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UNIT 6 Assignment-Examining A Learning Organization

In your paper, you will addrees the following points:

- Why did you choose this organization?

- What did you find that shows this organization is dedicated to being a learning organization?

- What makes this organization successful?

- How do the organization’s practices reflect Baldrige principles?

- Would you like to work at this organization? Why or why not?


The reason behind choosing Woolworths

Woolworths group limited with an extensive interest in the retail sector is the second largest Australian company after Wesfarmers (Woolworths group, 2018). Over viewing their net profit in full year after the tax amount of $1.724 billion, it is evident that Woolworths has the strongest growth in comparison to other retailers. Among the many largest retailers in Australia, the main reason behind choosing this their successful and comparable sales. Based on their annual report 2018, it is observed that Woolworths has contributed around $30 million directly to the Australian community by introducing many innovations in their organization, which will also help them to have sustainable growth in the market place (Woolworths group, 2018).

Reflecting the progress of Woolworths, their total return towards shareholders within the year 2018, was 22.4%, which outperforming within the Australian market. Hence recognizing the strong progress of Woolworths in this study an integral analysis is continued. 

Influential factors of Woolworths being a learning organization

Throughout year Woolworths group has significantly delivered a huge number of achievements addressing their six strategic priorities in terms of continuing organizational business transformation in Australian competitive market.


Improving End-to-end process of better, safer and simpler communication with customers Woolworths has continued their endeavor and evolved portfolio of business. Moreover, as the largest retailer along with most trusted and recognized brands such as Woolworths, BWS, Countdown, BIG W and Dan Murphy’s is committed their business with thousands of manufacturers, farmers and producers.

Generating solar power, reducing carbon emissions, and removing plastic from vegetable & fruit packaging (introducing green reusable bag for shopping), Woolworths increases potential market opportunities (Woolworths group, 2018). Apart from that, improving customer satisfaction, their sales growth has continued up to 3.4% than the previous year. In essence, to this, it can be overviewed that effective growth, technological initiatives and trading performance of Woolworth's help in reducing the net debt and increasing overall financial performance in the year of 2018 up to 93% (Woolworths group, 2018). Hence, through integrating the sustainable development factors of Woolworths, it can be stated that this organization has considered as a learning organization that has a competitive edge in terms of both innovation and sustainability.         

 Successful factors of Woolworths

In the competitive market of Australia, primarily the improved and active supplier scores, team and customer base makes Woolworths as a successful leading organization. It is evident that strong and effective sales momentum within the Australian food helps in improving their comparable sales growth.

WooliesX is significantly formed for accelerating growth in the well advanced digital platform of Australia. Creation of WooliesX brings digital teams and business loyalty of Woolworths by connecting the customer experience in the competitive Australian market (Woolworths group, 2018). One of the factors behind the success of Woolworths is their marketing strategy, whereby the organization has capitalized based on the idea of "the fresh food people". Their approach to different customers through healthy choices of food has helped them to have a unique competitive edge. Additionally, their location choice with having over 850 stores has connected the customers to the organization, whereby they have stores in almost every regional and metropolitan area in Australia (Woolworths group, 2018). Quality and product prices of Woolworths have helped them to sustain in the Australian marketplace, thereby gaining a strong customer base from almost different financial background has contributed towards their success.

In addition to that rebranding their own brand products and essentials through launching “Food, Glorious Food” Campaign, Woolworths lead their first ranging customer feedback in the Australian market (Woolworths group, 2018). In order to retain their employee and strong customer base, Woolworths initiates reward program with major improvement. Moreover, continuing the 100% food waste diversion in the Australian market, Woolworths has taken an advanced initiative for establishing a new coalition in packaging. 

Reflection of Woolworths organizational practices in Balbridge Principles

Identifying emerging demands of customers, through their voice of customer programme related to their brands, Woolworths receive daily feedbacks. Through continuing the feedbacks from customers, they are continuously trying to improve by launching an online retail platform for having a major shopping experience, through which the systems perspective of Balbridge principles can be represented. In this context, the online growth of Woolworths has followed 30% over the Australian food investment (Woolworths group, 2018).

Targeting the leadership and gender equity in their company, Woolworths incorporates training for Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people of Australia, which reflects the visionary leadership the core concept of Balbridge framework (, 2018). Appointing chief customer transformation officer in Woolworths, it becomes possible for them to continue the momentum on their productivity for ensuring seamless experience within their customers. The effective learning of Woolworths helps in enabling their team support, towards refurbishment program within the Australian region. Increasing customer demand helps in driving the macro range of products and services of Woolworths. In this regard, Woolworths includes a wide range of organic food, wholesome ingredients, drinks in their company that drives its major experimental zone (Woolworths group, 2018).

The reward, incentives and diverse program of Woolworths, including women and different regional people at their company, they can be able to reflect principles of Balbridge framework. Supporting the key initiatives to the ambition of Woolworths, that rolls out their business prospects according to the priority of their customers. Through recycling innovation and sustainability in the Australian market, WooliesX creates an advanced opportunity and success factor in the competitive Australian market, in relation to principles of Balbridge framework.         

The reason behind working in Woolworths

Based on the organizational analysis, it has been seen that Woolworths has approached the strategies that will help them to sustain in the future in the Australian market, with a strong market value. The changing trends of Woolworths thus can help me to be placed in a reputed organization with a stranger value, where I can have efficient experiences. Moreover, the innovative inclusion in Woolworths through automation installation helps me in developing by the market trend in recent times. Leveraging the continuous success factors of Woolworths, it is possible for me to improvise my knowledge and skills of business management, which will credible for me towards working in this company in future. Hence, I have a strong wish for being a part of this company.


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