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Assignment Brief - BTEC (RQF)

Higher National Diploma in Computing


Unit 6 - Managing a Successful Computing Project

Introduction: The project report is the analysis of the data research and most appropriate strategy for the data research. The report signifies various steps of the project planning like analysis of data, research of the data and also signifies the importance of choosing the most appropriate method of data collection of the project. The project report also describes the various aspect of future studies, the timeframe of the project and future scope of the project and also emphasizes the various data collection process and the relevant recommendations are also described for future studies of the project. The project report also describes the workforce structure and various department from project planning to project completion.

LO1 Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen theme.

Answer: Project aims and objectives: The project aims and objectives are the main part of the project. In this project the multinational company wants to earn more profit and also want sustainability in this highly competitive market (García-Peñalvo, F.J. and Kearney, 2016). Based on their desired criteria the project aims and objectives are decided. The company also wants to implement the Artificial Intelligence in their technological scenario. Based on the above scenario the project aims and objectives are:

Profit Maximization: Profit Maximization is one of the vital area of every business organization (Nguyen & Le.2015). In financial aspect, the profit maximization is the are where earning per share is calculated. One of the main aim of this multinational company is to maximize the profit (Sun & Ansari, 2016, May). Though profit maximization is the traditional approach and it describes the decisions that give the light on earning more profits.

Increasing the level of competition: Sustaining in this highly competitive market is another important area of every organization (Kunstler et al., 2016). The multinational organization also want to implement the Artificial Intelligence on their technological implementation(Caffarra and Kühn, 2018).

Improvements and Changes to the systems: Another aim of the project is to improve the existing systems and operational tool of the consultancy organization (Gogia and Soni 2017). The consultancy organization wants strengthen the customer base and also want to restructure the existing rules and policies in their various domains.

Better productivity: One of major aims of the project is to ensure the better productivity. The consultancy firm is getting various customers from different domain. These sectors are from health, logistics and manufacturing sectors. Managing all these sectors ensure the high productivity (Buckley et al., 2015).

Technological implementations: Another aim of the project is to build and update the technological setup (Ronell et al., 2018). The consultancy firm increases their operational area into other sectors as well. Working under different sectors also has the need to change technological implementations. Changing the existing technological setup is another aim of the project.

Project management plan: 


$ 1,00,000- $ 1,35,000 (Approx). Average Minimum value product $38,000-$80,000 Prototype implementation phase $25,000


The scope to get better productivity and strategic implementation


180 days-250 days

Quality Communication

Ensure better communication with all the stakeholders and managers and also increasing the level of communication level among various departments. (Manufactures, Project guides, project managers, labors)


The risks are implementation of Algorithms (high quality required a round of turning sessions.

Another risk issue is the Database issues which are mainly external database.


 Project Database, Softwares.

In this table or project management plan is the detailed guideline procedure that has a different components like cost of the project, the risk factor and the timeframe that needed and also the future scope or possibilities of the project (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017).Under the cost sector various cost that occurred on different phases like Prototype implementation phase , Average minimum value product phase are discussed. The scope denotes the future possibilities of the project. The implication of new strategy can be useful as a future guide. The time frame signifies the possible time period needed. The risks are the database issues and the high cost of implementation are dignifies. Resources are the project database and the software that needed are discussed.

Work breakdown structure and Gantt chart

Unit 6 - Managing a Successful Computing Project.jpg

Unit 6 - Managing a Successful Computing Project 1.jpg


LO2 Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project.

Answer: Quantitative research or qualitative research

Artificial Intelligence is the word first coined or rather invented to be precise was done by John McCarthy .In the year 1960 the first article on Artificial intelligence (AI) was published. It was then known as Computers and Thought. Now we will go in depth analysis on the Artificial Intelligence how it works and the role it plays in the managing the recommendations on the improvement of the certain systems in order to ensure that company can generate the maximum profits and it condemns staying ahead (Davenport and Ronanki, 2018). In any company, there are several factors to get entangled as we are doing the research based on the Consulting firm. In this case, we will be observing the certain area of concern and the analysis of the scenario about health-oriented factors, education related queries, and the areas of concern related to the manufacturing oriented issues. The development of current and emerging technologies with various clients to get the potentiality benefits of certain area of challenges, which can arise from the introduction of Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has now become a significant part now days for any emerging company. In practice it means the ability of certain kind of program to think and learn and then by adopting these policy in the program which tries to emulate the consciousness of human (Sun, Sun, and Strang, , 2018).

The detailed or more in depth analysis of Artificial Intelligence and the role it plays in providing and uplifting the company standards and maintaining of certain basic theologies that can be applicable to a certain height of the paradigm shift in the overall company growth. In majority of the cases, it becomes very threatening prospect for a head of the organization to keep cool and composure in measuring the certain amount of responsibilities on various fields(Montes, and Goertzel, 2019). The applications of Artificial Intelligence then act as a survival strategies to be implemented by an organization. On contrary to the whole concept of analysis about the intruding factors and the determining nature of the prospects we can came up to a certain conclusive aspects that the Artificial Intelligence plays a huge role in growing and developing of the business(Sun, Sun, and Strang, ,2018).

The survey had been conducted on the concept of the application of Artificial Intelligence and how to get the benefit out of it , how it is to be utilized in order to improve the efficiency we have highlighted the point of discussion on the three sectors of concern where artificial intelligence is characteristically prevails (Gerbert, Justus, and Hecker, 2017). The questionnaire had been provided below as a survey had been conducted on the different sectors that company deal with.

Health Sectors

1. Is AI impactful in different medical operations?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Difficult to say

2. Can it help to reduce therapeutic errors in clinical practices?

The more time is needed in order to get best possible result out of it.

Manufacturing Sectors

3. Is AI impactful in different medical operations?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Difficult to say

4. Does AI has an impact on different manufacturing practices?

It depends on the time in which we will cope in order to get the best results.

Education Sectors

5. Does AI help on analyzing study data related with education sectors?

a. Yes

b. No

6. Does AI provide any help the students with the study tips?

The time is required to adapt to a certain kind of changes. Obviously, it is a positive change and the modern way of gradually executing the initiation of Artificial Intelligence.


LO3 Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis.

Answer: Analyze of research: The analysis of the research and the systematic study shows that the ideas that needs to be implemented in this study reveals and focuses on many areas of concern. The first and the foremost importance is that the analysis needs to be done on an overall view on the implementation of Artificial intelligence mainly sustain to a certain aspects where the reshaping the business of an organization is of prime importance(Davenport and Ronanki, 2018). Moreover delivering its standards of providing the consulting advice on the areas or the sectors where the adoption of the modern technologies of Artificial Intelligence (Sun, Sun, and Strang, , 2018) . In the most of the cases in the survey, we came across the area where the focus is to know the ideas of Artificial intelligence and then to get the best possible result out of it and also the implementation is required.

Data analysis: In the process of the study on the subject and on the analysis of data the conceptual aspects related to survey, we have conducted earlier as a part of the researcher (Ghahramani, 2015). It would help us to create the ideal phenomenon on Artificial Intelligence to get a desired result out of it and it is not issues or the areas of concern for any organization (Gerbert, Justus, and Hecker, 2017). Our point of discussion lies on the fact that the area of concern based on the result performed on survey shows us that the system of the Artificial Intelligence is very new concept to the majority part of the organizational society (Gerbert, Justus and Hecker, 2017).

Appropriate recommendations: The proper and the appropriate recommendations is required to be implemented in an organization, to cope up with ideas that needs to be organized first and then the creation of the application of Artificial Intelligence(Helbing et al., 2019). Moreover, the way of handling the policies and to get more information based technologies and guiding the employees to get more prone of using the improved technologies and initiating them to get the best possible results. The existing policies and the application of ideas of all round development of the company's overall growth and output by using Artificial Intelligence. The more collaborative approach is required for overall development.

LO4 Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organisational performance.

Conclusion: The project report is structural framework that provides every detail of the project execution. The report showcases various aspect of how a project can be implemented and the future possibilities of the project and also the threats and possible outcome of the project.. This report include the implementation of artificial intelligence and the produces. The project report also describes the data gathering process. Various data collection method and various survey method are analysed. In this report we have also included the aim and objective to conduct a project report and also shows the strategic implementation are vital to strengthen a company.


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