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World War I as the “Great War” Assignment Help

World War I was called the "Great War" and "the war to end all wars." Offer your interpretation of why it was neither, using specific examples from cultural, economic, political, and ideological developments between 1914 and 1918 to prove your point.

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Brutal Realities of "Great War"

Historical terminologies of World War I have referred to it as the "Great War" signifying the unprecedented scale of devastation and horror it brought to Europe. The region had erupted into the most devastating and wasteful military conflict that the world had ever known. However the term has also been interpreted as the "Great War for Civilization" as the Allies believed in the notion that Germans were gripped by evil forces with echoes of Armageddon, Great Battle of Good and Evil that was destined to bring the end of Time.

The human cost to the war was dreadful that caused more than 16 million people casualties combining military and civilian figures. A complete generation of men was lost between the ages of 18-30 years turning man to women gender ratios to 1: 15. The moral connotation that it was a "war to end all wars" fell away with the prospects of the advent of WWII. In the words of Ernest Hemingway it was the, "the most colossal, murderous, mismanaged butchery that has ever taken place on earth."

WWI pressures led to socialist revolutionaries gaining power and bringing communism to the world's center stage. It also resulted in collapse of east European countries like Germany, Hungary, Turkey and Austria that were swept away revolution and economic depression. Over time, Woodrow Wilson's portrayal of WWI in 1917 as one fought for democracy in world has been derided for its devastating political and economic consequences.

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