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1. Why did you decide to enter a health care profession? Write down the three most significant reasons that prompted your decision. Of the leadership styles examined in this lesson, which one do you most identify with?

2. Has there been a person or people in your life who was a mentor and inspired you to reach above and beyond your perceived potential? Have you served as such a mentor in the life of another?

3. What are the core values that you maintain regarding the treatment of others? What values do you hold with regard to work and professionalism?

4. What (besides money) would motivate you to do your best possible work? What personal values and aspirations do you have that a transformative leader might be able to help you achieve?

5. What de-motivates you? What actions or behaviors on the part of leaders might lessen your commitment to your goals and your values of sense of value or self-esteem?

6. You have decided to apply for a position as a leader for a local healthcare clinic. You wish to market yourself as a Transformational Leader who can lead the facility into the healthcare arena of the future. What items or issues should you highlight and discuss in the personal interview?

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Answer 1

I have decided to enter into a healthcare profession because my primary goal is to prevent illness as well as to assist the people in adopting healthy behavior. Three significant reasons that prompted the decision are as follows:

Growth of the healthcare field: The healthcare field is rapidly growing, which provides numerous job opportunities for healthcare professionals (Coster, Turner, Bradbury & Cantrell, 2017).

Learn new things: I would get the chance to meet new people daily and learn new things about different culture and diseases and thus, help me in giving the best care.

Good pay: An increasing demand for healthcare workers provides options to pay well, and highly skilled people are paying high.

I identify most with the transformational leadership style because I am flexible to work with the team members and encourage them to bring changes in patient care and safety.

Answer 2

Yes, there has been a person who was a mentor and always inspired me to reach above my potential. My mentor was the counselor who was kind, patient and approachable. She always taught me the importance of being a healthcare worker and how could I help the people through the healthcare profession. She inspired me to work hard and helped me in recognizing my both professional and personal goals.

Inspirational leader or mentor is crucial for everyone to get success in the future (Boamah, Laschinger, Wong & Clarke, 2018). Yes, I have served as such a mentor in the life of my sister and inspire her to focus on accomplishing her goals.

Answer 3

The core values that I maintain regarding the treatment of others include responsibility, respect, excellence, empathy, integrity, trust and ethics. The values that I hold with regard to work, as well as professionalism, comprises of self-respect, honesty, adaptability, self-motivation, dependability along with responsibility, strong work ethics, standards or norms and self-confidence.

Answer 4

Besides money, the family is one of the biggest motivation that encourages me to do the best possible work by providing strong support and inspiration. Success is the other thing that motivates me to do a good job. Hard work and perseverance help in achieving success in my career and keep going towards my goal (Cardiff, McCormack & McCance, 2018). Helping others is the fact that motivates me the most. The idea of helping someone to remain fit and healthy encourage me to perform well in my work. Being a transformative leader, I have various personal values and aspirations, which consists of honesty, contribution, family, excellence, teamwork, respect and accountability.

Answer 5

Feeling under-valued, conflict within the workplace, short-tern goals, and lack of flexibility are some of the factors that de-motivates me to do my work well. The actions or behavior on the part of leaders that reduce my commitment towards the goals are failed to acknowledge the work of those whom I lead, bullying the others, failed to listen to the others, failed to utilize or empower the talents of other team members, poor communication with the peers, lack of flexibility, and failed to communicate negative and positive information to the team members.

Answer 6

As I have decided to apply for the position of leader in the local healthcare clinic, thus I require to highlight as well as discuss the issues or items in the personal interview. There are four main elements of transformational leadership that need to be practiced in my personal interview. The elements include individualized consideration, idealized influence, inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation. The challenges of the transformational leader consist of encouraging the other team members, innovation, creativity, leading the change and bring changes in the healthcare clinic to improve care (Bottomley, Mostafa, Gould-Williams & León-Cázares, 2016). gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated Transformational Leader assignment help services at best rates!

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