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Behavioral Changes Of Human Beings Assignment Help

Explain how sociological theories and concepts affect your work, home, and/or community life and influence your future learning opportunities.

Identify a minimum of two different sociological concepts or theories of sociology and explain how you will apply these sociological concepts or theories to your work, home, and/or community life.

Use specific sociological terms and concepts to demonstrate that you understand and can apply the concepts.

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The behavior which we adapt according to the cultures and norms of the society is called socialization. This plays an essential role in meeting different people of society and without this, we will lag to achieve some of the important things. This socialization values will start first as a base from the family by following some values that are adopted by the family or the ancestors and in workplaces by following the responsibilities that are assigned, discipline and cooperating others which are inculcated in organizations like schools. It will also help us to learn about how we should convince others at the time of disputes and how to handle the competitions.

According to the theory of Freud's, he explained that some of the biological capabilities will merge with the social aspects and this helps in personality shaping. He considered that three parts that are present in the brain must interconnect in a correct way for a human being to act and perform well in the community. The three parts are i) human beings first desires ii) conscience and iii) ego. Human beings will have their own desires and which can satisfy their life and for achieving these desires sometimes they will be ready in breaking the societal norms also and they don't bother if they face risks due to that one. Coming to conscience from the changing process of infants to adults one will develop their own conscience and change according to society and its values. To follow these values they themselves will keep some rules and follow them strictly, some will follow the rules very strictly in order to lead a life correctly whereas some will not and lead their lives normally. The last part is Ego where the human being will give importance for himself and feel it as their self-respect; this will play a very crucial role in shaping the behavior of the individual towards the society.

According to Meads theory, he believed that in the society people will try to develop a self-image through their interaction with the other people in society. Through this, he develops self-awareness and this helps a person to grow in society. Self-image is mainly created through social interaction s with others. Communicating with the higher officials in the society will also help in creating a self-image. Meeting the requirements of other people in society will also assist with this.

According to Marxists theory, he explained that Socioeconomic status of the people in the society will play a main role in shaping the behavior of individuals and this paves a way for the people to take decisions as a part of their life. For example in a home if a father has two sons and if only one son is encouraged in all aspects the other son will feel inferior to participate actively in the things and he remains inactive in the society. So the behavior of an individual will depend on factors like how he was treated in the society by the others. The religion is also playing an essential role in bringing the behavioral changes in society. In the name of religion, people are getting isolated and treated inferior by others and this affects the behavior of individuals in society. These cultural and religious differences should be avoided in educational institutions and workplaces in order to prevent the inequalities in society and this helps in building a healthy society where all people are treated equally.

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