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China History Assignment Help

Debate with your classmates whether the dynastic cycle is unique to China or can it be connected to other civilizations throughout history. Do you believe that Sassanid Persia or Gupta India represent a form of the Dynastic Cycle as evidenced in Chinese history? Make sure to include specific examples to support your position. 

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I agree with the thoughts presented by my classmate, under which the Dynastic cycle that has also played a dynamic role. It has played a vivid role and under this, it has been considered as a part of Chinese history. This is in relation to the pattern of rising along with the fall with respect to the Chinese empires. My classmate has also made us understand the relevancy with respect to the theory under which every dynasty with respect to ancient China should have gone under the radical changes with respect to the period of political, economic and even includes the paradigm of the cultural.

With respect to the dynastic cycle as such, it is also a perspective of China that can be connected with respect and including the civilizations that are considered in the entire history (Eynon, 2014). As such the  Sasanian dynastic era is all about the length of the Late Antiquity period, which has been considered under the paradigm of the most important along with the historical periods with respect to Iran. This has also been drawn under the relation to the Sasanian period which has categorically also place a great significance on account of the highest achievement with respect to the Iranian civilization, that has been associated with the last great Iranian Empire which has originated from the Muslim conquest along with the significance of the adoption of Islam.

Under the Sasanian Iran, it has also been one of the parts of the Roman civilization which has got an extended influence of the culture that falls beyond the empire's territorial borders and includes Western Europe along with Africa, China and even associates with India and which has formed a unique place. The other is the dynastic culture which is unique and segregated with the aristocratic culture.

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