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Resolving Security Crisis: Cyber Hacking Assignment Help

Your paper will be assessed primarily on how well you are able to support your viewpoint with the literature and the evidence. Obviously, as noted , this will obligate you to actually be able to present such evidence in an academically respectable manner.

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Cyber hacking is referred to as the unauthorized act of interfering into the “network office system” with the intention to accomplish any illegal or unlawful goal. Hackers usually commit fraudulent activities such as privacy invasion, unauthorized electronic fund transfers, spreading a computer virus, online bullying, and stealing personal or corporate information. Such cybercrimes cost millions of dollars too many organizations each year. The majority of the hackers hold an advanced knowledge and understanding in computer technology, especially for a particular computer program. The primary issue related to computer hacking starts from an individual's capability to access important personal professional information stored at the computer network.

In this report, first, we will discuss various categories of hackers and their approach for executing the cyber breach. In the next section, the discussion will include cybercrime examples, including the well-known example of eBay and Sony pictures entertainment. Further, alternative cybersecurity solutions will be discussed. These solutions are based on analytical and robust security models that can help major companies and agencies to protect their data. Finally, the report will be concluded with a summary of the content.

Types of hackers

The different types of hackers based on the types of system vulnerable to these threats were categorised by Samtani, Chinn, Chen, & Nunamaker Jr, 2017. The first one of these categories include the white hat hackers who are also referred to as an ethical hacker. They are trained in ethical hacking techniques, methodologies, and tools for securing the information system in an organization. They have permission to access the system network to engage the target and compromise them within the prescribed regulations. On the contrary, there also exists another class, known as the black hat hackers, who basically attempt to access an unauthorized entry in the system for malicious reasons. Their motive mainly includes obtaining passwords, financial data, and other relevant personal information. The third category is of grey hat hackers, who are known to surf and hack the system network. Their objective is to notify the user about the presence of one or more fixable vulnerabilities within the system. Their network exploitation technique is similar to that of a black hat hacker but does not have any malicious intent.

Current issues related to cybercrime

One of the most prominent cyber hacks in the past year is the eBay hacking incident. The cyber-attack in the online retail company occurred in February 2014. In this case, the hacker compromised login credentials of certain numbers of employees, to gain access to the company's corporate network. In addition to this, encrypted passwords and personal information of customers were also hacked. The personal information includes customer names, email address, and phone numbers. Following this incident, eBay urged its 145 million customers to rename their passwords. However, eBay assures its customers that the breached database does not contain its financial information. Tyler Shields, a security analyst at Forrester Research believes that hacking of home address, phone number, and email address creates a situation of potential risk the customers. According to Al Pascual, a senior security analyst at Javelin strategy & research, there is an increased risk of breaching when a customer uses the same password across multiple accounts. After the commencement of this unfortunate incident, the shares of eBay went down by 1.73% (Ali, Samsuri, Sadry, Brohi, & Shah, 2016). According to statistics, 95% of the breach has been recorded from three industries, viz., Retail, technology, and government (Yar, & Steinmetz, 2019). The basic reason for being popular targets is that they contain a high level of personal and sensitive information in their record. However, with the increase in the number of cybersecurity specialists, there has been a tremendous increase in malware. It is reported that 2,30,000 number of new malware is launched on a daily basis. Cybersecurity ventures reported that 38,09,448 records have been stolen through cyber breaching. Therefore, it is important for every business person to understand cyber terminology and its related threats and opportunities.

In the same year October 2014, hackers named as “Guardians of Peace” breached into the computer system of the Sony pictures entertainment. According to reports, the hackers stole a huge amount (terabytes) of confidential data of the Hollywood studio and deleted the original files from the company's system. A week later, the hackers posted the stolen information online to the file-sharing networks (Berghel, 2015). The leaked information became accessible to the public, journalists, and even other potential cyber criminals. The information consists of details of the latest film production as well as employee details. Thousands of leaked confidential information includes four unreleased movies, salary and performance data of Sony’s executives. The hackers had also threatened to commit a terrorist act against the movie theatres in demand of cancelling the release of “The Interview” (Taylor, Fritsch, Liederbach, Saylor, & Tafoya, 2019). The movie consists of a comedy scene of two Americans who assassinated the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. The administrators of Sony took days to repair the damage and for this reason, the staff were forced to do their jobs on the Whiteboards.

Alternative cybersecurity solutions

With a technologically advanced world, the risk of cyber threats has increased to a greater extent. It is evident that 60% of small business affected by the cyber breach have to close their business within a short period. According to the report of Symantec Internet Security, by 2020 there will be 25 connected devices and systems per 100 US inhabitants. In the next 2 years, it is expected to increase the cybersecurity budget to $6 trillion (Yar, & Steinmetz, 2019). The federal government of the United States has introduced several advanced approaches against the cyber threat. In this context, agencies incorporated new processes and technologies to address the upcoming security concerns. Some of these emerging security approaches and technology implemented in the federal market includes the “Zero trust model”, where the unique feature lies in the security of both internal and external networks. It is built with the assumption that the system's network is not trustworthy and can be compromised. However, security models were already been implemented in the corporate sectors, especially for partitioning the users from servers present within the corporate network. The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) also recommended adopting this model in conjunction with the increased rate of data breaching. This model can be installed in firms like eBay and Sony for identifying organization sensitive data, mapping data flow, automatically and forcing control, and policy for monitoring the network.

Another similar security model is the “Facial Security Authentication”, where authorization was made with the help of face recognition. Note that this model is also considered as the wave of future technology. Users can access their account as well as signed online transactions by just simply taking a selfie. The facial recognition software employs the vital facial data points for accurately authenticating the user. The software creates a highly accurate and exact biometric template from the user’s picture and compares it through the one-to-one technique. However, if in any case, the software does not identify the user's selfie, then he/she can also take a series of selfies which will be verified again (Sukhija, Behal, & Singh, 2016). The customer of e-commerce can log in through Facial Security system which can reduce the threat of occurrence of any further breach. Likewise, behavioural analytics is another model that uses software to identify the patterns and activity on the system network for detecting actual or potential cybersecurity threats. This system can be implemented on the network, system and personal device of the users. For example, the software will send a signal of cybersecurity issues when it will detect abnormal high data transmission from a specific system. Lastly, predictive analytics is another model, which focuses on the identification of the trends by analysing server logs, storage devices, applications, and network devices. This form of systematic analysis aids cybersecurity protection at various levels of the network. It basically focuses on three significant areas, first the future target point susceptible to cyber-attack, second the verifying sets of expansive security information, and third self-regulation of analysis workload (Yar, & Steinmetz, 2019).

The mentioned models were important to mostly implement in MNCs as well as other firms which are prone towards similar security threats in the near future. Furthermore, in addition to the software and analytics, it is also necessary to incorporate cyber training and solution in the departments like marketing, sales and IT for protection against the cyber breaching.


In summary, the present report illustrates case examples of cybercrime, including eBay and Sony pictures entertainment. In addition to this, this report also discusses various types of hackers and the associated mechanism of working. Several analytical and security models were suggested, for example, behavioural analytics and facial recognition potential to protect security information of multinational companies and official agencies. Overall it is learned that not only the software measures but training and awareness about security and cyber breach are also important, to prevent hacking or breach issues in future.

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