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MBA600 Capstone Individual Report Assignment - Kaplan Business School, Australia

Task - Write a report that clearly articulates the organisations strategy and business model and outlines in detail the approach to operations, product and marketing as well as innovation and growth. Attention should also be paid to the use of research and insights (week 7) and strategic implementation and change.

Answer - Individual Report

Executive Summary

Present report deals with analysis of present performance of Apple Inc and identifying the areas required changes in order to retain its position in the market. Risks are one of important issues within an organization. This proves true even for Apple Inc Company. Uncertainty of these risks acts as an obstacle in terms of carrying out the business activities in an efficient manner that is discussed in the present report. In addition, it is required to develop proper strategies that are discussed in the present report. It helps to improve the business plan in the organization and gain competitive advantages in the market with effective planning. The project will focus on the strategies of Apple Inc and each type of strategy listed in the project. In addition, strategies procedures of the organisation has been defined and talked regarding the role of strategies. The strategic management of the organisation is described in the study. Managing operations of Apple Inc has been described in the current study. On the other hand, marketing and product development of the organisation is described in the paper. Current innovation, growth, change, strategic as well as implementation process of the organisation is described.


An organizational strategy is very important for any organization irrespective of its size. The current technology intensive enterprise that has been chosen for this paper is Apple Inc. the organizational strategy utilized by Apple Inc. has been contributed to its rapid and effective innovation. These are the major success factors for the company. The procedures in designing the products and managing a number of approaches needed to gain competitive advantages are described in the study. Strategic Planning is a comprehensive process for determining what a business should become and how it can best achieve that goal. It appraises the full potential of a business and explicitly links the business's objectives to the actions and resources required to achieve them. Strategic Planning offers a systematic process to ask and answer the most critical questions confronting a management team especially large, irrevocable resource commitment decisions. The organization has faced success in various fields like information technology, industry of consumer electronic and online services. Present study deals with organisational strategy and process of managing operations, marketing, product development, innovation, development, change, strategy and implementation of the strategy. In this aspect, recommendations are provided to gain competitive benefits in the market and retain its respective position.


Organisational strategy

From rapid prototypes to the serial production, offering complete service production element with the process of developing the procedure and the most demanding industry that the environmental challenges for the environmental challenges. The proposed organization from printing can provide tool steels that consist of managing steels, duplex as well as stainless steels. In addition, the nickel-based alloys and titanium alloys can be generated.

Markets for additive manufacturing: Short-term market for the smartphone manufacturing organization is serving the requirements of global marketers and consumers. The markets of the organization can be global market as well as consulting organization that can cover the industry verticals and consists of the advanced materials, transportation as well as automation (Lin et al., 2018). The business procedure is one of the major markets for smartphone manufacturing that can be helpful for the organization to expand its business long term.

Managing operations, marketing, product development, innovation, growth, change, strategic, implementation

The organizational strategy used by the chose company is hierarchical organizational strategy. In this strategy, the business has several vertical levels which lead to a figure of top authority (Khan, Alam & Alam, 2015). In this strategy, the employees are provided defined roles as well as leaders. Some ways by which the mentioned strategy helps the business manager to carry out the businesss effectively are as follows:

In order to explain the overall business performance at corporate-level, it is important for the organization to gain competitive strategy first. In the local organization, it is required to duopolistic or making oligopolistic competitive environment for the organisation. The industry analysis needs to merge with making the discussion of the organization to get supportive strategy. However, it makes specific sense for discussing strategy along with developing internal characteristics of the company in the same section. Developing the competitor analysis is difficult to make the position. However, it develops the part of making rivalry discussion for the industry analysis. However, there are some aspects that can be helpful to form the part of developing internal characteristics analysis. It is important to have differences in the making the value chain and different times to make the sense in order to discuss separate section just before the fulcrum.

Managers are highly skilled in certain areas: Using hierarchical strategy, the organization is able to hire skilled managers at every level in every department (Kiron, Kane & Palmer, 2016). Usually a manager does not have expertise in a particular matter, he looks after people working under various departments, but u sing this strategy the organization would be able to hire managers who area experts at a particular subject. This would help the business manager to carry out a business in less time and in an efficient manner. No time is wasted in explain the job of the manager to him, and the manager would be able to perform his job in an outstanding manner (Kiron, Kane, & Palmer, 2016). Manager's knowledge is an area that would help the employees to provide proper guidance.


Clear promotional pathway: With the help of this organizational strategy, the employees have knowledge regarding various plans and their alternatives (Lyytinen, Yoo & Boland, 2016). The employees have a clear view o the consequences of various plans or ideas. They would never implement an idea which would lead to the loss of the company (Lyytinen, Yoo & Boland, 2016). This make the work of the business manager very easy, it also helps him to implement businesss without much efforts.

Departmental loyalty: When the employees aim for a particular outcome and play a specific role in the company, they make bonds with people having similar aims or playing similar roles in the organization (Teece, Peteraf & Leih, 2016). Various researchers have found that the bond created between the employees help them to work effectively and business manager do not have to work on creating a good bond among them. Till the middle of the business execution, employees would have a very good bond among themselves (Teece, Peteraf & Leih, 2016). The bond creates because the employees face the same challenges and work together to tackles them.

An example of business trade-off that the business manager might have to consider is as follows. Suppose the sponsor of a business demands it to be completed earlier, before the arrival of deadline (Teece, Peteraf & Leih, 2016). In this case the business manager cannot deny because it has been requested by the sponsor, so he might request the sponsor for providing some more professionals to complete the business before time. A trade has two parts. The positive side is that the business manager agrees to complete the business beforehand (Teece, Peteraf & Leih, 2016). The other part is the negative part where the business manager asks for two additional professionals in order to complete the task.

Maximum of the business suffers with this leadership problem. For this reason this got the highest priority in the concern list of this business. An ideal business management always follows or implements the best practices, adhering standards and methods. In a business management various steps need to followed but this is always concerns with manage the business perfectly. In this case the leadership has a big role as an ideal leadership always concern with delivering the right things or perfect things for the business (Burke, 2013). The approach angle of the leader is different from the business manager. The leader of the business focuses on the teamwork, motivation and communication. A business leadership is also responsible for the professionalism which is growing in every area. So to effectively run a business management leadership skill is required. Thus it is one of the main concern with this business because if the leadership skill is properly not acquired then it may can face failure.


The risk management is another big concern with this business. In the maximum business management cases issues related with the risk management faced by the business managers. The proper risk assessment is required because every organization wants to safeguards their investment in the market (Marcelino-Sádaba et al., 2014). A proper risk management can provide the information about the risks related with the businesss. By evaluating this risks the business manager can take necessary steps to avoid the risks or can choose the appropriate time for deploying the business plan. Also, for the case of a live business there can be risks related with the business which was previously not determined. In this case the business manager needs to constantly mange the risks which arise during the business execution. For this reasons the risk management is a necessary thing for this business as without proper assessment the business can face failure. So, this becomes another concern with this business.

Value of the business is another concern for the business manager. In many cases the value is compared with the benefits of the business but actually these are different things. The value of the business is business value to the target audience of the business while the business benefits are the tangible things which are delivered with the business or delivered as a result of the business (Mir & Pinnington, 2014). It is true that the business benefits and the business value both are important for the business but the business value is more difficult thing to manage as it is related with the feelings of the customer. A business manager has a big role to manage a proper relationship with stakeholders of the business to make the business valuable to them. So the value of the business becomes another concern related with this business as if there is no value related with the business then it may fail to provide the proper results.

To keep the business to run on the tight schedule three business tactics can be implemented. The first tactics is to determining the critical path for the business. In this case determining a critical path can help to run the business on the scheduled time. To determine a critical path four things need to be considered. The first thing is the listing all the tasks which must be done for the successful business management (Harrison & Lock, 2017). Then the tasks need to be prioritized according to their needs. The next step is producing a Gantt chart for the business which will estimate the future of the business. The final step is determining the critical path. The critical path is determined by using the Gantt chart. The longest path which is determined in the Gantt chart is considered as the critical path of the business. There can be more than one critical path in the business but it is the task of the business manager to determine the perfect path of the business.

Another way to ensure that the business is running on the schedule is building slack time into the schedule. Slack time adjustment in the business management is another way to run the business on the schedule (Davenport, Gefflot & Beck, 2014). Slack time can give the business manager the space to delay a task which adds flexibility to the business.

The third way to ensure that business will run on time is the crash on necessary. In this case business manager needs to actively fulfil the demands of the stakeholders at any instance of the business. In such cases where the stakeholders of the business wants a business to deliver in a shorter lifespan the business manager must deliver the business according to the need of stakeholders. In such cases the business manager doubles the number of the members assigned to the business and this is known as crashing.


The last but one of the main tactics to control the business scope is the communication. The whole scope of the business is relies on the communication method in the organization. Constant communication with the business stakeholders is required to keep the stakeholders happy (Zulch, 2014). Unhappy stakeholders can lead to business failure. So communication is one of the main key for controlling the scope of the business.


The business scope can be controlled using three types of tactics. The tactics are the knowing the scope of the business, taking the necessary time for training the last one is the communication.

In the first case the scope of the business is determined. To clarify the business scope, business manager clears the business parameters with the stakeholders of the business. Also, this information must be relate with the team members of the business (Sproule et al., 2013).

To control the business scope perfectly, the actual scope of the business perfectly demonstrated to the business members. The business members not only know about the business briefly but also the business members should react appropriately when an uncertain change will occur in the system because it is impossible for the business manager to constantly keep the track of the business and team members and to achieve this proper training of the business members is required (Ding, 2016).


An organization's business strategy is a combination of resources, workforce group as well as the interconnections between the resources and groups of the business. In this case of Apple Inc., its corporate strategy supports various strategies which push for numerous further innovations of technologies. The organizational strategy of the company maintains a particular process which includes some vital elements from more other types of strategy of organization.


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