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Sustainable Medical Practices Assignment Help

Assignment 1 

1. How do you define sustainability in health care?What opportunities exist within most healthcare organization for meaningful dialogue about sustainable practices? 

2. How important is “green” in the overall purchasing decision for health care products and supplies? Defend your answer. 

3. Health care professionals are constantly challenged to improve patient outcomes. How can sustainable practices be implemented when the processes of care become more complicated with the introduction of new drugs, technologies, and regulations? 

Wk 5. If a community rejects non-legislative efforts to adopt sustainable practices, should it be forced upon them through laws or regulation? Defend your answer 

Assignment 2 

Students were ask to answer the following question Is professional development the responsibility of the employer or the employee? What if the employee is licensed and required to have a license to work? Should performance reviews and salary be transparent
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Assignment 1:

Solution 1:

Sustainability in healthcare defines the procedure of catering medical services to the patients and other medical service users in an eco-friendly manner, without making any harm to the environment, in such medical practices all the natural non-renewable sources become uninterrupted for utilization of next generation. In this type of medical care, energy consumption and the material requirement should be very less (Fabel et al., 2019).

In this period it is important to reopen the dialogue where environmental ethics will be assembled with medical ethics. In this way, the medical field based health care related practices will be articulated in the health care ethical fields (Williams et al., 2019).

Solution 2:

There is crucial importance of "green" during purchasing the medical related products and supplies and it is nowadays a great trend having environmentally preferable purchasing. Utilizing and purchasing of green elements help in providing less toxic, minimally polluted and safer or healthier products to patients (Kardos et al., 2019). These products are mainly recyclable and repairable in nature which will cut down the cost of medical organizations also. It will, directly and indirectly, save the public costs as buying Greener technology-based equipment and products with low-cost packaging systems are cheaper than imported other products. These green products are important for medical purchasing and supplies as these products will enhance the safety of patients and will enhance the socio-economic growth and development of medical organizations (Hayat et al., 2019).

Solution 3:

Nowadays medical service providers have been facing a great challenge along with the implementation of sustainable medical practices. Their challenges are the implementation of new drugs with new types of pharmacy-genetic reactions, new equipment with new technology (Rizk, 2019). Medical service providers are not till now habituated with such technologies. Above all, the implementation of sustainable practices in the complex type of medical care and treatment needs a vast number of stakeholders. In this implementation period, proper training, discussion of all new things among all other stakeholders to share and exchange their ideas (Jepsen & Pedersen, 2019).

WK 5:

It should be mandatory for all peoples including all the communities across the world excluding their social rituals or norms. In this way, the implementation of governmental laws, and the threat of unavoidable punishments in case of violation of those laws are important (Flournoy, 2019). Till now there are enormous communities who utilize natural resources in a huge amount for all of their medical needs but not in a proper sustainable manner. It makes an interruption in natural resources and most of them are nnon-renewable in nature. It may hamper the future utilization of non-renewable natural resources for the next generations. So, it should be implemented for communities and others (Brooks & Fulton, 2019). Above all, such regulations will be helpful to get the environment back without or very less amount of pollution.

Assignment 2:

1. Supporting the viewpoints of Sandy, Professional development is highly crucial for both of the employees and employers. It helps them to organize the entire thing in a prudent manner. Licencing is very crucial because the license is proof that an employee is an expert in that particular ground (Scheller & Harrison, 2019). It helps employees also to gain confidences during delivering their services. In all aspects, performance-based reviews and salary system should be transparent. In a transparent review system when customers will provide positive feedbacks it will inspire employees towards providing the best performance to the organization. On the other hand, negative feedbacks will show the loopholes in performance which need to be repaired. Transparent salary system without any discrimination among stakeholders will help employees to get reputation along with socio-economic growth and development of organizations (Beckmann et al., 2019).

2. Arguing with Helena, I am opening that, professional development is the responsibility of not only employers but also employees (Richardson et al., 2019). To develop professional development, employers can provide training and guidance where employees will get their expertise licences. But, it is not true that when the reviews and salaries will be open it will be a cause of open connection with others. In this aspect, it is important for the higher authorities to provide sufficient training and co-operative leadership where employees will take negative reviews as their loopholes to be bridged up without making any misbehave with other employees. But salary should be private as Helena said because it is a confidential thing for each employee and such personal credentials should be stored protectively (Espey, Dennis & Landy, 2019).

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