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If I had a chance to vote back in 1912 who would I have voted for and why?be certain &disscuss, for the candidate for whom i had chosen to vote for, the policy positions that led me to vote for him. 

Woodrow wilson, Theodore Roosenvette, or William Haward....

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If I would like to vote back I would have voted and chosen the Theodore Roosevelt instead of the other two candidates. The reason being the Roosevelt was competent and was a war hero as he was finally elected as a Governor of New York in 1890 (Cahusac de Caux, 2017).
During the 1912 voting, the Progressive Party was one of the third party within the United States that have 1912 by former President Theodore Roosevelt after he lost the presidential nomination of the Republican Party to his former protégé and conservative rival, incumbent President William Howard Taft. Theodore was dismissed by judging and through statement such as "mouthings of low and utterly unprincipled self seeker and demagogue" (Page 974). Roosevelt's is even known for the foreign policy that helped in the international negotiations and also build on a policy which would help to maintain and to be able to maintain a balance to power global economies.

Theodore Roosevelt has introduced the foreign policy which has helped the United States to penetrate and influence the vast majority of the global economies at a world stage (Fradella, 2013). "He promised to "lower the stiff and stupid" Republican tariff, create a new national banking system, strengthen a national trust laws and admininstartion" (Page 974). The thoughts and the inclination of the candidate was to "speak softly along with the steps of carrying a big stick," The foreign affairs and the policy have also introduced strong naval power and to allow to penetrate the military presence and included the big stick threats. It is also an achievement in the foreign policy goals, which can help to synchronize the conflicts that can adopt a policy to maintain a balance of power that resulted in the rise of the power among the foreign nations. It was also determined how with the Monroe Doctrine it can help to build a strong naval power. With the rise of the colonial empire that surrounded during the Spanish-American War; and also subsequently also ended its force in Cuba, and aimed to build a healthy insight of the long-term occupation within the Philippines.

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