions. Such conflict of interest occurs whenever a book under review is published by the same publisher who publishes the journal that is printing the review ora book under review by a journal and the author is anworking with the journal or the person reviewing is an acquaintance of the author.
  • Bias of the book reviewer:-In some cases the reviewer bias also affects the students conducting book review assignments. Being fair, accurate and objective have always remained serious issues while publishing book reviews. Reviewer bias has chances of providing inaccurate representations of the book which might negatively impact a reader's perception of the book review.

There are few important tips for effective completion of perfect book review assignments few of which are elaborated below:-

  • Introduction:-A perfect book review assignment must incorporate an introduction. It should start with a basic description of the book's topic and the issue addressed by the task. The students should be innovative in drawing the readers' attention.
  • Summarizing the argument:-A perfect book review shall beextremely precise summarizing the book's argument. Further, the editable versions of the books and write-ups should also include certain parameters to make them unique in the conventional areas of the concepts. Direct references may be given in case of a thesis statement.
  • Information about the author (s):-To write a book review assignment effectively, it is important to include certain basic data about the author (s) or the editor (s) of the book in question meaning who they are, what are they known for, what qualification and specialization they have and how their work can benefit one's profession and career graph.
  • Summarizing the contents:-The contents of the book under review should be methodically summarized and the gamut of the important matter included in the book should be incorporated in the book review.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses:-One strong area of the book should be singled out in a perfect book review assignment which imparts highest strength to the work. Similarly, one area shall be highlighted which has scope for improvement.
  • Conclusion:-The book review should conclude with an effectively drawn summary statement. The student should also identify the class of readers who would benefit from the book review.

Looking online tutors help for writing a prefect book review assignment

At times, the students are seeking online assistance to enable them write book review assignments. The reason is that online support is an easily accessible medium wherein they get adequate guidance from online tutors who are qualified and competent in the area of book review. Book review assignments can be done online with the help of the following techniques:-

  • Experienced book review experts guide the students with latest methods and tips for writing their assignments.
  • Sample assignments along with homework pertaining to effective book review writing assist the students to get more practice.
  • Online tutors help the students by describing the issues faced while writing book reviews and provide solutions to the same.
  • Easy mentoring is achieved by using latest online techniques viz. personal interactions, video conferencing and question/answer sessions.

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