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Choose one community population that may be supported by social work advocacy programs (education, community agencies, elders, persons with disabilities, nonprofit organizations, et cetera). Explain how this population fits into the domain of social work, and discuss the social justice issues social workers should be aware of in these systems.

How do underrepresented populations rely on community social work advocacy programs?

How are social justice issues and social advocacy processes addressed by social workers for underrepresented populations?

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Social work is the term derived to the profession which concerned on the communities, individuals, families, groups and so on. The social activity had been determined as the predominant effort to intensify the social functioning as well as the well-being of the community. The predominant intervention of social work leads to influence social changes and help to increase the value of the tribal community. Social welfare also had a pivotal role in intensifying the value of the life of the community. 

Effectiveness of advocacy programmes

Every community members aimed to stay healthy, safe, educative, and healthy in all manners. In order to intensify the amenities of the community, the economic status and the public services need to enrich (Baldus, Voorhees & Calantone, 2015). Hence the social work and services play the immersive role in assisting the community individuals to enhance the quality of their lifestyle. It had been observed the tribal community had various risk factors to raise the quality lifestyle in society. Moreover, the problems of the tribal community included a nomadic lifestyle, extreme poverty, prejudices and so on. Rather than that, the lack of education and other facilities had been determined as the severe problems on the tribal community. Hence the social work has perceived as the emerged factor emerge out the individual responses of the tribal community. The advocacy programmes of the social worker included excellent public services (Garrison & Akyol, 2015).

The inauguration of significant public services held to influence the lifestyle of the tribal community. The prominent creativity of the social workers leads to enhance the value of the tribal community. It had been determined, the magnificent utilization of social work created the apprehensive participation to improve the quality of the tribal community lifestyle. The social services had the pivotal role to demonstrate community sustainability by creating significant awareness. The social services had considered as the unprecedented element to create employment opportunities for the tribal community. The inauguration of the employment opportunity revealed as the major aspect of community development. Enrich employment status among the tribal community lead then to enjoy all of the health services, educational services and so on. Moreover, the effective social service facilitates the resilience and interdependence which enable the vulnerable section in the community. It had been determined the tribal community had faced severe challenges in enjoying the educational facilities, health services. Poverty is a significant issue which had been constricting profoundly in the tribal community. Inauguration of education, proper cognitive, social skills, motivation had included as the social captivity and thus it can emerge the value of tribal community in society.

Fitness of Population in the domain 

Social worker specifically integrates the community function and helps them to enjoy the social needs, such as education, health services and so on. Social workers can be a community organizer or community builder (Garrison & Akyol, 2015). The social worker had the immersive role in enhancing the social services and enhances the community empowerment. The social worker can be employed in the non-profit organization that assists to envelop the extensive social services. It had been identified; the tribal community mainly faced severe challenges for enjoying the educational services, health services and other facilities (Le Blanc, 2015). Consequently, the integration of social services encouraged the lifestyle of the tribal community and helped them to enjoy health services, educational opportunity, and other facilities. Poverty had recognized as the emerging factor among the tribal community. The extensive social services of the social workers lead them to execute appropriately in the social context. Community wellbeing had sustained as the sophisticated factor to reinforce the tribal community fitness. The community wellbeing included social, economic, cultural, and environmental enhancement. The efficacy of the social services had enlarged the value of community wellbeing. Thus the magnificent social services had considered as the appropriate process to enable the tribal community fitness.

Explanation of social justice issues 

Some of the social justice issues enveloped the gender, race, age, religion, education and so on. The major principles which had been included in social justice are equity, health promotion, participation, human rights (Thomas et al. 2009). The inherent execution of these severe principles leads to demonstrate the value of social justice. Eventually, it creates predominant action on the tribal community who faced severe challenges to reveal human rights. The inauguration of social justice leads the tribal community to enjoy educational, health services. Besides, it also increases the employment status among the tribal community. Thus the tribal community can strengthen their economical condition to lead the quality lifestyle. 

Significance of community social work on underrepresented population

Effective social workers create predominant action to enhance community function. Some social; workers execute directly with the community individuals (Garrison & Akyol, 2015). Some of the social workers administer and plan the programmes to enhance the lifestyle of the tribal community. Social workers determine the significance of the human relationship and create effective action to enhance the relationship between general and tribal human beings. Although it had been identified the tribal community faced various problems regarding human rights. Since the apprehensive execution of the social services enhanced social justice and leads them to enhance their belonging. Moreover, the community wellbeing had sustained as the sophisticated factor to reinforce the tribal community fitness.


The study deduced the efficacy of social services to enlarge the value of tribal community. Moreover, the study also implicates the significance of community social work, effectiveness of advocacy programmes to enable the human rights of the tribal community. Social welfare also had a pivotal role in intensifying the value of the life of the community. Social welfare is considered as the term which not only intended to raise the community value but also focused on integrating the quality lifestyle for the community individuals. 

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